Getting a good physique has become a prominent trend amongst the youth of India. They are in large numbers joining several gyms and fitness centres to develop an attractive body and have a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, awareness amongst the people of all age groups regarding the importance of a fit and healthy body is increasing. In such a scenario, the need for personal trainers is increasing drastically.

Are you a fitness freak who is seeking a career in the fitness industry of India? Well, you can take a professional certificate to become a professional personal trainer. However, there are some fundamental things that you need to consider to enhance your chances of success as a fitness trainer. Below, everything related to the career of a personal trainer in India has been provided in detail.

Specialities for Personal Training in India

Until a few years ago, there weren’t many options available for enrolling into a certified personal training course in India. So, anyone aiming to be a personal trainer could not acquire a certificate which will have a worthy value in the fitness industry. However, things have changed dramatically now. You can take certain fitness courses that can help you become a certified personal trainer in India.

There are some specializations that all personal trainers need to keep in mind while aiming to start a profession. These specializations can help them to choose their clients easily. You can choose from the specializations given below in details:

  • Exercise Instructor for Pains: Many people in India start exercising to minimize the pains in different parts of their body. You can take this specialization and acquire a decent knowledge of different types of pains and their remedies. This way, you can develop a good client base. As a personal trainer, always remember to consider the limitations provided to your client by an orthopaedic surgeon or a physiotherapist.
  • Oldage Exercise Instructor: If you are looking for personal trainer jobs, it can be a good idea to specialize in physical training for older people. You can easily make a good client base with your service.
  • Instructor for Diabetes and Obesity Patients: You can be an instructor for diabetes and obesity patients in the country. Generally, people affected by these diseases are more prone to start exercise classes and need personal trainers. As you start on with the profession, you must know every fact about the health of the client. It is the primary thing that you need to do.
  • Personal Trainer for Post and Pre Natality: As body fitness is a vital need for someone who is going to be a mother or has just given birth to an offspring, you can be a personal trainer for such a woman. Always remember to motivate and deliver confidence to your client at this phase. Excellent communication, skilled service and good behaviour can help you to improve your clients’ base.

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Necessary Skills for Becoming a Personal Trainer

There are some fundamental skills that all personal trainers need to have for having a successful career. A personal reflection for any fitness trainer is very important. Here are some other skills that personal trainers must have:

  • Perfection in Fitness Training: Perfection is a vital thing that you need to maintain as a personal trainer. Perfection will only come if you are passionate about the service that you provide.
  • Interpersonal Skills: As a personal trainer, it is crucial to have excellent interpersonal skills. It will help you to be frank to the clients, helping them to open up with you.
  • Understanding Your Career Goals: It is very important to understand your career goals. You can customize the client base accordingly by providing specific types of fitness training to the needy people. If you are skilled enough, you can shift easily to Yoga or Zumba from the regular gym training.

Ways to Excel in the Fitness Industry

Through diligence, you could lead the pack as a group fitness instructor! Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

There are certain ways how you can excel in your career as a personal trainer. Nowadays, there are several online platforms from where you can provide online personal training to your clients. You can even start your own website. It delivers you the opportunity to grow and understand the strategies to excel in the industry. Here are some leading ways:

Focus on your clients’ performance

You must always focus on your client’s performance while providing the fitness instructions. Indian clients will always consider the vitality of your feedback. If you are taking an offline session, your attendance and punctuality to the client’s home will also matter vitally.

Moreover, as fitness is vitally related to the diet, you need to deliver your opinions on it to your client. Furthermore, consider it to be your responsibility to check if a person is following the diet plan approved by you.

Ability to take on youth fitness programs

Youth fitness programs can help you boost your career as a personal trainer. You can start taking both online and offline fitness classes for young children if you are confident. The Indian parents are quite keen on concentrating on the health and physique of the child.

Making unique designs of fitness programs

In case you are a personal trainer online or offline, a vital thing that you must always consider doing is to make certain designs of the fitness programs that you can deliver to your clients. While designing a customizable fitness program, you can be selective about the things you provide to your clients. Moreover, you will be on the right track with the training session. Given below are some important facts that you must keep in mind while designing the fitness programs:

  • Incorporate different moves: Make sure every unique fitness programs designed by you must have different styles and moves. So, when any client chooses a program, he/she can find some uniqueness in it.
  • Mind the clients’ needs: While designing a fitness program that you would follow, always remember that the client should be happy with the service he is getting. On having a woman client, you must keep in mind about the physiological needs and limitations.
  • Consider the environment: Environment plays a vital role in the case of fitness workouts. If you are a personal trainer online for someone, try to keep in mind about the environment he/she belongs to.

Keep the waves in mind

Your personal trainer certification will teach you how to motivate your clients without using clichés! Source: Pixabay Credit: Alexas_Fotos

In India, the fitness industry is constantly developing at present. Everyone seeking personal trainers can be too choosy in such a scenario. You should always look up to offer the necessary training that your client expects from you.

As per the wave, you must not rigidly follow all pre-existing theories of physical fitness training. Rather, it will be better to deliver the training in accordance with the new scientific theories related to physical training.

The only way you can make a difference in terms of the services is by acquiring all necessary knowledge of the researches and diets. In most of the cases, your clients might have diet plans made by a nutritionist. You can put some inputs if necessary. Try gaining knowledge regarding the various types of diet plans present.

Demonstrate and review the processes

You should always demonstrate and review the processes that the client needs to learn from you. A detailed demonstration can always help a person to acquire the knowledge regarding a posture quickly. Try reviewing and correcting it on finding any mistakes.

Be trendy

The current generation gives a lot of importance to trends. Moreover, you might not deny the technological advancements that have already taken place in the country. While you deliver your services, try to incorporate the latest devices for training. Some ways how you can keep up the trendiness in the training session are mentioned below:

  • Advanced apps and gadgets: Things like step counters and heart monitors are now easily installable on smartphones. You can instruct your client to install them for a better experience and effectiveness.
  • Provide trendy yoga sessions: If you are specialised in Yoga as a personal trainer, try providing the hot yoga and aerial yoga postures to your client according to their ability. Yoga is a popular art-form in India, and you can easily make a successful career by becoming a yoga trainer.

So, these are some of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind on becoming a personal trainer in India. The career option of a personal trainer is quite promising in the country. You might easily start your career with places like gyms, yoga centres, educational institutions etc. Always remember to put up your USP and integrity. The pay scale might differ according to the place you are working, but you can still expect to make a decent amount.

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