English is one of the two official languages of India, inherited, as it is, from our British colonial masters. And yet, many Indians find it surprising when they are not considered part of the elite "native English speakers" club. Those vying for English language teaching jobs in the country, and even for teaching jobs abroad, have often discovered this rude truth about themselves, even though they have equipped themselves with the necessary TEFL certificate, mastered the necessary foreign language course from a top language school, and have gone through fine-tuning courses in English speaking.

There are lots of TOEFL jobs out there for non-native English speakers. In fact, there are probably as many opportunities for non-native speakers as there are for native speakers, providing you speak a good level of English.

Aspiring English teachers, like ESL teachers or even those who want to teach English online, at international schools or schools that follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in India or abroad, head to the British Council to enroll on a Cambridge certified Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) course.

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English on the internet
English is the most preferred language of use over the Internet | Source: Leon Seibert on Unsplash

The Global Importance of English Learning

Globally, English is recognized as the most preferred communicative language for the purposes of a business, communications, technology, and travel. Only a minority of the overall English speaking population uses English as their native language. So, sounding like a native speaker has become less relevant. What schools really look for in prospective teachers of English is the level of language skills acquired as well as the necessary teaching skills.

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Non-English v English Speaking Countries

It is a common myth that English speaking countries hold an edge over those that use English as a second language. Truth is, those who learn the English language from scratch are likelier to understand the nuances of the language, including English grammar, English writing, etc. on an intellectual level.

Non-native English speakers might also be better able to anticipate the learning challenges of their students, as they have gone through the learning experience themselves.

In fact, chances are likely that a non-native TEFL teacher can better really motivate and inspire their students, given how they have earned mastery over the ways of English speaking, writing and student teaching as well!

It is not far from the truth when we say that many schools offer part-time, teaching assistant positions to native speakers of English. They prefer candidates who have experience teaching and superior qualifications (e.g. TEFL qualification).

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new words-scrabble
Word games like Scrabble and crossword puzzles are a fun way to learn new words and improve your English vocabulary | Source: Moritz Schmidt on Unsplash

With the availability of the latest and most sophisticated learning technology and tools, the distinction between native and non-native really becomes redundant. Such online learning resources as online English lessons or English tutorials, electronic lesson modules, interactive word games, and quizzes make language learning a really fun experience for students as they actively learn to build their English vocabulary, sentences, work on their English accents, knowledge of English literature and culture, etc.

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Mumbai is the 'City of Dreams' for most Indians who want to make it big in life. It is the financial capital of India, while also boasting of one of the largest entertainment industries in the world! Soci0cultutral interactions take place within the city on an international scale, with foreign tourists, business associates, statespeople, sports professionals and others from almost all walks of life thronging to the city, day in, day out. This warrants mastering the art of conversational English. Not surprisingly, the demand for English teacher jobs in Mumbai is on the rise.

Let's Talk

Let's Talk English Institute, established in 2005, brings to students state-of-the-art English speaking courses and personality development classes that ultimately help students acquire fluency in spoken English.

Foundation English Speaking Course

This is an ideal course for students with very little knowledge of English. Interspersed with short activities and English conversations for everyday tasks, such as shopping, going to the bank, speaking on the phone, etc., these English speaking lessons a follow-up activity that involves writing and practicing your own dialogue!

learning apps
The fascinating world of mobile learning apps lets students familiarize themselves with the subject while letting them enjoy learning | Source: Byju's

Basic English Speaking Course

The modules in this specially curated course include the following:

  • Basics of communication
  • English grammar in use
  • Speaking English for the real world
  • Public speaking skills
  • Personality development
  • Job interview skills

Advanced English Speaking Course

This course is designed to boost English language fluency further. It includes learning features, such as realistic dialogues through the explanation of English grammar, voice & accent trainingpersonality development training, and public speaking skills.

Train the Trainer

This is a teacher training course directed towards helping new teachers learn how English teaching really works. It goes beyond a regular teaching certificate course.

Learn English On-the-Go

The world is full of young learners, which is why it is an excellent idea to come up with a mobile learning app that enables students to learn English on the go - be it a grammar lesson, new words or  English conversation skills.

The rules of English grammar are the building blocks of the language - once you know them, you can achieve English language proficiency in no time | Source: Unsplash

Speak Well Skills Academy

One-on-one English learning is one of the most effective ways for language training. At the Speakwell centers in Mumbai, English language learners are entrusted in the caring and capable hands of the well-trained faculty who work with each student according to their specific learning needs.

A personalized approach to teaching English eases the pressure on both the English learner as well as the language teacher.

The learning and practice of English language communication skills adopt a lightly-paced approach with teachers allowing students to make mistakes and learn from them. Students are encouraged to freely speak their minds.


Toppr puts students at the center of the learning universe. They recognize the uniqueness of every student and their different learning needs. Using advanced technology, Toppr has thoughtfully designed Toppr learning courses, that include the following features:

  1. Online Classes: Videos of short English lessons on new concepts.
  2. Adaptive Practice: This exists to ensure that English learners are taught at a level best suited to their requirements.
  3. Mock Tests: Solve previous year papers, attempt all-India level mock tests, or customized a test and exam strategies.
  4. Live Doubts: Resolve your doubts with the 24x7 support facility from a dedicated team of experts.
  5. Live Classes: Some of India's best English teachers conduct classes in real-time.

Toppr courses are built upon artificial intelligence-based machine learning algorithms, resulting in very personalized learning paths for English language learners.

English language literacy
In a highly globalized world, English language literacy needs to move beyond the realms of urban India and into the rural domain | Source: Leap for Word

Leap for Word (LfW)

Not typical of an English teaching institute, this Mumbai-based NGO makes it to our list of top English training programs in the metro owing to its appreciable efforts at achieving equal opportunities for all through English literacy. Primarily aimed at reaching out to the local government schools where teachers usually take it upon themselves, within the constraints of the rural education system, to bring English literacy to under-served communities in the country.

LeapForWord sees the possibility of completely solving the English learning problem for regional language schools in India.

With simple English learning solutions to offer to the regional language ecosystems,  LfW is determined to deliver their flagship product, the English Literacy Program, through a network of highly devoted and passionate teachers.

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