Working out with personal trainers can be beneficial in many aspects, like getting motivated, losing weight and adopting a different credo about life. Likewise, as a fitness trainer, you will guide others with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Not to mention, you also get a chance to meet people with common ideology, who loves fitness and all the positive vibes that come with its practice.

Here we will discover the sense of achievement that athletes enjoy as a result of their physical training and mental, psychological preparation. So does their healthy lifestyle really enhances their overall well being?

Who are personal trainers?

Personal trainers or fitness instructors are the ones who instruct and motivate individuals and groups to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This requires a trainer to have a healthy mind, along with a healthy body. Besides, adhering to rigorous practices and disciplined lifestyle, staying free from the clutches of bad habits can maintain the general welfare of a fitness trainer. As the job includes pushing others beyond their comfort zone, he must withhold a firm principle and calmer disposition to deliver a powerful message to the students.

With a calmer disposition, you will better be able to assuage clients’ concerns Source: Pixabay Credit: GDJ

Tops benefits of personal fitness training

If you are deciding to become a personal trainer in the gym or at home, it is because of two reasons:

  1. Contacting with different individual and transmission of knowledge allows you to gain an in-depth sense of purpose. While you are working in this personal service sector, some skills are required in general, such as pedagogy, communication, positive mood or general attitude, ability to encourage, promote and motivate the clients.
  2. Physical activities have always been an essential part of your life, and eventually, it has become a way of your life. There is no life for you without workouts; it can be the usual cardio exercises or endurance training, or more holistic practices like yoga and flexibility sessions.

Physical activities tend to bring alteration in the life of your students by inducing better sleep, shedding the extra kilos, and in collectivity develops their overall well-being. All these are a kind of reward for you as well. The merit of physical training is the same for a trainer and students, as it endows a person with better sleep. After completing a sound sleep, the morning will be greeted with excess energy to face different challenges throughout the day, and it has a reflection in your mood too. With each passing day, the feelings will get enhanced to deal with any circumstances.

It is advised that personal trainers should split the time of workout between his personal and professional needs. A separate time should be allocated for the students so that he can focus on their physical conditioning.

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A balanced diet for enhancing your performance

Providing education should be the primary intention of a fitness coach, be it about general topics like fitness principles or specialized topics like muscular reinforcement. Cultivating awareness on complementary concerns like nutrition is also essential. If a client approaches you to lose some kilos, naturally you will conduct a fitness assessment along with their total food intake. Without revising the proper food and calorie intake, you should never put them on a high-intensity workout.

As calorie requirements and nutritional needs vary from person to person, pairing with a dietician is always a good option to rely upon. It will be best, rather than applying your common sense or the knowledge you have gained from the internet. For example, a bodybuilder needs a huge portion of protein intake in their diet while another person with some digestion issues won't be able to digest all those essential amino acids.

It is equally important to implement the education and knowledge personally, that you give to your clients. While you are providing training or conducting a session, do apply whatever you advocate others to do, so that your students develop more confidence in you and feel cared for.

Your and your clients’ personal development revolves around these factors Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Devote time to your personal development

There are always some motivational aspects that lead an individual to take personal trainer jobs. In terms of financial conditions, many of them want to be free from the tyranny of a salaried life and rigid schedule. It also can be a personal interest; as they choose the path in which they believe they can do the best. The concept of personal development has its own definition in the books of every individual. According to psychology, personal development includes activities and knowledge, which improve one's identity, self-awareness, potential and talent and helps in the realization of aspirations and dreams.

You might lack confidence in your capabilities and uncertain regarding your current level of personal development; therefore, you can begin with online personal training.

Though you are not at the same space as your clients are, still you can

  • Grow your self-esteem.
  • Upgrade your interpersonal skills.
  • Rebuild your communication and teaching methods.

There is no obligation to have any previous experience of conducting a group or personal training session. As long as you are a sports enthusiast and have proper insight into exercise physiology, you will hit the roof one day with your sincere desire to help others.

Personal trainer certification in India is not mandated by law, but most of the gymnasiums and fitness centres only recruit those who possess a certificate. It will be better for you if you go through a certification programme. Different fitness centre uses different methods for training instructors.

How to become a certified personal trainer?

It is expected that the fitness sector will witness a growth of 27% in India. There are a lot of opportunities for certified fitness trainers as a vast number of fitness freaks are entering the market. Nowadays, having a fit body is becoming a necessity to deal with the modernization, so staying fit and healthy is a must activity. No one likes to compromise with his or her health, so we always go for a fitness trainer with proper certification rather than one who is a newbie. If you want to mend your career as a fitness trainer, you have to consider the following facts.

Gather the necessary skills

Being into the fitness world is not everyone's cup of coffee. To become an excellent personal trainer, one has to be a fitness freak and also have explicit knowledge, which will help them to motivate their clients to lead a healthy lifestyle. One should also have good interpersonal skills as he or she has to deal with different kinds of people.

Getting enrolled for a certification course

If you wish to be a personal trainer, it will be beneficial if you get admission to any certification course. There are several certification courses offered by many institutes within a duration of two to three months. You need to pay a nominal amount of INR 10,000 to 30,000. Most of the certificates are valid for two to three years, and after that duration, it needs to be renewed.

Certification in specialist fields

To enhance one's expertise, he or she also can enrol in specialist courses such as weight lifting, pilates, aerobics, etc. It also gives you the knowledge to survive in the high competition era.

OJT or on-job-training

Experience is another key to success. There is more scope for experienced personal trainers in the industry. If you are a fresher, you also can work as an assistant of a well-established fitness trainer to gain experience and learn new things.

Start your own venture

Starting something of your own can be the right decision. Starting a business as a personal trainer will always help you to grow. For a kick start, consulting with the local personal trainers can help you to grow and acquire new skills.

A few more perks of becoming a personal trainer

If you have set your mind on becoming a personal trainer, then it is quite apparent that you already know the benefits of it. Here are some more perks that you can avail as a personal trainer.

  • Getting a gym membership or setting up a gym at home is expensive. But if you become a fitness trainer, it will be easier to set up a fitness centre at home. You will also get special discounts owing to your profession on both new and second-hand equipment. Though it will be costly, it's a business investment which will benefit you in a long term basis.
  • If you get appointed as a personal trainer, you will get access to the fitness centre without paying any extra charge to maintain your body and well-being. At the same time, you will get paid as a part of your profession.
  • You may not be a doctor, but your role in society is almost near to that of a doctor. You are encouraging and training people to get a healthy lifestyle. A proper fitness session also helps to cure many health issues. Some people find a sense of freedom at the time of training. So, you can enhance their mental health as well.
  • There will always be plenty of scope for personal trainers. These days most people are getting concerned about their physical health. Staying in shape is now a trend and is as necessary as having food. People are developing more interest in fitness sessions. A survey says that between the period of 2015 to 2020, the fitness training industry will witness a rise of 16%.
  • Only a few countable jobs offer you complete freedom. As a fitness trainer, you will get a chance to be your boss. In addition to that, you get a lot of opportunities to meet different kinds of people and build a healthy relationship with them.

As a personal trainer, when you are pursuing business in this field, it is compulsory to engage yourself with a proper determination. To encourage others to start a healthy lifestyle by sacrificing their favourite habits, which are harming their overall health, it is important to set yourself as a living example. So, you also need to maintain your lifestyle. The journey of becoming a fitness trainer is about human relationships with their bodies, minds and even with each other and help them to develop an overall well being.

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