Hindi is one of the most popular languages in India. It is the lingua franca of the country. Though India has 23 official languages recognized by the Constitution of India, approximately 44% of people use Hindi as their first language. 120 million also use it as a second language.

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Hindi has been in vogue as an official language in government circles. Recently, there has been a concerted effort to grant official status to Hindi as the national language, though some have viewed it as unconstitutional. Thereby, the movement has failed to garner the support it had hoped for. Find a Hindi Tuition Near You

Tracing the history of Hindi will take you back to the Sanskrit language, one of three mother languages of the world. While learning basic Hindi, you are likely to come across many Sanskrit words, such as naam, meaning name. Hindi, like English, is written from right to left.

Use these tips to find an ideal Hindi teacher.

Hindi Classes For Adults

Learning a language as an adult is markedly different from the experience of a child learning it. Children can pick up a language effortlessly as their brains are like sponges, absorbing new information. Once we reach adulthood, our brains become more mature, a bit more rigid, in a sense. This is not to say that it is quite impossible to learn a new language as an adult. We have, in fact, witnessed a number of cases where adults have gained mastery of a language at an advanced stage in their lives.

Practice Makes One Perfect

We often forget this simple, yet critical mantra for success! Consistency holds the key to learning a new language, especially for adults, especially with a language that is not your mother tongue. Reading and writing, or even listening skills can be improved through regular practice.

Teaching Hindi to Kids

Break the process down into interesting chunks of information and you have an avid kid asking insightful questions while picking up the language nuances in no time!

Language has a Sound

Hindi learning becomes easier because of its phonetic nature. Phonology helps kids internalize the sounds of the language. Teach them how to differentiate between the sounds of the consonants. There are consonants/letter sounds that are peculiar to Hindi, just like any other language of the world. Help the child improve his/her listening skills.

The Power of Books

Never underestimate the written word. Hindi has a rich literary tradition. Encourage children to read books in Hindi. Even bilingual books come in handy for non-Hindi speakers.

Hindi reads from left to right.
Hindi derives from Sanskrit, written in the Devanagari script | Source: VisualHunt

Demystify Gender

Hindi is unique in the sense it ascribes a gender to all things, living or non-living. Of course, there are rules that need to be memorized in order to remember the gender of each.

Hire a Private Tutor

Private tuitions in India is a growing phenomenon. Whether you are looking for group classes, one-on-one tuitions, online tutors or even a language training institute offering courses in Hindi, you are spoiled for choices.

Learn about online Hindi classes here.

Learn Hindi On Your Own

A very critical question to ask yourself before you embark on the journey of Hindi learning is this: What is my reason for learning the language? Is it for work purposes, or to better understand the Indian culture? Perhaps, it is simply your thirst for knowledge that has led you down this path. Whatever it may be, try to create a structured program of study for yourself using the learning tools at your disposal.

Make Use of Available Resources

You may choose to sign up for online language courses on platforms such as Udemy, search for resources that are easily accessible and culturally relevant.

Games & Apps

These days, there are apps for almost everything you need in life. So, why should languages be left out of their purview? There are some really effective and streamlined Hindi learning apps out there to help you improve your fluency in Hindi. Check out apps such as R Bhasha Hindi, Rosetta Stone, Hello Talk etc.

Bollywood Films

The Bollywood movie industry has penetrated every corner of the globe, thanks to its talented ambassadors and excellent works of cinematic art. The language medium for the hundreds of Bollywood movies churned out every year is? You guessed it right. It is Hindi! Nowadays, one has the added advantage of subtitles, which provides instant translations of words and phrases that are alien to your ears.

Work Up Your Positivity

When you are on your own, the easiest thing to do is give up. We often become desperate and let negative emotions creep in when we are unable to come out on top of a lesson the way we had hoped to do. But, remember, there is always a way out!

For those willing to go solo, find out more about how you can learn Hindi on your own.

Find a Hindi Teacher With the Right Learning Tools

Opting for a private Hindi teacher can be vastly rewarding, provided he/ she has the right aptitude for teaching the language. Here are some traits to look for in a prospective Hindi tutor.

