Top 5 Law Entrance Exams in India

List of Top Law Entrance Exams in India Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise - Anonymous For candidates, preparing for a law exam and a career in the legal profession, this should be the mantra. A law examination should not deter you from pursuing your passion in law. If legal rights and […]

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Law lesson in Bangalore

Study Law in 2023: Legal Education In India

Where to Study Law in India in 2023 Indian society holds lawyers in high esteem because of the innate faith that when everything else fails, one can still take recourse to the legal system. Legal advice may be required in our daily lives, one way or the other. In such situations, who do we turn […]

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Law classes in India

AILET 2023 [Information, Eligibility & Admission Process]

All You Need to Know About the AILET Exam (All India Law Entrance Test) Successful lawyers are known as sharp strategists - Anonymous If you are an aspiring lawyer in India and one of those candidates preparing for one or more of the competitive law exams, then this article is for you. Whether it's an […]

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Lawyer Salary in India: Trends, Experience

Overview: Salary of Lawyers in India A law is valuable not because it is law, but because there is right in it - Henry Ward Beecher What does the law mean? The word law is probably very intimidating for most of you. But it is nothing but a set of rules aimed to create a […]

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Need Help Studying or Getting in to Law?

Becoming a lawyer can seem like a daunting goal, but thanks to our excellent Law resources and talented tutors, you could look forward to passing the Bar.

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Top Colleges Accepting LSAT India 2022 [Eligibility]

LSAT Results: How To Find The Right Law College In India? Law students are trained in the case method, and to the lawyer everything in life looks like a case. - Edward Packard, Jr. If you are sitting for the LSAT exam 2022 June session or have already taken the January session exam for LSAT […]

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LSAT Exam India 2022: Essential Tips & Strategy

Expert Tips To Get High Scores On LSAT Results 2022 Don't misinform your Doctor nor your Lawyer. - Benjamin Franklin The LSAT exam 2022 is all set to begin towards the end of June 2022, with the application deadline of 8 June 2022. To know how to achieve the highest score on your LSAT results […]

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Find LSAT 2022 dates in India

How To Clear Your Next LSAT Exam [2022]

Steps To Succeed With LSAT Application 2022 A judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers. - H. L. Mencken Other than knowing all about the format of the LSAT India exam to secure yourself a position in the top law schools in the country or around the world, it is important […]

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Things to know about LSAT exam 2022

LSAT India Examination [Test Dates & Registration 2022]

All About The LSAT Exam Date A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns. - Mario Puzo Out of all the different admission tests for law, the LSAT India exam has maintained its gold standard for over 70 years now. It is accepted by every law school and law […]

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How to Crack the DUET Exam?

Delhi University Entrance Test - DUET Law Exam Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced everyday - Jim Rohn. Every year, thousands of candidates seek admission in one or more courses of law in the hope that they will one day be defenders of justice. While the intention is pure, the competition […]

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Career possibilities in law

What is SLAT and Why is It Important?

Symbiosis Law Admission Test- SLAT Exam Law students are trained in the case method, and to the lawyer, everything in life looks like a case - Edward Packard, Jr. Lawyers have a difficult journey in life. Not because the competition is tough, but more because their profession takes over everything else in life. Those who practice […]

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Decoding CLAT Exam

What is CLAT? If we desire respect for the law, then we must make the law respectable - Louis D. Brandeis Lawyers are representatives of the law of a country. It is their job to uphold the law. Not only that. It is important for lawyers to safeguard both national and personal interests while doing […]

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going to college

What is IPU CET?

