In India, it is not difficult to find the right institutions and learning academies when it comes to acquiring IT skills. The country has been performing at par with other nations in producing some of the most talented individuals in the world of information technology.

Out of all the cities that are hosting the best colleges, Ahmedabad is one that has made a mark. If you reside in the city or Gujarat or you want to shift there for your higher studies, you must pick the places that provide the best education. From the fundamentals of computer needed for every office-based jobs to hardcore IT subjects, you can pursue anything and everything you desire.

IT courses in Ahmedabad are easy to find given the details are available on the internet. The real task is to identify what you have to do and what captures your senses. The first thing to a happily settled career is doing what you love.

If AI (Artificial Intelligence) is what excites you to learn it, why would you try to do web designing? The quality of teaching is also a point of consideration. You must also invest maximum hours, as many as you can, in practising your lessons and polishing your skills.

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Best Information Technology Colleges In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has emerged as one of the well-developed and technologically advanced cities in India. Apart from being a home to the cotton textiles industry, it has also developed and turned to the limelight for the numerous IT colleges. If you are a resident of the city, and you wish to pursue a career in information technology, you do not have to drop a sweat for finding the best college.

LJ Institute of Engineering And Technology

The LJIET (LJ Institute of Engineering And Technology) is one of the top colleges in Ahmedabad. It is a private institute that offers over 21 courses across three streams. The placement records of LJIET are appreciable as it tries to get the best firms for on-campus job interviews. You can complete your higher education from this college if its eligibility criteria match yours. The faculty review of LJIET is high, so you can expect to be under the guidance of the best teachers.

Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department is a government-funded college in Ahmedabad. If studying in a private college is out of your budget, you can try to get the tech skill from a government institution. However, you will need to work hard to get a good score so that you become eligible for decent jobs. One thing you can do is get the skills listed job and build a strong resume by doing online courses. The best part about the IT industry that if you have got the skills, promotion is never far away.

Xavier’s Institute of Computer Application

In India, Xavier’s Institute is not just an educational organisation, but it is a brand. The Xavier’s Institute of Computer Application enjoys the privilege of the brand name and so do its students. The bona fide faculty members of the college will help you with everything and anything you need to learn. Enhance your information technology skills and other essential skills like Microsoft office suite. While your focus should be on getting a bachelor’s degree in the field that interests you, do not miss to polish your practical knowledge.

L.D. College of Engineering

The L.D. (Lalbhai Dalpatbhai) College of Engineering features on the list of top colleges in Ahmedabad. It is one of the oldest institutes in India, established in 1948. Known for its average and affordable course fees, it has produced some of the best talents in India. Sandeep Engineer, an Indian billionaire and founder of Astral Pipes, was a student of this college. You can also follow his footsteps and triumph in the field you choose.

Silver Oak College of Engineering And Technology

SOCET (Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology) is another gem of an IT college in the city. The institute came into existence in 2009 and has established itself as one of the most renowned IT educational organisations. There are over 31 courses that you can choose from and shape your career in the way you desire.

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Graphic Designing In IT Online Courses

If you do not want to go into any hardcore information technology skills listed job, you can opt for graphic designing courses. Web services AWS (Amazon Web Services), internet things IoT, big data analytics companies, mobile app development and bureau labour statistics organisations are a few of the many industries that require graphic designers.

As per career advice news of experts, if you have decent social media skills, you can do exceedingly well in your career. Check the skills list required for IT online courses, and pursue the one that best suits your preference.

Computer Graphics

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Visual Reality) have taken over the mobile gaming and smartphones industries by storm. The ever-increasing craze for computer games has created a demand for computer graphics professionals in the market. If you are creative and also love to code, you should do the computer graphics course on edX online platform. You need to score 50% or above to get a certification in this course.

Interactive Computer Graphics

Coursera is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform that offers several free of cost courses online. Interactive computer graphics is one such course that you can pursue to solve computational problems visually. The course covers 2D animations and drawings through shape manipulation.

You will learn a plethora of computer graphics applications and its interface design apart from the basics. Enrol yourself today and open doors to new possibilities in the world of technology.

Computer Graphics With Modern OpenGL And C++

If you have prior knowledge of mathematics and c++ language, you can learn the theories of modern OpenGL applications. You will be able to design games and websites after mastering this course. It involves the concepts of matrix, vector and shape transformations to build the most beautiful computer graphics.

You can start from the beginners level if you do not have any prior knowledge in this field or else go with the intermediate and advanced level.

Web Graphic Designing Courses

Web graphic designing courses are very commonly available on online platforms. You do not have to exhaust a lot of money and time to hunt the most useful and beneficial designing courses. There are numerous online programmes available under this category. Your task is to read all about them, and then judge whether or not your interests match with the content of the program you have chosen.

Graphic designing is a well-balanced career choice if you love designing as well as coding. Online courses are best for upgrading your skills and adding more feathers to your hat!

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Online Tutoring For IT Training Courses

For polishing your skills and building your knowledge on a strong foundation, you should opt for an online tutoring class. Pursuing a degree in IT training will not spare you with enough time to travel to tuition classes. Therefore, doing online lessons with an experienced teacher will be a convenient alternative for you. You should go onto the Superprof website for finding online tutors within your budget. It is one of the leading online portals that will help you connect with top-class IT professors.

All you have to do is choose the right filters and do your classes regularly. Supeprof does not cater to online classes but rather connects the teachers and students to do classes on their preferred online platform. This concept reduces the cost of availing online lessons on information technology subjects.

Scope For IT Professionals In The City

Once you have acquired the IT degrees and certifications needed to secure a decent job, you do not have to worry about employment opportunities in Ahmedabad. MSP IT Concepts vt. Ltd. IT Path Solutions, Magneto IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and CMARIX Technolab Pvt. Ltd. are a few of the big names that hire IT professionals in the city. Your focus should be on sharpening your skills and moulding a resume that would be on par with the demands of the firms. Start shaping your career today!

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More often than not, we tend to cringe away from the tasks that seem difficult to do. A lot of students feel the same with IT courses and degrees. However, you should build this negative thought in your head. Take help of online tutors who will get you through all your doubts and underconfidence.

Pay more attention to your strengths and triumph over your weaknesses. E-learning platforms are there to help you cross all the hurdles. The best career advice that you will ever get is “never give up on your dreams” and do everything in your capacity to get what you want. The information technology industry has it all if you are brave enough to work hard for a few years! 

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