A teaching job is not just an opportunity to earn a good salary (and a pension) in the long term but a chance to make a difference in someone's life by offering support academically and, sometimes, personally. With the advent of online learning, people have started to view the teaching profession in a new light.

Teaching is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. As more and more schools start to adopt online teaching modules, the demand, and supply of teachers, be it teaching jobs in Delhi or elsewhere in India, is projected to go up rapidly.

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Teachers with more experience stand to gain as they can ask for an increased monthly salary. On the other hand, students who view teaching experience as the ultimate yardstick for gauging the quality of a teacher will have a greater number of options at their disposal.

Teaching is considered a very respected profession in all countries. The time schedules are convenient for an individual.

Teachers are known by various names - Learning and Development professionals, coaches, or mentors, although the role remains the same. Teachers with a degree in Psychology can apply their expertise as counselors in a school, teaching important life and personal management skills.

Inspiring teaching
Teachers are often role models to their students, irrespective of the subjects they teach. | Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Noble Profession of Teaching

A teacher probably plays a more important role in the life of a child than parents. This is because the contract between a teacher and a student extends beyond the receipt of academic education whereby values are taught that leave a permanent mark. Be it the role of a school teacher or one at the university, teachers play an influential role in shaping young minds. Therefore, teachers must be able to inspire and empower students at the same time.

The available opportunities for teachers in India range across varied subjects of study, including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, IT and Computers, Management courses, and many more. Moreover, the ubiquitous presence of the Internet has made the role of the teacher a more relevant one. As schools shift to online classes, teachers must bring in their experience and flexibility to adapt to a changing education system.

Given this crucial role assumed by teaching jobs, a permanent career in teaching should only be considered if you have the passion and commitment to ideate and implement your vision in reality.

A Bachelor's degree in education, on top of a graduating degree in a niche subject, will stand you in good stead in your search for jobs in the education industry, teaching or non-teaching. There is a tendency to view jobs in government schools as more prestigious. However, with the changing notion of education itself, the lines have become blurred.

The Many Shades of Teaching Jobs

Apply for teaching jobs that suit your career and salary needs. Remember, teaching requires you to commit a lot of time and energy. In recent times, schools have exhibited the tendency to hire teachers on a contract basis. However, you can convert it into a permanent position easily through sheer dedication, hard work, and out-of-the-box teaching ideas.

Nursery Teacher or Pre-Primary Teacher

A job as a primary or pre-primary school teacher is usually not on a permanent basis. Schools opt to recruit teachers fresh out of Montessori training courses. However, if your passion lies with teaching toddlers (age group of 2-5 years), then don't hesitate to apply! Besides the Montessori approach to education, many schools in India also follow the Kindergarten method of teaching.

Education has a lot to offer your career. You can choose where you may want to go based on your goals, qualifications and needs. 

Parents usually view nursery schools as a preparatory phase for their children. It is a school that facilitates the transition from home to primary schools. Kindergarten teachers, therefore, must view this as a very delicate type of teaching and apply all their best skills (and patience) to help students complete this journey seamlessly.

kindergarten pre-primary
Teaching kids in pre-primary schools brings with a set of unique teaching challenges. | Source: Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

Primary School Teacher

For those of you looking to offer your teaching support to young students, apply as a primary school teacher. Students are at their most impressionable age between Classes 1 to 5. Teachers can play such a crucial role in the long term development of the students depending on what education approach they choose to follow at this stage.

The biggest advantage for a primary school teacher is that you get to teach a broad range of topics, across various subjects. Many teachers also view this as a phase that offers high learning opportunities for themselves. Some of the best teachers in history have been Kindergarten and primary school teachers!

Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teacher

Between classes 5 and 10, secondary school teachers take over the mantle of guiding students on the right path in life. if you are qualified enough, you can also apply as a higher secondary school teacher for classes 11 and 12. In this role, you get to teach your subject of expertise that qualified you as a graduate or post-graduate.

College and University Teacher

People view college and university teachers as the epitome of the teaching profession. Lecturers are the most qualified professionals in the field of education. The best teaching jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other centers of learning in India are usually reserved for them colleges and universities (government or private).

Non-Teaching Jobs

There are many among us who view the world of education as a repository of opportunities. Not just teaching jobs, one can earn a decent salary as non-teaching staff, either on a contract (temporary) or in a permanent position (long term).

The minute details of running the system of education are often taken care of by people behind the scenes, such as the school administrators, library staff, housekeepers in schools, and college campuses. The salary of such non-teaching education personnel depends on the nature of the job, the experience of the member of the staff, and other factors.

Old librarian
Non-teaching staff in schools or colleges are as much responsible for the normal functioning of an educational institute as are its teachers. | Source: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

For those looking for a non-teaching job in education, consider the following job details:

Core Staff

  • Principal or director: An overseer of the day-to-day operations in a school or college. They can also be responsible for hiring a new faculty recruit and other important positions.

Support Staff

  • For schools providing mid-day meals, cooks play an important role in keeping the system running and ensuring that students don't miss out on their meals.


  • Academic Coach: Teaching in schools and colleges is no longer the only option for graduates in Education. Students and parents are also counting on the experience and training of teachers to help them outside of the school hours. Private tutors are available as an assistant to students who are looking for extra help to get through the academic year. Private teachers can also earn as high a salary as full-time teachers in India, and sometimes, even more!

The profession of teaching has evolved from the days of Aristotle. It is one of the most respected professions in India, with the scope broadening with the introduction of online education. As the barriers to disparate geographical locations get slowly dismantled, the profile of the teacher is also changing. The time and date to start a career in teaching are today!

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