All You Need to Know About the IPU CET Exam Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple - Anonymous Candidates who are seeking admission in law must be aware of important information regarding the various law entrance exams in India. IPU CET (Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test) is one such exam. Candidates who […]

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Where to Study Law in Mumbai

Top LLB Colleges in Mumbai The legal profession in India is looked upon with a degree of reverence because lawyers are considered the upholders of the Constitution and guardians of a venerable yet modernized legal system. Broadly classified, the law in India is categorized into these specific areas: civil, criminal, tax, constitutional, real estate, international, […]

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supreme court of india

Top Law Colleges in Delhi

Why You Should Study Law in Delhi A degree in law education can open up a world of opportunities for law students. Especially, in India, in recent years, there has been a rise in demand for law degrees, both undergraduate (Bachelor of Law) and higher up courses (postgraduate or Master of Law). Not surprisingly, there […]

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Top Law Colleges in Bangalore

Top LLB Colleges in Bangalore in 2021 Law is not a simple calling to seek. However, there are those few who really feel committed to pursuing a career in law. However, before you take a leap of faith and enroll yourself in a law program in India, it is important to conduct some research into the […]

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Law in Australia

Top Law Schools in Australia

Best Law Colleges in Australia Law aspirants who seek to pursue their legal studies outside India can definitely consider Australia as a destination. It has some of the top law schools in the world, which are highly rated for their academic delivery, research initiatives, and student exchange programs. Hands-on training via internships, volunteering services, research-based […]

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High Court of Calcutta

Top 5 Law Colleges in Kolkata: Best Law Courses

Top LLB Colleges in Kolkata: You Must Know About The state of West Bengal offers a number of options when it comes to choosing the best institute for a law degree. Once you have cleared your CLAT and wondering which institute to enroll yourself in, simply take a look at this comprehensive list of the […]

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Law as a degree course

Top Law Colleges in Pune

Top LLB Colleges in Pune In high school, there is no specific stream requirement for pursuing a degree in law in college or at university. Generally, students who want to pursue law right after their 12th take up Humanities or Commerce streams. Some of the popular subjects for students aspiring for a Law degree in […]

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Law schools in Singapore 2021

Most Popular Law Schools in Asia 2021

Best Law Schools in Asia by QS Ranking Students considering to pursue legal studies in top-ranked universities abroad, need not restrict their choices to institutes of higher learning in the US or UK, such as Harvard or Oxford. There are many law schools in emerging economies that feature among the very best in the world.  […]

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Law career options in India

Top Law Colleges in Hyderabad

Here Is The List Of Best Law Colleges in Hyderabad The way to become a lawyer in India is through a bachelor's degree in Law or LL.B.  [Legum Baccalaureus], duly recognized by the Bar Council of India. There are mainly 2 types of degree courses for Law (LL.B.) offered. One can either opt for a five-year […]

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Law Schools in Europe 2021

Best Universities for Law in Europe

Top Schools for LLB Programs in Europe Students planning to apply to law schools outside India can look for suitable options in Europe. While top-ranking universities in the United Kingdom like Oxford and Cambridge are dream education destinations, it's worthwhile to note that they set their eligibility criteria at very high levels. Along with the […]

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Understanding Law in India

Top Law Colleges in Lucknow

Top LL.B. Colleges in Lucknow Any student hoping to gain entry into the legal profession must take a degree course in Bachelor of Legislative Laws (LL.B.). LL.B. is abbreviated as Legum Baccalaureus, which means Bachelor of Laws. The course covers legal procedures, legal principles, ideals of corporate governance, and laws and regulations of countries. There […]

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How to Become A Lawyer in India?

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming A Lawyer in India The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law - Jeremy Bentham The world is full of people who are constantly torn between the right and the wrong. They have to make decisions on a daily basis, almost every single moment […]

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The Best Schools to Study Law in the US

Top Law Schools in the US America is a preferred education destination for many international students who aspire to become legal practitioners. The law programs offered by US law universities are highly rated for their rigorous academics, immersive experiences, and high-impact research works. Every year these law schools receive applications from students across all states […]

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Law library

Preparing for the Bar Exam in India

All India Bar Exam- Tips on Taking the Exam When everyone lives without law, every man lives without freedom - Pope Benedict XVI The law of a country serves as a code of conduct for its citizens. It provides proper guidelines and brings a sense of order to maintain parity among the three branches of a government. […]

