India has a rich literary tradition. Hindi is a powerful unifying tool in the diversity of India. The language (मानक हिन्दी), has grown to become the first official language of India, alongside English. It is the lingua franca across the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Hindi has its roots in a combination of languages such as Sanskrit, Urdu, and Punjabi, as well as Indo-Iranian and Indo-European languages spanning Tajik to Pashto to Serbo-Croatian to English. Basic, working knowledge of Hindi is critical for effective communication amongst the billion population of India.

Hindi is one of the most popular languages in India. Not only the northern part of the country but also the rest of the nation, thanks to the ever-widening reach of Bollywood culture, is now managing to catch up with the language. According to the latest language census of India, released in 2011, approximately 44% of people use Hindi as their mother tongue. Moreover, a whopping 120 million also stated using Hindi as a second language.

Influence of Other Languages

While learning basic Hindi, you are likely to come across many Sanskrit words, such as naam, meaning name. In fact, if you dig deeper, words like “mother”, “father” and “trigonometry”, also originated in Sanskrit, though they are more commonly attributed to Latin. Namaste in Hindi (Devanagari: नमस्ते), will become salam in Urdu and written as سلام.

The advantage of Hindi is its phonetic nature. You can memorize Hindi words and Hindi alphabets using learning resources such as flashcards and language learning apps. There is always Bollywood to teach you a few words in Hindi to help you save the day, or, simply learn Hindi online.

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The Cost of a Course in The Hindi Language

There are two categories of learning spoken Hindi - a) business Hindi or formal Hindi and b) normal, everyday spoken Hindi. Honestly speaking, knowledge cannot have a price tag. However, you can choose your learning criteria, share it with a prospective Hindi tutor and negotiate the best deal for both. There are a number of ways one can learn Hindi in India.

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Be sure to set out your criteria before committing to a course or tutor.
Do some thinking and write down what you want to gain from language lessons | Source: Visualhunt

Hindi Lessons in School

The Government of India made a recent attempt to make Hindi a compulsory subject at the academic level for every State in India. This would not have made much of a difference in the Hindi-speaking northern states of the country. however, the proposition did not go down very well with the Southern and Eastern states, especially, where the linguistic diversity intensifies.

As per the new educational policy, every school student needs to learn at least three Indian languages.

Hindi is an important medium of communication, making its teaching more relevant than ever, starting from the school level.

The Curriculum

The proposals of the National Curriculum Framework for School Education: 2000 states that teaching different aspects of languages - reading, writing, and subjects - is not allowed. However, ample opportunity should be provided to listen and speak the languages being taught. Without adopting any formal approach "essential skills of identification, comparison, matching, naming, drawing and counting" are to be imparted.

Hindi Coaching Centres

Hindi classes are conducted in every Indian city through language training institutes or coaching centers. These centers of learning exist to boost your learning process and to make you confident in taking on the professional world. Gain step=by-step lessons in the art of speaking, writing and reading Hindi by signing up for a Hindi coaching class near you.

Online Hindi Tutors

We live in an era of technology. It is not surprising that online Hindi lessons are becoming more popular. These virtual classrooms offer on-demand and pre-scheduled lesson with a designated Hindi tutor. You can work with a tutor to set up a lesson time each week, as per your convenience.

Use these tips to find an ideal Hindi teacher.

Online learning has captured the imagination of young students in India | Source: VisualHunt

Prices for online courses in Hindi vary between INR 70/- and INR 2800/- an hour, depending on your specific learning needs. Some of the most sought-after online courses are:

  • Udemy helps connect students all over the world to the best instructors.
  • Preply lets its users connect with tutors of their choice, using advanced search filters according to specialty needed, price range, preferred time for studying, etc.
  • TeacherOn is a free website committed to making language education accessible to all across the globe.
  • Tutorcomp is specifically designed for helping with the CBSE syllabus as well as other Hindi-specific courses to enable students to speak fluent Hindi. They cover major areas of Hindi language study, viz. Hindi vocabulary, Hindi grammar, Hindi writing and Hindi speaking, including fine-tuning of accents.
  • Native Monks offers custom lessons that focus on everything you need, be it writing in Hindi or and speaking Hindi in situational conversations
  • Verbal Planet is another online platform that offers customized Hindi learning plans from some of the best private Hindi teachers in the world.
  • Verbling offers great learning tools such as collaborative textpads, vocabulary review, and more. The round-the-clock availability of Hindi teachers listed on the platform makes it even more appealing to young learners.

