Nowadays, around a quarter of school pupils have worked with private tutors! These figures are even more impressive when it comes to tutoring in subjects such as:

  • Maths,

  • Physics and Chemistry,

  • French,

  • English,

  • Spanish,

  • Biology,

  • Geography.

With all these tutorials available, why would it be wise to hire tutors on Wednesdays and at the weekend?

What are the advantages of one on one tutoring at these times? When is the best time to consider private tutoring or online tutoring services?

How Can You Juggle Work and Leisure?

School keeps kids busy almost every day throughout the week.

We understand that they want to do something else when they get home! You should do some extra-curricular activities like:

  • dance classes,

  • piano lessons,

  • violin lessons,

  • singing lessons,

  • guitar lessons,

  • or even sports.

Of course, relaxation shouldn’t get in the way of work. You need to organise your children so that they do their homework (either with or without the help of a private tutor) and then take them to their other activities.

Where can I find private tutors at the weekend?
You can have fun while revising during the holidays. We promise! (Source: Evelina Östlund)

Wednesday is the perfect day for leisure activities and home tutoring!

Why? Because engaging extra-curricular activities can help break up a child’s week and mean they go back to school on Thursday re-energised.

Don’t forget that a child’s hobbies can quickly turn into their passion.

Think about it! If you find a home tutor for their hobbies, it might even determine their future career!

Find a Time to Schedule Work and Homework.

Good revision techniques are hugely important.

Scheduling homework, private tutorials, game sessions, and outdoor activities is the best way to create a routine and work effectively.

A student needs to be motivated and interested by their classes if they want to succeed in school. If they feel lost or struggle with a certain teaching style, they might fail and be more reluctant to work. This means each student must have a carefully-calculated amount of work outside of their classes!

In terms of how many hours of home tutoring they’ll need, this will depend massively on the level of the student and how far behind they are.

An A Level maths student taking an intensive course of study will obviously need a lot more hours of tuition than a child in primary school learning to count or do simple sums.

Is there a right age for hiring a private tutor? Have you considered hiring an online tutor?

A secondary school student studying a foreign language and struggling in class will need more hours one on one tutoring than a primary school student just starting out with the language.

Can I get help with my homework from a private tutor?
Doing your homework with the help of a private tutor is the key to success. (Source:

All catch-up one to one tutorials need to be adapted to the students' needs, whether for scientific subjects like maths and physics or humanities like French, philosophy or economics.

Once the targets have been set, it’s time to set up an hourly programme for the term and establish a routine. By making them habitual, private tutorials will quickly become a part of your child’s daily life.

Don’t forget that the best tutors can help a student get ready for going to university whether they’re studying science, business, engineering, arts, etc.

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Finding Private Tutors for Wednesday and Weekend Classes can Give You More Free Time

The advantage of studying on Wednesdays and at the weekends is that the other days can be dedicated to relaxation!

However, if the Monday’s homework is due on Tuesday morning, a tutoring schedule can't help with that. There’s no time for watching TV! You’ll need to schedule time to do it, whether it’s via homework help at school or with the parents.

Alternating between academic activities and sporting activities is a great idea!

Children can relax by playing football on Monday before taking their Tuesday music tutorials where they’re going to need to concentrate a lot. Though some parents like to dedicate Sunday to family activities, it’s also a good idea to put aside an hour for academic support, especially at the end of the day after spending it with the family.

What about private tutorials in the evening?

Private Tuition: Less Work for the Holidays

Another important advantage of having supplemental instruction on Wednesdays and at the weekend is that when the holidays come around, there’ll be less work to do and more time to enjoy them.

Time to breathe, relax, and make the most of their free time! Travelling, visiting cultural sites, spending time with the family, learning to cook, etc. All these activities can be great for children.

Did you know that the PISA Institute (Program for International Student Assessment), which publishes studies on European students, found a link between “too much homework” and “failing exams”?

You should also check out why you should be having private tutorials before you take your exams.

According to PISA, overworking children under 15 years old almost always has a negative effect on their exam results. This can be resolved. Usually with the help of an in-home tutor.

Get your child away from the humdrum routine of school and give them opportunities to discover what they’re passionate about! Days off can be used to:

  • Discover new cultures by travelling,

  • Appreciate art by taking a painting class,

  • Become a team player by playing a sport, etc.

Where can I get revision classes over the summer?
If you revise during the summer, you'll have a better chance of remembering everything your learnt during the year. (Source: Pexels)

For those studying A Levels, holidays are a good time to revise and catch up with their studies.

Their academic support throughout the year, whether just to improve or to work on their weaknesses, can help students to work effectively on scheduling their revision sessions.

By involving someone else in their academic success, students will feel much less stressed when it comes to the exams. In fact, they won’t worry about doing any last-minute revision the morning of the exam because of their academic coaching throughout the year!

Make the Most of the Evenings with Academic Support on Wednesdays and Weekends

By scheduling private tutorials on Wednesdays and at the weekends, the other evenings in the week are free for spending time with family or friends.

Teenagers will love this type of freedom! Giving them autonomy will teach them to be independent, even if they’re still receiving help from a private tutor in some subjects.

You can use this time to bring the family closer together, chat, and play games. Spreading the work out across the year means you’ll have more time every day to relax.

However, it’s difficult to schedule two consecutive hours of maths and chemistry tuition together for secondary school students who tend to finish school later than those at primary school.

Don’t forget that by employing a private tutor for academic support, you’re playing a positive role in your child’s development. You’re making the right decision by allowing a qualified professional who specialises in helping children who struggle to guide your child through their academic programme.

You’re also focusing your children’s evening on personal development and fulfilment!

Don’t Work or Revise Late at Night

For young children, revising or studying late at night can be detrimental.

They’ll get annoyed if they’re tired, be reluctant to learn, and won’t want to do their homework. Rather than forcing them to learn, it’s better to have a professional come round on Wednesday after school and during the day on weekends, when they’re not tired.

When should I revise with home tutorials?
Should you revise everything you learnt throughout the year? Yes. But don't leave it too late! (Source: Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary)

Revising in the evening is a good idea for teenagers. They can look back over their lessons and remember them. However, it’s not the only time they can revise!

It’s best to read the important points again from the day’s lessons so that they can remember them, then let them relax by watching a film, playing a board game with the family or let them unwind by playing a computer game.

Whether your child is in primary school or secondary school, sleeping is important.

  • In fact, a teenager should sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night.

  • Children between 6 and 12 years old need somewhere between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night!

Make sure your child goes to sleep early, especially if they have an exam the next day.

Preparing for exams with in-home private tutorials or with academic support is the key to success! There’s no point in losing out on sleep just to do some last-minute revision. Students who do this usually try to learn too much in too little time.

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