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study law in the UK

Best Law Schools in the UK

Study Law in UK: Discover the Best Places to Study The quality of higher-level education in the United Kingdom is considered among the best in the world. Every year the country sees thousands of international students applying to universities and colleges for their undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Research programs in the UK are also highly […]

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Top Law schools in 2021

Best Law Schools in the World

Best International Law Programs Students aspiring to study law, no longer need to limit their choices to law schools in India.  With universities abroad becoming increasingly eager to admit international students, it's worthwhile to consider studying in a foreign law school. The thought of moving to a different country can feel a little overwhelming at […]

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Law In India

Put An End To Your Search For An Exceptional Law Professor 

Find Authentic Law Classes Through Reliable Online Sources Many students who aspire to pursue law as their career goal are often held back from their dreams simply because they could not find the right Law professor whose teaching methods are easy to learn from. The common coaching centre offering regular law classes although help a […]

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All About Law 101 in India

Learn Everything From Glossary of Legal Terms to India’s Best Legal Firms If you are an aspiring lawyer and wish to pursue different careers in the legal areas, you have to learn about the good institutes, internships, and scholarships to plan your future. Before diving into the legal world, you may need to be familiar […]

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Scope of Law in India

Study Law Under The Guidance Of The Finest Law Teachers In India

Be A Part Of Comprehensive Law Classes That Pave The Way For Your Career Individuals with a keen understanding and grasp of the complexities of humanities and the social aspect of human life often tend to choose a career in the field of law. To many with a lack of better knowledge of the field […]

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Glossary of Legal Terms

Find Out About Common Legal Terms You may be aware of some of the common legal terms from your favourite law and order television series. These terms are essential if you wish to read a court document. Besides, these are even more crucial if you wish to pursue a career as a lawyer. There is […]

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Criminal Law in India

Wondering How To Start Online Tuitions? Here Is A Guide For Aspiring Law Teachers

Learners Guide To Criminal Law For An Aspiring Law Teacher Criminal law is one of the four main types of laws in India today. It is referred to as the law that looks into matters wherein crimes are committed or offences take place with the end intention of causing harm to the individual, group, state, […]

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Different Types of Indian Laws

What are the Different Types of Laws In India? There are so many different aspects of learning about legal terms and laws. The legal Indian constitution is divided into various sections, including personal data law, civil law, statutory law, Indian law, penal code, laws for sexual harassment, and criminal law. Moreover, it is a vast […]

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Know about law before choosing it as a career

Top Law Colleges in Chennai

How is it to Study Law in Chennai? Students seek a Bachelor of Legislative Laws degree in order to get into a legal profession. LLB is abbreviated as Legum Baccalaureus, which means Bachelor of Laws. Such a degree course usually includes topics of study like legal procedures, legal principles, ideals of corporate governance, and laws […]

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Law Career Options For Those With A Degree

Your Choices For A Career With Law Degree Make crime pay. Become a lawyer - Will Rogers What can you do with for a career with law degree? It is a question that many young, law graduates or aspirants seem to struggle with. But this is not because there is a lack of lawyer jobs or because it might […]

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Find Online Guidance For Civil Law! Reach Out To Law Teachers Around You

Civil Law Classes: What Areas of Law You Should Learn? The Father of law in India is Ramakrishna Menon who also introduced the National Law school of India to encourage young and aspiring students to pursue their passion in a dedicated space. The current law courses include classes on many different types of laws in […]

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The Ten Most Prestigious Law Firms

All About India Top Law Firms 2021 After finishing the law school or university degree, you may need to study for the Bar exam. Clearing the bar exam implies your credibility as a professional lawyer and your knowledge in the field. Most of the degree graduates are looking for a stable and well-paying job after […]

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Process of Becoming A Lawyer in India

Step-By-Step Guide to Start A Career As A Lawyer in India A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns - Mario Puzo Becoming a lawyer in India isn't such a big deal. You will find many lawyers fighting over a case on any given day at any session court or […]

