Globalization in the world has opened doors for many things around the world. Today, nations can exchange goods and services seamlessly with each other. The factor of globalization has also allowed people to travel across nations. And many of us travel to other countries to study, live, and for leisure trips.

Now, if someone is travelling to France or Canada, it becomes necessary for them to master the French language. You will be surprised to know that India is the highest contributor of immigrants to Canada. Since 2012, India has contributed over 25% of immigrants to Canada. And French is the second most spoken language in Canada.

If you are also an aspirant and want to move to Canada for a study course at a university, it is best if you master French. Though, it is not necessary as the first language in Canada is English. However, if you are moving to France, you must learn French. Moreover, the basic level of French will not take you anywhere; you need to have ample language skills to survive in the country.

Here in this article, we will study the level of French you should have for living in France.

Level of French Required for Living in France?

Well, as French is spoken by over 220 million people worldwide, it is obvious that if you learn it, you will definitely benefit from it in various ways. Moreover, if you master it, you will be eligible to live in France.

It is required by an individual to have at least a B2 level of language experience if he or she wants to study in France. Now, as it is the intermediate level of French, a person should be able to:

  • Comprehend the major idea of the complex text.
  • He or she should be able to communicate with the native speakers of the language.
  • He or she should be able to produce writings based on various topics.

If you are above the B2 level, nothing is better than that. You will not face any issues while talking to people in a foreign country.

Now, learning French for getting admission into the university of France is not a walk in the park, you need to be absolutely dedicated to your learning routine for that. Moreover, for education on an international level, you must take some professional language tests similar to TOEFL.

For French, the test that will be best for you is TCF that stands for ”test de Connaissance du francais”. Just like TOEFL is for English, TCF is for French is one of the requirements for getting the citizenship of France. The test helps in enhancing your French language skills in five steps.

Here is a rough idea or structure of the test:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Written expressions
  • Structure

So, as it includes written as well as oral comprehension, you must focus on all the aspects of the language like words, phrases, French grammar, expressions, and others.

Diplomas for living in France

A student with a diploma in hand, Source: Pexels

If you got clear of the TCF test, great!! Now, if you want to live in an International country, it is required for you to be entirely proficient in the languages that are spoken there. Similarly, in France, it is required for you to learn the expert level language to live as if it is your home country.

For this, the French Ministry of National Education and Higher Level Teaching provides diplomas for various levels of language expertise. Here are some of the diplomas offered by the French Ministry of National Education and Higher Level Teaching:

DILF: It is for the most basic level of French, which is A1. The exam is 75 minutes long and is worth 100 points. It includes oral and written reception along with oral and written expression. You have to score at least 50 points to crack it.

DELF and DALF: Other than the DILF exam that is just an entry-degree exam, there are other exams also that you have to give if you want to live in the country. Here is a list of those exams:

DELF A1: The total time of this test is 80 minutes.

DELF A2: 100 minutes

DELF B1: 105 minutes

DELF B2: 150 minutes

DALF C1: 300 minutes

DALF C2: 300 minutes

Please note that all of these exams have written and oral comprehension parts so you should to be excellent in these. For living in the country, you must take any one of these exams.

So, these were the exams that you need to take for living in France.

The knowledge about the native languages of the swiss neighbour is not just limited to some test programme or courses. There are other ways also that you can leverage to polish your skills and the components of the language like grammar, expressions, words, etc. Learn about the cost of studying French!

Other Ways to Master French Language

Here are some of them:

Take up a course: One of the best and legit ways to master foreign lingo is by taking up a professional course at a university. Many students around the world take these courses to be proficient. Moreover, with this, you will get to know the lingo well. You will get plenty of time to practice and study French. As the lingo programme will be detailed and planned, you will be learning everything in a proper flow. This will help you remember what you have learnt and link it well. The information provided by the course to you will be much better.

Coffee cup with a coursebook, Source: Pexels

 Work with a firm: Now, this is bold. Make sure that if you are opting to get an immersive learning experience of the lingo via an international job, you apply for it only when you have the basic knowledge. As the requirements of the job can be different, be ready for anything. Maybe, you need to upgrade for getting a job.

To conclude the above section, there are multiple ways to be the best at the western European lingo. The thing that varies is the purpose for which you are trying to learn it. However, there are multiple benefits to learning the language.

Pros of Learning the French Accent?

Apart from just showing off your fancy French accent, you can benefit a lot from learning French. Here are some of the perks:

Career or education growth: The key benefit that you will get from French courses and by learning the French accent is the scope of career opportunities. It will increase as you will be able to work anywhere across the globe where  French is the native lingo.

Social circle: Another key advantage of the language is that you get to widen your social circle. With this, you can get in touch with various people around the globe and also learn for them. This will also be a great way to enhance the degree of French, you know.

Travel experience: It is pretty obvious that if you speak good French, you can travel free in the country as you don’t have to rely on any alternate way of communication or information exchange.

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As you now know what degree of expertise you need in the French, get going and start preparing from online or offline sources. For a more legitimate approach, go to the Superprof website and register yourself. Learn from the best tutors from around the country and be the best.

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