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Is fear holding you back to take the next step in your career? Do you wish to study abroad but don't know-how? Are you seeking professionals who can help with your placement processes? Do you struggle to get information on recruitment information of your dream company?

Well. You can put your worries to rest because career coaches in India are now available in plenty and have even diversified their services to suit all your needs. A career coach has the ability to kickstart the successful careers of many young people. Career coaches also work as school counselors who help out students. Based on the work experience, counselling skills, and relevant degrees, more and more clients will be drawn to career coaches. You can contact a placement consultancy to get access to expert career consultants in Delhi.

career consultant can play a pivotal role in the future. They can turn novice candidates into successful professionals. To understand this better, you can view a career counsellor like a guru in the field of career management, who helps with the decision-making process when it comes to important career choices. University students and working professionals are the two groups of people who seek counselling services the most. This is primarily for two reasons- for securing admission in a good school for higher education and to secure career advancements respectively.

What Do Career Consultants Do?

Career consultants design interventions to deliver success to their clients | Source: | Image courtesy: Gerd Altmann.

If your top keywords on Google include "career counselor near me", then you need to read this. Career coaches will provide you solutions on one or more of these issues:

  • Getting access to the top jobs in the market.
  • Getting paid right as per your experience.
  • Getting incentives based on your performance.
  • Building new skills for career advancement.
  • Getting information and advice on professional training programs.

Career counseling in Delhi provide the following services through either a placement consultancy or an individual consulting business:

  • Job change support. 
  • Career transition.
  • Skills up-gradation.
  • Goal setting. 
  • Job search. 
  • Coordination with recruitment agencies or employer.

But beware of false consultancy firms and placement agencies demanding lumpsum amounts of money and finally doing nothing for your job security. Apart from the above-mentioned services, consider these factors as well, when you are searching for career consultants in Delhi:

  • Psychometric evaluation of candidates.
  • Skills assessment.
  • Social network.
  • Recruitment partner network. 
  • Customer reviews. 

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What Skills Should Career Coaches Possess?

Career consultants are expected to possess and demonstrate certain skills, beyond their years of work experience and formal degrees. These include things like:

  1. Interpersonal skills.
  2. Presentation skills.
  3. Research skills. 
  4. Negotiation skills.
  5. Networking skills.
  6. Computer skills. 
  7. Social media skills. 
  8. Marketing skills. 

Make sure to look for these skills while choosing your career coach. Check for online presence and active years of counseling to help you make a better decision.

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What is the Significance of Career Consultants?

career coach
A career coach can skyrocket your career to success | Source: | Image courtesy: Mohamed Hassan

The type of service desired by a client or candidate is dictated by what stage they are at in their careers. And this is the cue for career consultants to work around with while designing their first class or session with candidates. There are a number of reasons why you need career counseling. 

  1. It can boost your job search and filter out irrelevant jobs. Career coaches help streamline your search and narrow down your focus.
  2. You can get your skills assessed, based on which you map your profile with potential jobs.
  3. Get faster and better access to jobs with the help of career consultants in Delhi. 
  4. Avoid spending unnecessary time doing online research that mostly does not yield any results.
  5. Experience a hassle-free transition into new careers.
  6. Discover new opportunities vis-a-vis specialized roles.
  7. Build new skills or enroll in professional training programs.
  8. Discover entrepreneurial skills and ways to start your own business.

You can plan to seek career counseling in Delhi right after college or in the final year of your education- undergraduate or postgraduate. In India, many engineering graduates have recently ventured into this business of counseling and education consulting, which has added a lot of value and momentum to this domain.

How Can Career Coaches Help You Grow?

Career coaches are an integral part of the whole skill development initiative of the Government of India | Source: | Image courtesy: Gerd Altmann.

Education in India has undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade. Each school now has or at least is mandated to have a career counselor or guide. Even professional career counseling like the ones sought by large corporations is slowly assuming a lot of importance in the progress of work culture and upliftment of employees. The latter also ensures retention and builds loyalty.

Career consultants have also been found to be extremely helpful in promoting and improving an individual's mental health, especially those of the child in school. Parents and teachers both depend on the services of career coaches for the holistic development of their students and wards.

What are the Advantages of Seeking Career Guidance?

Career coaches play an important role in the career development and goal setting process of numerous individuals across India and the whole world. It is a popular career in the West and is slowly finding recognition in India as well. The following reasons make career consultants so important and significant in career planning and management:

  • A career counsellor can help you choose the right career. This is facilitated by their expertise in assessment tools, analytical skills, aptitude testing, and know-how of psychometric tools and techniques.
  • Career coaches provide you with useful job-related resources, that are otherwise not available online or any other platform.
  • A career coach also helps build your self-confidence, lifts your spirit, and identify latent talent.
  • The process of counselling can also be geared towards changing unwanted behavior patterns that prove to be a hurdle in your career growth and success.
  • With the help of career consultants, you can learn to streamline your thoughts and focus them on the job search that is most relevant to you.
  • Engaging with a career coach also helps you identify your precise career goals, which may otherwise take an entire lifetime to be recognized.

How to Find the Best Career Consultants in Delhi?

Search for career counselors with the right amount of experience and good clientele | Source: | Image courtesy: Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke.

The market for career counseling in Delhi is huge. Placement services and career guidance agencies have proliferated in the hundred over the last few years. So, what is the right way to go about your search for the best career consultants in Delhi?

Getting overwhelmed and confused may not help. Start with the basics. First, create a checklist of your own expectations of the type of career guidance you're looking for. Then begin your search for a "career counselor near me". You can consider the following factors to help with searching:

  1. Knowledge of market trends.
  2. Access to current vacancies.
  3. Liaison status with recruitment agencies and job portals. 
  4. Know-how of counseling techniques.
  5. Educational qualification.
  6. Relevant training, certifications, and accreditations. 
  7. The option of free sessions. 
  8. Time duration.
  9. Location.
  10. Mode of counselling.

You should be extra careful of falso agencies posing as career consultancy services. Be careful not to trust them with important documents and money. Career coaches do not engage in certain things if they are true professionals. They do not,

  • provide casual advice
  • take your career casually
  • judge you
  • form opinions
  • promise immediate results
  • guarantee jobs
  • use random tools and techniques
  • make false promises

It doesn't matter if you are an established management personnel or a top performer in school, about to enter a top university. Career advice and guidance are things everyone needs and seeks. And that is precisely why you have experts who make it their business to help your careers to grow. There is no shame in admitting that you need career advice if it helps you progress. That, coupled with humility, can prove to be determining factors in your success in the long-run.

A comfort zone is a great place, but nothing grows there. - Anonymous.

This is exactly what your career coach will tell you when you first approach them. And this is what you must explain to yourself before setting on this journey.

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