English language teaching, whether school English, ESOL courses or English for Speakers of Other Languages or a TEFL course, IELTS, are gradually becoming popular in India as aspirants queue up for applications in foreign universities as also the job market becomes even more competitive with English speaking candidates holding an edge over the less skilled ones.

Teaching Jobs

Proficiency in the English language arts also helps in obtaining English teaching jobs in schools, colleges and also various 'coaching' institutes that hire language trainers. A certificate in teaching is a compulsory prerequisite for Indians who wish to apply for teaching jobs in private schools, online schools, or even a language school. English language teaching is a highly sought-after profession in India.

Find the best English training institutes and private tutors in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata.

Inspiring teaching
Teachers are often role models to their students, irrespective of the subject they teach | Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

A number of meritorious students are losing out on opportunities in higher education and jobs due to their lack of English language skills, especially spoken English.

Native English speaking certifications can also help you stand in good stead in the field of higher education, no matter which field of study you are in. Policymakers in India have realized this and thus learning English has been made mandatory in most schools across the country.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, let us now explore the world of English classes in Chennai and discover the best ones!

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If you want to go the technology way all through, then Vedantu is your weapon of choice for learning English online. With tutors available from a variety of socio-cultural background, Vedantu sends out a message of cosmopolitanism through its services.

Unique Vision

A unique trait of Vedantu's vision is it rightly recognizes the problem of commuting from one place to another within the city of Chennai. This is the reason why they offer complete online tutoring solutions for students.

The Vedantu curriculum uses textbooks only prescribed across the top-rated schools in India. 

Some of the hallmark features of Vedantu's online tutoring include recorded sessions, regular assessments, support across multiple digital devices and platforms, not to mention a relaxed learning environment for students.

Get the best English speaking course online.

live online classes
With the aid of technology, students can now avail live online classes to clear doubts and gain new insights into the subjects they are studying | Source: Vedantu

Tailor-made Services

Vedantu offers a wide variety of tutoring services, designed to suit different learning needs and goals of students. Regular tuitions offer full coverage of syllabus for grades 6-12, across CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards of education.


Superprof was founded by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier in Paris in 2013 and has since expanded around the world to 14 countries including India. It is the perfect website to learn English from experienced English tutors. With over a 1000 private English teachers registered on the platform for the city of Chennai, and an average price as low as INR 523/hour, Superprof is redefining English teaching online!

Plenty of Flexible Choices

At Superprof, there is a free service that helps tutors and tutees find each other via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform. You can either take English lessons locally in Chennai, one-on-one or online courses from anywhere in India or even across the globe!

Whether you’re a beginner in School English or are more advanced, Superprof is the right place for you as our tutors will tailor their classes to your learning!

Driving Innovation

Since it was founded in August of 2013, Superprof has become a high-quality resource in the eyes of all who wish to find quality teachers of English or for those who wish to offer their teaching skills for a noble cause. It enables young learners to engage in novel and innovative ways to study.

school english
Teaching English at the school level requires skills above and beyond technical knowledge of the subject | Source: Superprof

Find your perfect private teacher from Superprof's accredited database. You get to decide fees and schedule directly with your chosen tutor. There are no hidden charges!


TeacherOn.com is a free-to-use website, where English language learners and English language teachers find a common meeting ground. The website boasts of an inventory of over 3500 subjects, being one of them, including TEFL courses, ESL courses, courses in speaking English like a pro, and many more.

Their vision is to create an agreement between the teaching styles of tutors and the learning needs of students.

They are also committed to guarding their patrons against spammers. TeacherOn.com takes care to create comprehensive tutor profiles with all relevant information that would serve as a good starting point for students and parents to shortlist candidates.

Cyber Safety

The platform has a unique system of credits through the use of virtual coins that nullifies the fluctuations arising out of the use of varied currencies across the globe. Tutors and students can use these coins to contact each other. This is a positive step in the direction of cyber safety for both parties.

TeacherOn offers both online teaching options as well as personal home-based tuitions and coaching institutes.

Hindi tutors Madurai
Online tutor platforms let you choose from a galaxy of experienced and talented teachers who meet your learning needs | Source: TeacherOn.com


The platform offers a large database of tutors and institutes for private English lessons in Chennai. Students can choose from both one-to-one or group lessons. Online English teaching options are also available.

Tutors on LearnPick charge tuition fees as low as INR 200/hour!

With LearnPick, students can get a world-class online English teacher who also assumes the role of a mentor, helping students achieve better grades in English as a second language, whether it is the ICSE curriculum, or CBSE or any other regional boards of education in India.

Ask a Question

One of the unique features of the website is that it lets students post academic questions for free. Tutors registered on the website are free to take on and answer such queries, relevant to their area of expertise. So, if you just need a couple of questions answered instead of a whole subject being explained, avail this service now!

Comprehensive Tutor Profiles

Detailed profiles of tutors and language training institutes are provided on the website, based on qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates, and availability. Students can post their requirement for free and expect a prompt callback from potential candidates in Chennai.


English learning course by Preply is meant for one and all! Whether you are a high school student, a working professional trying to improve your English for the sake of career growth, or simply looking to brush up your conversational skills, Preply has effective solutions for all.


Search filters
With online tutor bureaus, it is extremely easy to find the perfect private teacher based on mutual convenience | Source: LearnPick


Convenience for All

Preply provides a platform for collaboration between English tutors and English learners who need their expertise by offering:

  1. Cooperation with certified English teachers: Preply teachers have gone through all the necessary stages of teacher training, obtained the prescribed teaching certificate and, most importantly, come with a motivation to help you grow.
  2. Customized one-on-one English classes: Your chosen English mentor will tailor a curriculum to meet your needs.
  3. Affordable Rates: Preply language instruction is a cost-effective and quick way to achieve your academic, social, professional, and personal goals.

A team of specialist language teachers from across the world is here to address your specific English language learning needs. Simply browse the Preply database, read user reviews and select the profiles you like. Preply takes teaching English online to the pinnacle of efficiency with virtual classrooms via Skype. Learn English from native English speakers from around the world, from the comfort of your own home!

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