ICSE and CBSE class 10 results are out, and many newspapers have published the success stories of the toppers, many aspire upon teaching English. The highest marks achieved, and their future plans of the students were published. Hearing the success stories of other students may make you wonder about the future of your own child. Your child has annual and half-yearly examinations each year throughout class one to six where he or she is marked on their progress and ability. Marking scheme in our country is based on various factors, for instance, your child's English teacher will mark him/her based on spelling, sentence construction, grammar, literature and man more. 

With the help of this article, whether you are an English speaker or not you will be able to find the latest requirements, tutors, standards and updates in correspondence to your child's half-yearly or annual examinations as followed in the schools in India.

English class
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Class 1 to Class 6 Exam Particulars

Your young scholar is about to sit for his/her first exams in class 5 towards the end of the academic year in March. English language aspects, such as reading, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling, will be tested in their English language exam. 

Other subjects that will be tested are Maths, 2nd Language, History, Geography and Social Science. To improve their English language skills, you can encourage your child to take English tuition!


Class 1 and 2 Reading Skills

In this section, your child will have various class tests where their ability on the subject will be measured. For instance, in English exams, your child will be marked on their English spellings, vocabulary, grammar and other factors of the English language. 

There will be spelling tests, sentence construction tests. All of this will be in the form of class tests based on which your child will be graded or marked in their report cards. 

They will also have oral comprehension and reading tests. Their reading ability and their ability to be able to pronounce words and read them fluently are aspect son which your child will be graded. To help your child looking for spoken English classes near me will be a great step towards helping your child improve their English speaking skills and become proper English speakers. 

You must be anxious about how your child's English exams will be? On what aspects will the English teacher mark the students?

Answer formats include

  • Short Sentence Comprehensions
  • Spellings
  • Multiple choice QUestions
  • Short Questions
  • Re-ordering
  • Matching
  • Other formats
Read books
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Your child will be given brief worksheet to put their answers in. They need to fill in their name and roll number and thereby answer the questions asked or match the columns or re-arrange according to ascending or descending order. 

Your child will be allotted a specific time-limit to answer their questions, depending on the marks allotted it could be either one hour or half-an-hour. Thee exams are taken to test their basic ability to read and write and construct basic sentences in English. 


Classes 3 to 6 Grammar and Literature

To check the English proficiency of your child in English learning, your child will have to attend tests which test their ability on various aspects of the English language such as grammar skills, English spelling and punctuation. 

From class 5, your child will sit for their first proper exam in English. They will have to attend two papers in English- one testing their English language skills and the other their English literature. Each paper is based on 100 marks, and there is a total time of 2 hours to finish each paper. In the English language paper, they will have to answer questions based on English grammar, along with a comprehension passage or unseen passage and an essay. 

In Eglish literature, there will be reference-to-context questions based on passages from the text. The English literature paper is 100 as well. The marking scheme may differ according to the curriculum your child's school follows.

In classes 3 and 4, your child will have weekly or monthly tests on English language and English literature to test their English speaking skills. The two separate English exams on the two subjects will be times in order to test your child's English speaking ability. 

There will be spelling tests to test your child's spelling ability and their command over the language at grade level. The teacher will randomly call out twenty or ten words from your child's textbook or elsewhere.

Through the Eglish language exams, your child will be tested on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary in the form of sentence construction and fill in the blanks. 

Putting the grades
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All classes from 3 to 6 have to write either small passages or 300 words essays to test students' writing ability. There are question formats in the form of multiple-choice as well as rearrangement of sentences.


How the Exam is Marked/Graded

The highest grade is A from class 1 to class 4, from class 5 students are marked out of a total of 100 marks. A good and fair score is anything between 70% to 90%, and pass marks are 40%. If your child scores a mere pass mark, they need more guidance. They need the help of an online course and an English teacher who teach English online and gives English tuition. 

If your child has English as a second language or Esl they will also have to give exams in English to test their English speaking skills. To prepare him/her better for it, it will be best if you also provide your English child course online or online courses in the subject or get an English teacher who provides English tuition. 


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Classes 3 to 6 Exam Specifics

In our country, English is looked upon as necessary and not as a foreign language. 

While results from class 1 to 4 don't have as much importance as classes 5 and 6. They still teach you the very basics required for one to learn and will be useful if you are planning to apply for teaching jobs. There are reading comprehensions that carry substantial weight in their importance index. To improve the English of your child, you can look for online courses and get an idea as to what you need to get him/her to read as well as getting him/her an English tutor. 

Study the language
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Clase 3 to 6 Reading

To improve the reading ability of your child, you can get him/her to read their texts that include poems and stories. They can also read magazine articles or small newspaper articles to improve their English. If you want your child to be an English teacher, you can look for online teaching as it will definitely help your child learn faster and get better in their English.

If students can spare an hour or so in improving their reading ability and thereby you can test them on the basis of reading a passage of the newspaper or question and answers the hat would be of great help. 

Class 3 to 6 Grammar and Literature

From class 3 to 6, students are tested on the basis of their Grammar, vocabulary and reading ability. They are tested on literature by being able to answer reference to context questions and short questions mainly of 2 marks. 

They are tested on their spellings as well. The teacher does an oral dication of the spelling, and the students are supposed to write down the spellings down on their answer sheet. The spelling tests usually take place for about 15 minutes for 10 spellings. 

How the Exam is Graded/Marked

Students are graded as in they are given grades from A to E, A being Very Good an E for Very Poor. From Class 5 onwards students are given scores out of 100.  

Reflecting on the Exams

To measure progress in key areas of the students, English teachers do an evaluation of the students to test their English speaking skills. This is a required process. Student assessment is required to gap the bridge between students and teacher or teaching and learning. Teachers can understand where they need to work on in order to retain knowledge in the students. It is a straightforward process but with many complex facets. 

Students writing and reading ability can be understood through exams, it has nothing to do with a teacher's ability to teach English.

Living in India, it is obvious that your child is not a native English speaker. If your child has English as a second language or Esl, you can look for extra help through online courses. Esl If you are an Esl teacher who is looking for Esl job can apply for many institutions and agencies offering the same. 

How do you make sure that your child succeeds academically?

  • Be involved at every step of your learner's English teaching
  • Provide reinforcement, especially for tricky grammar rules and verb tenses
  • Incorporate fun learning activities into your everyday English, to promote fluency
  • Foster a love of learning English, especially the more challenging parts, such as grammar and irregular verbs
  • The more you participate in your child's learning, the more you engage with his learning, he will do the same.
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