Use Loanwords

These common terms, known as loanwords, are largely translated phonetically from their original language since the concept of said item or thoughts were created by the culture or country of origin.

A large number of Hindi words have originated from the Persian language, as well as Arabic, due to a prolonged period of the political rule of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. The Hindustani language has a lot in common with Urdu.

Befriend Phonetics

Unlike English, most Hindi words are pronounced just like they're written. While Hindi grammar may be a bit more complicated than English grammar, Hindi has an advantage when it comes to pronunciation. Even so, it's always a good idea to learn how to pronounce Hindi sounds before memorizing vocabulary and studying grammar.

To get started, study the Hindi vowels and Hindi consonants, identify the letters and practice all of the sounds. There are Hindi tutorial guides available online (on YouTube) or, if you prefer, there is always the Hindi cinema to guide you on the accent. Remember, all these are building blocks for a great learning experience in the Hindi language.

Use Flashcards and Notes

Maintain your own Hindi vocabulary journal, or create your own flashcards, to help you organize new words and phrases, translations and other related notes. Such mnemonic devices help you to better retain information.

Check out these useful tools for learning Hindi effectively.

However, you can also find resources online.
You may find n=books to help you learn Hindi in a library or book shop | Source: VisualHunt

Find a Hindi Class Near Me that Simplifies Learning

There are many ways to learn Hindi. You can, for starters, enroll in a Hindi speaking course near you, sign up for an online Hindi class or get yourself a private Hindi tutor. However, the easiest way, by a long shot, has been proven to be a cultural immersion.


Podcast-style lessons that are fun and informative keep you hooked to your Hindi lessons. There are culturally relevant videos, a vocabulary database and dictionary, grammar explanations, along with a number of other useful features for a truly innovative learning experience that is at once effective as well engaging.

A host of knowledgeable and energetic hosts impart Hindi education across a pooled database of almost 900 audio and video resources. They provide you with detailed lesson notes, help you retain your lessons with spaced repetition flashcards while also encouraging you to participate in lively discussions. Exercise your flexibility to learn anywhere, on the go!

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube tutorial videos tick all of the right boxes when it comes to learning Hindi through reading, improving your speaking and listening skills. These online lessons and video tutorials help you to place yourself in either a classroom environment or even within the culture itself. Devote an hour or a few minutes (if that is all you can spare) in a day, repeat the lessons in your head and in your everyday conversations. You will become a fluent Hindi conversationist in no time!

Check out this useful article on making Hindi learning simple.

Learn Hindi by watching Bollywood movies
The world of Hindi cinema has often been considered one of the biggest source of information on Indian culture | Source: VisualHunt

How Much Should I Pay for a Hindi Class?

Hindi is an important medium of communication, making its teaching more relevant than ever, starting from the school level. How does one decide the cost of a Hindi lesson?

Online Hindi Tutors

Virtual classrooms offer on-demand and pre-scheduled lesson with a designated Hindi tutor. Prices for online courses in Hindi vary between INR 70/- and INR 2800/- an hour, depending on your specific learning needs.

Setting the Price for Private Hindi Lessons

A Hindi teacher will base his/ her pricing on the level of knowledge they possess. They will also take into account Hindi language training that they may have undergone and the years of experience they bring with them. The duration of each lesson or course being run is also a decisive factor in determining the cost of the lesson.


In India, Superprof has a gargantuan list of almost 16,000 Hindi language tutors listed on its platform, each offering their own wealth of unique experiences. Some focus on writing skills whereas others help you to advance your spoken Hindi skills to enable you to get by during simple conversations. You can choose short and long-term courses, depending on your learning needs.

While not all are certified teachers, many have experience of teaching students of various levels and can adapt a series of online or face to face lessons for you. Upwards of INR 814/hr, you can benefit from Hindi lessons from those with the knowledge and skills to offer you structured Hindi classes.

The Indian Subcontinent has witnessed the advent of many languages across centuries - Turkic, Nepali, many other South Asian languages, along with Indo European languages. This makes India a truly multilingual country. Of these languages, currently, Hindi happens to be the most widely spoken in the Republic of India.

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