What if I told you that helping your children with their homework was counter productive?

Whether your child’s in primary or secondary school, one on one private evening tutorials can give them confidence through better understanding the subjects that were causing them trouble.

Private tutoring can also have a positive impact on your family life by giving you more free time! Whether it’s in-home academic support, violin tutorials, ICT tutorials, or academic coaching, etc.

In this article, Superprof has got a few tips about the advantages of academic tutoring in the evening.

When should you take private tutorials with personal tutors? Here’s our first answer.

Ask Questions on Topics They Haven’t Understood During the Day

Did your child encounter any problems in maths, physics, or biology? Maybe they struggled in their English, Spanish, or German classes. You should ask them about it!

Evening maths or English classes to help you child catch up are a great option for students who’ve struggled during the day.

As the old adage goes, strike while the iron is hot. Private tutorials can give your child a boost and focus them on the important points of the lesson and allow them to ask the questions they were too scared to ask during their classes.

Digesting a class when it’s still fresh in your head is the best way to stay up to date with the course.

Is revising as a group more effective?
Working together can be more effective when it comes to revising. (Source: NPCC)

For example, if you’re studying for your A Levels and applying to universities, 7 to 10 hours per week of evening classes would be perfect to make sure everything from class is going in. If you start falling behind, in about 2 weeks you could be completely lost!

A Levels can be tough. Especially when you’re trying to get into university.

You should also check out why you should be having private tutorials before you take your exams.

Plan ahead and organise study sessions with other students and private evening tutorials with a qualified teacher.

Avoid Dropping Out

Academic support tutorials are an interesting option to consider if you feel that your student is no longer interested in their studies and needs to catch up. Why not sign them up to private tutorials in the evening so they can solve their problems before things get out of hand?

In this case, we recommend choosing online tutoring services as well as any free tutoring offered at school. However, home tutoring is almost always the best option.

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Get Ahead of the Curve

While it may seem strange, you can get private tutorials for your child even if they’re not struggling. This is particularly great for younger children. This can even be used to complement their classes and to improve their grades even more!

Even if your little darlings are at secondary school studying A Levels, this could be the difference that gets them into the best universities.

This is especially true if they’re applying to do a subject like medicine.

Private maths tutorials can make the difference between Bs and an A which could be hugely important if they’re applying for mathematical subjects. Physics or chemistry tutorials during the school holidays could give them a huge advantage over their classmates when they go back to school!

Homework Help with a Private Tutor

One on one tutoring means that homework gets done quicker and the evenings are longer.

Your child can get help with understanding and doing their homework. Superprof can help you find a home tutor whether you're looking for an online tutor or somebody offering one on one tutoring.

Students will be able to look over their lessons, key points, learn how to apply the concepts their personal tutors are teaching them, and work on an assignment with their tutor's support.

Can private tutorials help with study skills?
Thanks to private tutors, your child can improve their study skills. (Source: Haiku Deck)

In some cases, you can send your homework to your private tutors and they can correct it and send it back to you. This is particularly useful if you're working with an English tutor or writing tutors and don't want to waste time during your tutorials by marking a writing.

A one to one private tutor can also teach you study and work skills such as: How to organise your work. How to plan your revision. How to create a study sheet.

There are so many ways you can help your student improve their homework and studies on a daily basis.

Why Not Let the Parents Help with Homework on an Evening?

There’s the idea that children whose parents are more interested in their homework and their studies perform better at school.

A study from the Queensland Institute of Technology shows that this mightn’t always be the case. Parents who help their children too much run the risk of making their child feel inept.

On the other hand, some teachers have noticed that some parents correct their children’s own homework and don’t let the children correct the homework themselves. This doesn’t help the child...

Making and correcting mistakes is how the child can learn and progress. The student must learn to become an autonomous learner and manage their own workload.

How can I help my children with their homework?
Parents being too involved can actually be detrimental to a child's progress. (Source: Education Week)

Some “overinvested” parents end up doing the exact opposite of what they want by having a negative impact on their child’s learning.

According to the study, their attitude might cause anxiety, narcissism, and a lack of perseverance.

Doing homework might also become a source of stress that gives rise to a need to succeed, which weighs heavily on the child during schooling, which is only amplified in children during adolescence.

Sociology professors Keith Robinson and Angle Harris also agreed with this idea.

You should be a guide, an assistant, an educator, and helping them. If you feel as if they’re struggling and can’t bridge the gaps in their knowledge, don’t hesitate to go to a private tutor for one-off or regular private evening tutorials after school.

Their grades will improve.

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You’ll Have More Time with your Children Thanks to Private Evening Tutorials

Parents, It’s Time to Free up your Time!

Thanks to private academic support, adults are no longer required to be the only person who helps their child with their studies.

You parents will free up a significant amount of time. You can use this time to go to the cinema, head out as a couple or with your other kids, prepare meals, or visit friends.

Free Up The Weekend!

Children struggling in school may be forced to give up a lot of their time during the weekend in order to do homework. They may also lose out on other activities like sports or spending time with their friends.

Can I get group tutorials for my children?
Tutorials are a great way to free up time for both children and their parents. (Source: Odyssey)

Get them private evening tutorials with a quality tutor during the week and free up more time for them at the weekend.

They’ll have learnt the most of the key points and finished most of their homework during the week so all that’s left is a quick refresher and a few homework activities.

Find out more about the benefits of private tutorials during the week!

Study in the Evening and Work Less During the School Holidays

Who said there’s a particular time we have to address any problems we’re having with school?

Whose great idea was it to spend the holidays studying and understanding exercises?

Thanks to private tutorials during the week, you can now use your holidays to relax and recharge. After all, that’s what holidays are for!

However, if private tutorials are needed to catch up in certain subjects, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything for the whole summer! Make sure to continue doing a minimum amount of work with your private tutor so that you haven’t fallen behind once you go back to school!

Don’t forget that private tutorials aren’t just for academic coaching! You can also take singing classes, guitar classes, piano classes, drawing classes, or personal coaching, etc.

If you always use your evenings to relax, take private tutorials during the day during the holidays!

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