Working in offices can be the same old and tedious affair that most employees do regularly. Personal trainer jobs, on the contrary, yield positivity and fitness in both mental and physical conditions of the body of a trainer. The profession of personal trainer keeps you active as you get a chance to be connected with nature’s elements like sunshine and fresh air. This is not at all a drudge work, while in offices people are more sullen by sitting in front of the computer screens and carrying out the routine task.

A personal trainer’s day is greeted with students having different unconventional characteristics, requirements and physical conditions. While working as a personal trainer, you can design your training classes indoors or outdoor interchangeably to make the sessions more lively for the students. There can be jogging exercises while walking through the grounds and parks or a quant yoga practice inside your studio. So your urge to be a trainer can be easily fulfilled by joining personal trainer courses and besides, you possess the important asset that every trainer needs, the motivation to move ahead. You have the leadership qualities, motivational skills, and enthusiasm to be a part of this fitness industry, but the professional career of personal trainer jobs requires you to be more grounded and firm.

Defeat the mental blockade

When we start any new entrepreneurial venture, the problems don’t lie with our skills and competencies, but we stress in turning our own boss. As a trainer, you can conveniently get your personal trainer certification in India, but the pragmatic question lies how to deal with the situation independently.

Reputed institutes in India have their own personal training programmes, and offer certifications in India, such as Golds gym.

These questions create a conflict in your minds, and we end up restraining ourselves. However, it’s better to take the help of experts and mentors who can guide your way all through. You can clear your oblivion in areas like securing clients, managing your training schedule and legalities arising in matters of your personal training business. Even you can take help from advertising services or enrol in marketing courses that can help you in procuring clients.

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Say Goodbye to your Comfort Zone

Fortunately, stepping out of your comfort zone into a commitment to health and wellness is not life threatening! Source: Pixabay Credit: avi_acl

There are so many renowned personal trainers and mentors in India, but not everyone was a born lover of sports and fitness. Some just quit their traditional jobs for growing dissatisfactions while others were simply leading an unhealthy lifestyle and after shedding those extra kilos, they fall in love with this profession. Plus personal trainer jobs help you to make a difference in the society as a whole. Suffice to say there can be many turbulences in your career graphs that can drain you emotionally, however, always prep for the next step to embrace the changes. This can be done through various certifications like personal trainer diploma, personal trainer online courses, etc.

Certification and degree give you a sense of autonomy and security to represent yourself in a better way in front of the public. Moreover, never hesitate and solicit to take critical reviews from your family, friends and clients as this will help to evolve in your fitness endeavours. To be a personal trainer in pilates, you can get a certification of a primary level course while you can add a feather in the cap with an advance level course to be a gym and fitness trainer in India. The process of acquiring knowledge doesn’t cease, and you can fetch additional higher levels of certification in order to reach the soaring heights.

Be Different from Others

If you have sorted out all the legalities, then the next thing is to design your program of becoming a personal trainer. There are multiple pathways, but instead of getting deviated, it is wise to tread on a particular one. You can discover the hidden possibilities and core instincts to analyse what suits best for you. Do you wish to swirl the floors, burn with beats and be a Zumba dance trainer? Or you can help our nation combat obesity and major diseases like diabetes by sketching nutritional diets and weight loss programmes? You can be a personal trainer dealing one on one client interaction, or be a group coach in a fitness club near you. Besides, you can do counselling sessions with your clients so that results are achieved faster for your proposed workouts. All these questions can be sorted based on your training methodologies and perceptions you and your client have.

Make your exuberance infectious

Most people make their exercise programme a dull physical performance, restraining only to gain or loss of kilos, sweating endurances or running faster. But as a master of physiology, it’s your task to break the traditional norms and be an equaliser. The mind and body connection is vital in achieving better results and as a trainer, you also need to educate your students and clients. The best coaches convey broader messages than a regular approach and training to sports.

Apart from the gym and studio sessions, consider connecting to your students by becoming an online personal trainer in India through your personalised websites or YouTube channels. As you pass on your skills to the students, they will spend hours beyond in your company working out. Over a period of time, the discipline and severity in your training and preaching will actually become the motivational factor for your clients. And all thanks to your efforts and teaching that your students will shine with positivity, confidence and commitment.

Personal Trainers Job do have success stories

An ordinary career may lead to a monotonous life; not so if you become a personal trainer!
Source: Pixabay Credit: selenajain

Are you still feeling cautious about taking steps ahead for getting personal trainers job in India? Then perhaps these inspiring testimonials can alter the way you think about this profession.

Manish Ruhail started a career in the call centre with 16 hours of long stretches in his work life, though he left his job, this had helped him in his later journey where he continues to work with dedication for a long time. Working as a fitness educator and personal trainer, he turned out to be one of the pioneers in Master Kettlebell Trainers in India for the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federations. His practice has helped him fetch a gold medal in 2014, Bangkok Kettlebell Championship, which further gave a boost to his career.

You might be from a different profession, but this cannot shatter your dreams of becoming a personal trainer. Such was the case with Sucheta Pal, who quit her career as a data analyst to pursue her passion for Zumba. She was the first Zumba instructor in our country, and in the year 2016, she was awarded by the Zumba Miami as the Brand Ambassador of Zumba.

We all had gone crazy after King Khan of Bollywood introduce the concept of six-pack abs. Behind the glamorous body of our superstar, there was a man called Prashant Sawant. This celebrity personal trainer himself recounts that selecting this unconventional career was something that many people wouldn’t even dare, especially if someone belongs to a middle-class family. As a fat kid, he was desperate to sculpt a body and hence, he decided to listen to his heart. After fetching a fitness certificate and gathering work experience, Sawant rose to fame as a celebrity fitness trainer.

Your love for sports can also help you to build a career as a personal trainer. Namrata Purohit was already a state-level football and national level squash player. Being raised in a fitness family, she decided to get a Master Degree in Sports Management at Loughborough University, London. Following the footsteps of her father, she too decided to become a Pilates Instructor. She is an official fitness expert in Femina Miss India along with personal trainer of many Bollywood female celebrities.

Apart from the inspirational journey of these personal trainers, you must remember that it is essential to give impetus to the marketing skills and services to expand your reach. Your humility can win the heart of thousands, so it is wise to avoid making claims for your performance, prowess, and endurance.

The Final Takeaways:

  • Your passion can lead you to take a big leap in your life, but an educational programme is necessary to take charge of your career as a personal trainer.
  • Properly designing and conducting all the fitness sessions requires additional skills apart from physical ones.
  • Make sure your passion for fitness doesn’t exaggerate and overrides the common-sense. Take a comprehensive view and try to help others in this journey.
  • Being an ardent devotee of fitness isn’t everything if you wish to start your entrepreneurial venture in the fitness and training industry. Knowledge of marketing and serving your clients plays a major role here.

So if you feel you have mastered and develop all the key skills, then we wish you all the best in your endeavours of starting a career as a personal trainer and fitness expert.

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