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Career consultants in Kolkata are increasing by the day. But this is only a testament to the fact that their demand is also increasing every year with an increasing number of college graduates looking for jobs. Career counseling agencies and centers have proliferated in the recent past and are being hailed as an important personal development course, recommended especially for young adults. The number of government-approved training and counselling centers is also increasing as a result.

Career consultants are helpful in not just your job search, but also contribute to improving your skills needed for career management and growth. It is a great avenue to gain insight and information for college students looking to apply for higher education in India and abroad. For working professionals too, career counseling can be a great way to secure the dream job they are waiting for with the most in-demand company. Top career coaches in Kolkata offer a variety of services including free introductory classes to generate loyalty and credibility. Using their experience and expertise, they offer solutions to a wide range of problems that help young people embark on successful careers.

You can search for "career coaches near me" on the web and get access to the best experts in career coaching in Kolkata. Depending on your need, you can seek out the help of a school counselor, or career consultant, or manpower solutions provider.

Career Coaching in Kolkata and the Role of Career Consultants

It is important to seek the advice of a career counselor to avoid wrong decisions | Source: Robert Kennedy College Blog

Life teaches you many lessons. And one of the important lessons you will learn is not to take decisions in a haste. Decision-making, especially about your career choices, has to be thought through and taken with guidance. Career counseling helps you do that. The top career coaches in Kolkata like Priyamvada Agarwal will help you overcome your fears, put your abilities to the test, push you to the limits, and help you learn the most important lesson about decision-making- patience.

Role of Career Consultants

Mumbai, Delhi, or Kolkata, career consultants are important everywhere and second only to the teaching profession when it comes to helping individuals grow. Top career coaches in Kolkata can prove to be extremely helpful by way of the following:

  • Job-related information.
  • Identifying and matching skills.
  • Giving you access to the best and most relevant jobs.
  • Negotiating perks, salaries, and incentives with recruitment agencies and potential employees.
  • Give you exposure to recognized and relevant professional development courses.
  • Help you enroll in skill development training classes and programs.
  • Make direct contact with the employer.
  • Offer option of an online class or face-to-face sessions.

With the help of just a computer and a webcam, career consultants can change your entire career and take it to new heights of success. The top career coaches in Kolkata perform various roles like:

  • Placement advisors. 
  • Provider of manpower solutions.
  • Conduit between candidates and the employer. 
  • Life skills coaching.
  • Domain skills trainer. 
  • Facilitating government-approved accreditations and certifications. 

All is well until you fall for a false career counseling agent, posing as an expert to offer you incredible services. Be sure to read reviews of previous clients before you zero down on a particular career coach.

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Important Skills in Career Counseling

Top career coaches in Kolkata are sure to possess the following basic skills of career counseling:

  1. Familiarity with scientific assessment tools.
  2. Knowledge of psychometric tests for personality analysis. 
  3. Use of computers and social media.
  4. Online web presence. 
  5. Effective communication.
  6. Empathy and ability to speak the language of the candidates.
  7. Research-based methodologies for each class. 
  8. Excellent negotiation techniques. 
  9. Public speaking. 
  10. Marketing and advertising skills.

Career consultants like Priyamvada Agarwal are known by their title, educational qualifications, accreditations, and client base, The number of active years of counseling also adds to the credibility of a counselor.

Why Should You Choose Career Counseling?

With hard work, dedication, and consistency, and with a little help from a career coach, you can chase your dream easily | Source: Interview Skills Consulting

Active job seekers make the best clientele for the top career coaches in Kolkata. On the other end, there are recruitment agencies, placement consultancy, and direct employers who seek the service of career coaching in Kolkata. Career counseling helps you in filtering out irrelevant jobs, establishing contact with potential employers, and identify skills you need to develop for career management and development. All said and done, different candidates have different needs and so career consultants would usually offer you tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

Reasons Why People Choose Career Counseling

In India, the business of career counseling goes beyond mere career advising and providing job-related information. It involves a diverse range of services which primarily includes:

  1. Job search support.
  2. Skill assessment.
  3. Aptitude and psychometric testing.
  4. Profile analysis and mapping.
  5. Discovering business opportunities.
  6. Exploring entrepreneurship.
  7. Providing faster access to jobs.
  8. Skill building. 
  9. Tapping latent talent.
  10. Life skills coaching. 

Career consultants may be needed at any stage in your career- by college students, working professionals, or whoever. Whatever your reason for choosing career counseling, one or more of the top career coaches in Kolkata will be able to help you out. With their rich experience and high levels of expertise, you don't need to worry about a thing.

More About Career Coaching in Kolkata

Career counseling is crucial for better stability | Source: IndiaMART

The Indian education system has undergone a sea of change in recent years. From Mumbai to Delhi to Kolkata to Bengaluru, and Chennai, all states have approved career counseling and the appointment of a school counselor as critical to the holistic development of children. This, in turn, has contributed to the increased awareness about career counseling as well as the availability of career consultants. 

If you research and look closely in the domain of career counseling, you will find that most of the top career coaches in Kolkata and other Indian cities have also incorporated life skills training and mental health interventions in their student lesson plans. This has had a positive impact on the child's health and growth and increased student learning outcomes.

Career Consultants Add Value to Your Life

Don't go through life, grow through life. - Eiric Butterworth.

Career counseling is a choice. And you must choose wisely. Remember that you seeking professional help and investing time to grow your personality that has spillover effects on your personal and professional life. View and approach career consultants as you would approach a friend.

career coach can help you in,

  • Identifying the right career options.
  • Accessing relevant jobs.
  • Accessing job-related information. 
  • Building new skills and knowledge.
  • Working on your self-confidence.
  • Setting your career goals.
  • Devising effective strategies for your job search.

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Interview skills
The recruiters are looking for aspirants who have skills to meet their job profile | Source: Abcd

Career coaching and life skills have been identified as important components of education to impart to students. This type of training can be incorporated in the traditional class or lessons, and may also be sought elsewhere like counselling and coaching classes. But you need to know how to search for counseling courses and services if you really want to reach your career goals. Thousands of candidates get help from career coaching in Kolkata, using the following standard parameters and selection criteria:

  1. Job access.
  2. Market trend analysis.
  3. Contact with employers.
  4. Client base and network.
  5. Placement agency network.
  6. Accreditations and affiliations.
  7. Access to professional courses. 
  8. Session mode- online using a webcam or face-to-face.
  9. Educational qualifications.
  10. The number of active years and customer reviews. 

Also, check for the provision of free classes and sessions so you are not choosing blindly. Additionally, as a rule, the top career coaches in Kolkata would not engage in:

  • Passing judgments about clients.
  • A casual approach to career counseling. 
  • Making false commitments. 
  • Promising job security.
  • Promising false incentives and perks.
  • Demanding money in lieu of guaranteed jobs. 
  • Unfounded advice on your career goals and plans. 

Career coaching in Kolkata has proven benefits for students and professionals, alike. But, what you choose to do with the advice of a career coach depends entirely on you. Career consultants are only the facilitator of your learning journey, and you, its owner. So, make every decision wisely and seek advice on each step of the way. Keep reminding yourself that career counseling is just a means to an end. And only you have the power and potential to reach there and make things happen.

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