When it comes to making a career in designing, most of the 80s and 90s kids have grown up hearing about fashion designing and jewellery designing etc. Who thought web designing and graphic designing would be a thing in the 21st century? Well, designing has now reached the platform of information technology where millions of IT aspirants are using their creativity to earn a good fortune.

You can also be one among them if you always wanted to uplift your career by putting your creative inputs into a professional field. Plus what place is better than the city of dreams itself to start your venture in the IT field?

Mumbai is the hub of the film and television industry in India. It is the city where all the big celebrities and leading business tycoons reside. Also, most of the production houses are there that offer employment to thousands of creative artists who can do wonders with their computer skills.

Your task is to find the best IT courses in Mumbai and channelise your skills and talent in doing something out of the box. For being a part of one of the leading industries in the country, you do not have to possess in-front camera skills. There is a lot of work to do behind what we see on the big screens. Achieve your dreams, earn fame and money by transforming your passion into a successful profession.

Graphic designers
Graphic designers use digital art-boards to create designs for web pages. Source: shiksha.com

Job Roles For Web Designing It Skills

With the increasing exposure of almost every company on the internet and several web portals, web designing IT skills have become an integral part of the sector. From hospitals to restaurants/hotels and the corporate sector, every firm and organisation wishes to establish a strong name on the internet and social media platforms.

Web designers make eye-pleasing websites, web applications and web pages for government and non-government organisations.

You will learn to use a lot of elements like information architecture, fonts, markup language colours, texts, HTML, images, designing tools, etc. After computing information technology and operating systems network, you can choose whichever job profile matches your interests and skills.

Front-end Designer/Developer

Front-end web designers or developers create the interface or the page that the users or will visually see when they visit a website. The most challenging responsibility of a front-end developer is to enhance and design the look and feel of the website.

You will have to understand the purpose of the employer and the impact the website will have on the visitors. You need to master programming languages including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Back-end Designer/Developer

The back-end designers/developers play an integral role in formulating the work and designs of front-end designers and integrate them into furnishing the site. This field involves a lot more work and responsibilities as you will have to look at three aspects of a site: an application, a server and a database. If it is an informative website, the load might increase. So, you will need to be more careful with the coding and programs that you have built.

Web Application Designers

Application graphic designers ascertain an eye-pleasing interface for web applications. According to the specifications of your client, you would need to do web designing, coding, modifications, page layout, etc. using your expertise and knowledge.

In this kind of job role, one thing you must remember is that your “personal design” input will make you stand out of the crowd. You have to be creative and explore new things to bring something unique to the table!

Design And Layout Analyst

As a design and layout analyst, you can work for both print and digital media. The job entails minimum responsibilities as it is a senior-level work profile. The compulsory module provides English language requirements given you will need to coordinate and guide your junior designers.

Your task will be to edit the designs of other developers who are new to the business. For an undergraduate course applying process, you should search the best-known institutes in Mumbai.

Web Marketing Analyst

As a web marketing analyst, you will perform diverse duties in your line of work. The interpretation and collection of data concerning the online client behavioural pattern, the development and implementation of web analysis, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills and online advertising as well. SEO is a vast concept that requires a lot of analytical knowledge. It is one of the most reputed job roles in the field of web designing.

Graphic designers
Graphic designers work in coordination with web designers to complete the final look of a website. Source: webschool.com

Senior Web Analyst

The professionals under this job role have to maintain and create solutions to technical issues. You will have to view detailed information and follow what compulsory module introduces for the overall development of a website.

Using advanced technologies and cutting-edge tools will elevate the quality of work. There is a wide range of information systems available in the market. The better options you select, the higher will be your chances of succeeding in your field.

Web Designing IT Courses Online

Although Mumbai is one of the largest Indian cities and there are plenty of institutes available for getting Bsc Hons information of an academic year, you can choose online IT courses anytime. If you have a good command over the English language, you will also be able to enjoy learning project management with international students.

Web Designing Certification By University of Michigan

Experienced professors from the University of Michigan take classes for this web designing certification course on Coursera platform. You will learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 in this course. If you study credits with a compulsory module intently, you can open doors to the professional world as a trained web developer. The ratings of this program are high enough to prove its level of efficiency.

Free Web Designer Courses Online

Looking for skill enhancement courses that are free of cost yet effective? Try the edX platform that is offering free web designer courses for aspirants who have the will to learn and grow. You can learn to program with Python and JavaScript apart from the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS.

Responsive Web Design Course By University of London

The University of London conducts this program to help the students get a professional outlook and interactive mindset. It is available on Coursera for anyone willing to learn. You can learn how to build wireframe mockups of applications and web pages. To kick start your career as a web designer, you need well-trained skills, and this course has everything you need to develop them.

Free Web Designing Courses & Training

Lynda - LinkedIn Learning platform is offering free web designing courses and training covering all the essential concepts and tools needed to make it big in the profession. From programming languages to software like Adobe Dreamweaver and Illustrator, you can learn it all. You can do these classes free of cost for a month!

Digital devices
Laptops and digital gadgets are best friends of IT professionals! Source: digitaldefynd.com

Role of Basic Computer Courses

Now that you know all your options in web designing, what if you realise that your primary computer skills are not up to the mark? The role of general computer courses is significant in the IT field given you have to deal with the gadget for at least eight hours a day!


  • Increases Productivity - If you know the bare minimums of computer handling like clearing junk files, boosting its RAM, detecting the minor problems that usually arise in the system, you will prove to be more productive at your workplace.
  • Enhances Employability - You can work in every field and every sector if you are good with MS Office and internet browsing. Sometimes, the usually-known skills can do wonders in the work-life of a professional.
  • Improves Basic Knowledge - Computer courses that offer lessons on optimum utilisation of the compulsory module can help improve your general knowledge. You can help your colleagues whenever they get stuck, something you must do to maintain healthy professional relationships.
  • Useful In Every Field - In this modern world of technology, a computer is everywhere and so is its demand!

IT Job Vacancies In Mumbai

Once you are confident about your skills and knowledge, you can hunt for the best IT job in Mumbai out of the available options, and there are plenty of them! With so many ITES and IT firms, all you have to do is ensure that your soft skills are enough to beat the potential competitors. TCS, Accenture, Infosys, L&T Infotech are a few of them.

Film production houses
Film production houses also offer job roles to IT professionals. Source: pipeline.com

With quality introductions to computer literacy and IT numeracy, you will gain the potential to succeed in the IT industry. If your commitment to information technology is competitive, you must push your limits to see how much you can perform. Remember, you are not alone in this field, and there are thousands of other students like you who might be more intelligent and productive. Take online classes from private tutors available on Superprof to keep practising your lessons.

Superprof is one of those few online portals that offer two-way services. Teachers can showcase their availability while students can search for tutors. Chase your dreams under the guidance of the best in the profession!

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