Benjamin Franklin rightly acknowledged for the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head. This signifies learning could be the best investment one can make in their life. With more than 300 million Francophones around the globe, learning French can open a lot of careers and intellectual options. Although, this comes with a question concerning the French class cost along with the best way to study.

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You can reach new professional horizons and awareness about different cultures with an impactful French class and a good French tutor. Learning a new language such as French or any other Latin-origin Spanish language may come in handy in all walks of life. You may use it on your Europe trip or brag about being bilingual to your friends. For nearly thirty countries, French is the official language by law or in practice generally.

If you have future plans to study or work in France, do not fret about the French class cost and enrol yourself in an excellent French class. Speaking and understanding French will enrich you from within to integrate yourself into the community internationally. Besides, French is a language of diplomacy for the UN and many international organisations around the world, such as the Red Cross and the European Union.

Investing in a French professional class will calm down anxiety and prevent you from having the anxiety of making mistakes. You will be less critical of yourself and feel confident with the professional help as you will begin learning French. Let’s glance at several ways you may learn French and how much you need to shell out from your wallet.

Why shouldn’t you worry about the French class cost?

Learning a new skill is an excellent investment for your personal and professional growth. So, it is futile to worry about the French class cost. Your French course price will recover as it opens new doorways for a better career, travel option, and making new long-lasting bonds. To be able to fluently speak an international language, your brain will be more welcoming to new information.

There are several more reasons, such as more vocabulary and more books to read to study French. It is a great way to enhance your intellect and spend your time constructively. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that bilingual people are better decision-makers and have more cognitive abilities. There are plenty of benefits for children as well as adults.

For any age group, learning a new language may enhance the neural connections of the brain. Children may benefit from an additional language with an increase in their cognitive abilities. On the other hand, adults may benefit from memory retention and an increase in diseases like Alzheimer's.

How to start a French Class in India?

Your choice of teachers and classes will depend upon the amount of money you are ready to spend in a month or year. You may find different tutors teaching at different levels depending upon your current education skills and future goals. You may find a teacher who lives nearby your residence and schedule private classes. Moreover, you may enrol in online classes using applications and websites that focus on video and audio learning.

Learn from Schools and Universities

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Besides, there are several French cultural centres across the major cities in India. In these 25 Alliance Francaise cultural centres, the teachers focus on teaching level by level. Moreover, DELF conducts exams depending upon the European framework to legitimise the speaking and learning skills. You will have to pay twenty thousand rupees per trimester, which may be considered a bit high.

Another way to learn the French language is to study along with an MA or BA degree with a negligible fee. University of Delhi, Pondicherry University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and EFLU offer French classes to their students as additional subjects. You may also opt for a diploma, certificate, or advanced diploma in French from St. Stephens and Jamia Milia University.

Private universities such as Amity also offers French class in various degrees, but the cost is too high. Students can pursue BA French or enrol in MA French, M Phil French, and PhD. French for further courses in these universities. Those who are fluent in English may have the upper hand in learning entry-level French. Learn about the level of French required for France!

In some schools, French is part of the curriculum, starting from grade six and increasing the levels up to grade ten. Of course, these classes are optional and not mandatory if one wants to learn other academic courses. Furthermore, they can take exams as per the international framework to be certified as French learners.  

Apart from this, watch French movies, shows, and documentaries to have audio input in your French lessons. Listen to French songs, rhymes, and radio to sing along and practice speaking French. You may feel a little hesitant in the beginning, but speaking French will be more comfortable with practice. Learning French this way will help you with fluency and get the cultural experience.

When studying French from a premium institute, you may need to pay anywhere from one thousand to one lakh rupees. Some other institutes that offer French courses are the University of Mumbai, UNIPUNE, Hindu College, etc. So, it is entirely dependent upon you and your current financial status. Here are five rules to attain financial independence and how to govern your money while studying.

Online Learning

French is not that difficult to learn if your English is good, and you have the focus to learn it by heart. When studying French, you may realise its coupling with Portuguese and Spanish. You may choose online classes or use free learning apps such as Udemy, Byjus, and Duolingo. Online classes are convenient and do not require you to commute anywhere. Even the premier institutes such as IFI Jaipur and Alliances françaises are teachers online.

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You may consider these to be expensive, and the admission process is limited. So, this makes online free learning audio and video lessons a great addition. You may get the basic idea of French, grammar, genders, and vocabulary from these online classes. When looking for a more professional approach, it is advisable to learn from an experienced teacher who can correct you while learning.

Moreover, an online tutor will have teaching content designed as per your current skill level. Websites such as Superprof have free registration and hourly charges for you to get the best of your learning time and money’s worth. You may join some communities that are headed by French-speaking professionals or native people who are proficient in the language. Conversing with people and listening to them talk will help you relate to the French accent and learn more words.

Besides, listen to podcasts online and join dedicated French learning forums. As you know, grammar and following the international keyboard for French is important; you may learn more by practising. Another benefit of learning French online is the freedom of time you have while learning. Considering the current pandemic situation, normalcy will not return any time soon. Therefore, switching your education online is the wisest decision for your future career. Here is how much time is needed to learn French!

Do the French class cost and French teacher affect your learning skills?

The answer to this is a very straightforward no. You may feel like spending a lot on classes, and a French teacher may be the way to learn French better. However, it is a combination of the right tutor and your own hard work. If you do not practice what you learn or imply it effectively, you may not retain anything from your class.

So, it is necessary to understand that the result will correspond to your efforts and your zeal for learning French in the end. You may learn more from an inexpensive class than enrolling in an international institute. Besides, with Superprof, you can get the best French tutors to teach you from the comfort of your living room at a very affordable cost. Therefore, you get the best of both parts by making this conscious choice.

With a convenient website like Superprof, you may arrange a class each day and revise by the end of the week. Your entry-level, as well as advanced French lesson, will prepare you for your next trip to France or anywhere around the world. Superprof also offers the first free class from the teachers who have years of experience in their field. With their expertise and knowledge based on years of study, you will learn better. Besides, the French lesson will make you aware of the rich culture and heritage of the French people.  

You can also find more languages and courses on Superprof once you are done with French. Based on your available resources, you can start to learn languages and level up your education year by year. Finding the best tutors with years of experience is quite easy on Superprof. These online lessons can be scheduled as per your time. So, you can enrol in the classes along with your university or school working days.

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