Higher Education Courses in the Hindi Language

Many students take up Hindi as a major subject or a subject of research in higher education courses. In fact, contrary to popular belief, higher education courses in Hindi offer a number of career opportunities in teaching institutes, print media, film and television industries and so on.

For those willing to go solo, find out how you can learn Hindi on your own.

Hindi is one of the most commonly spoken languages in India. It is also one of the most used official languages of the country. A number of colleges and universities offer specialized courses in the Hindi language. We list them here.

Degree Courses in Hindi

  • Bachelor of Arts in Functional Hindi
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hindi Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hindi
  • Bachelor of Arts in Vyakarana
  • Bachelor of Education in Hindi
  • Master of Arts in Hindi
  • Master of Arts Honours in Hindi
  • Master of Arts in Functional Hindi
  • Master of Philosophy in Hindi
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Certificate Courses in Hindi

  • Certificate Course in Hindi
  • Certificate Course in functional Hindi

Diploma Courses in Hindi

  • Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi
  • Diploma in English-Hindi Translation
  • Diploma in Hindi
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Hindi and Translation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi

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The Cost Of Individual Lessons in Hindi

As is evident from the preceding paragraphs, learning Hindi in Indian schools is somewhat tricky. Limited availability of time is a hindrance to learning the nuances of Hindi speaking, Hindi reading, and Hindi writing. Equally important is the aspect of Hindi listening skills. A private Hindi tutor can help in resolving these issues for your child. Hindi lessons can cost just about anything, depending on a number of factors.

Private tutors will normally hold lessons at their house, come to your premises or arrange to meet you in a quiet place where you can chat and study.
You may choose to find a tutor online who can come to your house or meet you at a quiet place to study | Source:  VisualHunt

Setting the Price for Private Hindi Lessons

A Hindi teacher will base his/ her pricing on the level of knowledge they possess. They will also take into account Hindi language training that they may have undergone and the years of experience they bring with them. The duration of each lesson or course being run is also a decisive factor in determining the cost of the lesson.

Some teachers like it when they can teach multiple numbers of students in the same class. If you are looking for one-on-one Hindi lessons, then the pricing will vary accordingly. You can also explore the world of online Hindi classes for a more convenient, and sometimes more inexpensive mode of learning the language.

Teachers may also need to adjust their pricing according to what you want to gain from your lessons. For instance, if you want to learn the technicalities of Hindi language for the purposes of a job, get yourself the services of a Hindi typing tutor, who will prepare a whole set of new resources tailored just for you and within a specified timeframe. In other words, it becomes a crash course in Hindi.

Here is a beginner's guide on finding yourself the perfect Hindi class.


Superprof is an online platform for tutors to advertise their services and to connect with pupils. Here, you will be able to search for a tutor in your chosen subject, filter by area (however, this may not be applicable if you are happy to carry out lessons via video call) and also sort in order of price.

In India, Superprof has a gargantuan list of almost 16,000 Hindi language tutors listed on its platform, each offering their own wealth of unique experiences. Some focus on writing skills whereas others help you to advance your spoken Hindi skills to enable you to get by during simple conversations. You can choose short and long-term courses, depending on your learning needs.

While not all are certified teachers, many have experience of teaching students of various levels and can adapt a series of online or face to face lessons for you. Upwards of INR 814/hr, you can benefit from Hindi lessons from those with the knowledge and skills to offer you structured Hindi classes. Superprof has built up its presence across all major Indian cities, as well as the not-so-major ones. Find a Hindi language course near you through Superprof's advanced search filters.

Hindi does not need to be your mother tongue, nor do you have to be a native speaker to gain mastery of the language. All you need to improve your language skills and to apply Hindi words fluently in conversational contexts is to get yourself a great teacher in Hindi.

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