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Types of Law examinations in India

Looking For Help With Legal Studies? Contact Law Teachers Online

Interesting Facts about Indian Constitution that are not taught in Law Class If you are an aspiring lawyer/advocate, you will need to know the finest law teachers who can assist you with the course. Since not everything is taught in the school of law or in a law class, taking private tuition can be an […]

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Different Types of Lawyers

What are the Different Types of Lawyers in India? India has an intricate law system with several sections and acts. It requires a particular lawyer to handle different types of cases. The specialisation may depend on your skills and area of expertise. Moreover, one specialisation may be more exciting and close to your choice of […]

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School of law in India

CLAT 2021 | Are You Starting Your Specialised Law Classes Soon? 

Revisit Your Law Basics with the Help of Best Law Teachers Do you look left and right before crossing the road? Do you pay for everything you like? Do you try and maintain and follow contractual terms and conditions with your business partner? Well, if your answer to all these questions is yes, congratulations you […]

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law scholarships

All About Law scholarships for Aspiring Lawyers

Where to Find the Best LLB Scholarships? Law is one of the most challenging and exciting career opportunities for young and adventurous minds. It is full of suspense and will give you job satisfaction at the end of the day. To become a successful lawyer, you will need to study hard and enrol in a […]

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Law in India

Looking for the Law Teachers? Here is Your Quick Guide

All You Will Need To Know About Legal Studies and Finding Law Tuition Law as a subject that changes with time as the legal regulations and rules in India are amended when need be. However, the foundation of law remains intact regardless of the progression of the same. The main reason behind imposing laws is […]

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Study for CLAT exam

Passionate About Law? Connect With Law Teachers To Learn Better

Introduction To Law and Types Of Law Classes In India In today’s world, every country has a separate legal identity that comprises all the legal and social legal learnings that enable them to govern their country effectively. The main reason why laws are implied in the first place is to ensure that there is an […]

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Learn Law in Lucknow

Are You Planning to Join Law Classes In Lucknow?

Career in Law | Essential Skills To Become A Law Teacher In India According to the current spike in the number of applicants for legal education all over India, the demand in law universities/colleges for efficient and experienced law teachers has also witnessed a sudden rise. Not only are these universities seeking an experienced law […]

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as a lawyer, you have a civic duty to volunteer your expertise

What is Pro Bono Work?

Learn All About Pro Bono in Law Pro Bono in law stands for the legal services that are offered without charging any fees. These are for the good of people who are unable to get any lawyers to assist with their cases. The lawyers may help them with injury cases, medical cases, family cases, and […]

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How To Find Law Teacher In Pune?

Struggling To Find The Right Business Law Classes? Here’s What To Do!

A Brief Introduction to Law and Finding the Best Law Teacher The major reason why any country today imposes laws or regulations on its citizens is to ensure a proper code of conduct is followed while maintaining equality and ensuring all human rights are taken care of. As per any law teacher or practitioner today, […]

15 April 20217 minutes to read

Law Tuition in Kolkata | Find Out Where to Look For One

Tips for Aspiring Law Students from Law Teachers A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it. - Henry Ward Beecher Law as a subject has seen a sudden spike in the number of aspiring students in India as well as internationally. Over the last few years, […]

15 April 20217 minutes to read

Willing to Provide Law Tuitions? Here is How You Can Do It

Get to Know Various Scopes for a Law Teacher In India Law has, over the last few years, gained the attention of many young aspiring lawyers from all around the world and India as a country is no exception. Every country has a different legal system, making the study for each a little different from […]

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Law lesson in Bangalore

Start Your Law Career | Finding The Best Law Teacher in Bangalore

How Law Tuition Will Help Students Prepare for Their Career? Choosing law as a career is a great option. It is a challenging field that involves deep studying and pinpoints its application of it. This profession demands not only knowledge but other skills, such as oratory power and presence of mind. Lawyers are respected in […]

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