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The IT sector has been the largest and most efficient employment-generating industries in India. Providing ample career options for the young aspirants, it is ruling over various industries for decades. Plus the demand for IT courses will keep flourishing with further advancement of the internet, research and technology, which will add to the advantage of fresh IT candidates each and every year.

It is also seen as one of the most stable careers in the country, providing students with an opportunity to get placed abroad as well. This is the reason why IT careers are chosen by millions of students in India. It is also reported that the IT sector is among the five top employment generating sectors in India

IT training
IT course can even find you a placement abroad, which is why it is chosen by various students. Source: Education Abroad

Now, that the country is already flowing with IT aspirants, Chennai being a corporate hub has advanced institutes where students can pursue a degree course. Most of the institutes offering IT courses in Chennai stand in good ranking in the whole country, while a few private ones have an excellent record of result and placement.

Top 3 IT Institutes In Chennai

Let’s explore through these institutes to check various IT courses one can pursue.

IIT Madras (Indian Institute of Madras)

Whenever it comes to IT, IIT ranks top in India. The college has its campus in other states as well apart from Madras. It is one of the renowned institutes in India when it comes to technical studies such as IT programs. There are various courses offered in the college such as Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer and Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Information Technology, etc.

IIT Madras
Indian Institute of Madras is one of the most popular educational centres in the state. Source: Byjus

College of Engineering, Anna University

As the name suggests, the college is affiliated with Anna University. College of Engineering stands in 9th position in India, according to NIRF Ranking 2019. The college has a great number of engineering options. It includes subjects like B.Tech, M.Tech, Computer Applications, etc.

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science

The Institute offers various courses in engineering such as Computer Science, Automobile, Aeronautical, Electronics and Communication, Information Technology and Mechanical.

Benefits of Studying IT

There is no denying that every business is expanding into technology all over the globe. Relying on the software and data is the only option to generate, distribute and profit from any resource.

Being Better at Job

Being an IT professional may irritate students if they pursue it just as a career without any passion. If you are tech-savvy who would love to develop IT skills, then this career is exactly for you. You can be better at your job, more reserved with your skill and better solving any issue. Moreover, you would never feel tired of your work.

Better Security

Losing a job can be the biggest headache and curse. Any individual plans his/her whole life looking for a stable career option and in this era of digitalisation, it can be said that nothing is better than an IT skill. It not only provides you with a secured job but also makes you self-reliant. For instance, an IT graduate can also prefer to teach students or provide them with private classes. This way, he/she can never be without work.

Greater Earning Opportunity

The IT professionals are provided with an amazing annual package since the very beginning of his/her career. As already mentioned, the individual can also provide private tuition to the young fellow. The demand for such candidates is also huge in the market.

Being Creative

Developing new software and apps not only require technical know-how. It also demands a lot of creativity so as to meet the requirements of the market. IT professionals can be defined as one of the most creative individuals for making flawless software and web designing. They work with technology in order to create apps, websites and software.

Expanding Knowledge

An IT professional can cross the boundaries of knowledge and more every passing day. As it is said, knowledge has no end, IT professionals can feel this is true. In addition to that, they can keep their mind occupied and active which helps a lot in the long run.

Up-to-date With Technology

There is no denying that technology keeps expanding. The reason IT professionals enjoy working is they stay up-to-date with technology, new inventions and software. They also get to experiment and develop new ideas on their own.

IT Job Opportunities in Chennai

Chennai is known for generating job opportunities, besides being an educational hub. Many students move there in search of both an educational certificate and career. However, these aspirants end up finding both in one place. There are various opportunities for an IT professional in Chennai.

Application programmer
There is a high demand for application programmers. Source: Campus Security & Life Safety

Applications Programmer

The work of an application programmer can be both interesting and confusing. They work behind the software application by writing code for it which is used in computers and other devices. These codes need to be error-free, scalable and maintainable. Test, evaluation and improvement of the application are also done by them to keep the application environment friendly. The salary for these programmers is up to 11 lakh.

Project Manager in IT

Project Manager may seem to be a generic career option but if it is IT, one can define it as an apex position of a career. The Project Manager is responsible for holding the project and the team, looking after the management and keeping in touch with the client. Thus, the field demands strong handling for which the finest among the best candidates are selected. Being one of the difficult positions, this field comes with an attractive package that varies between INR 7 lakh to INR 20 lakh.

IT Business Analyst

Also known as IT BA, the main responsibility of a Business Analyst is to build a partnership between technology and business. They dig out projects and requirements of the clients. Then they convey these to the software developers and the testers. The salary for these professionals varies between INR 3 lakh to INR 11 lakh.

Database Administrator

This field has a higher demand for these individuals who are responsible for handling sensitive data in greater volumes. This is the reason why database administrators play a key role in every organisation. They install, upgrade, monitor and maintain the database in a secured environment and in a smooth manner. The salary for this is around INR 2 lakh to 10 lakh.

Information Security Officer

The field includes the protection of the computer networks, other systems and devices of an organisation with the help of security loopholes. They protect the information from being accessed by any unauthorised users by creating encryption, which can restrict any beach in databases. The salary of these professionals can be anything between 3.25 lakh to 15 lakh.

While there are other career options as well like becoming a software QA, trainer or the likes, the choice entirely depends on knowledge and grades. Many institutes also offer candidates with campus selection or IT online selection but if you don’t hold good merits, chances would not be in your favour. Also, the salary or package offered by any organisation depends on how profoundly you present yourself in the interview.

Additional Perks Of Securing Degree In IT

As we already know that good grades have always been a great necessity, aspirants often go for additional classes to polish their technical skill. On the other hand, one career option is very common and favourable that is becoming a teacher. In the case of IT, one can become a trainer in any organisation or at his/her own firm. To help fresh IT aspirants, many people provide private tuitions as well. The demand for these is very high all over India.

Providing private tuition can be a great way to boost earning as well, especially if you have a degree in IT. All you will have to do is advertise your tuition or coaching and you will find students in great numbers. You can also use a platform like Superprof, where you can list your name as an IT teacher, your rate and other details. This way, students who are looking for a tutor can get your details.

Online coaching
You can try online coaching as a source of earning. Source: St George International

On the other hand, you can also choose an online platform like YouTube to provide important lessons for Information Technology. Free education can be a bliss for many students with financial challenges. These students look for free online courses with certificates in India or free online guidance to brush up their IT skill. Since YouTube is a great search engine, chances are your channel can get many views making it popular among other educational channels.

So, getting started with any of the above options can benefit you in the long run. You can earn a great amount. For online tuitions, you can work even after office hours while preparing your video lesson, you will have to be very consistent.

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