Things to know about LSAT exam 2022

LSAT India Examination [Test Dates & Registration 2022]

All About The LSAT Exam Date A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns. - Mario Puzo Out of all the different admission tests for law, the LSAT India exam has maintained its gold standard for over 70 years now. It is accepted by every law school and law […]

18 May 20227 minutes to read

Law lesson in Bangalore

Where to Study Law in India

Where to Study Law in India in 2021 The Indian society holds lawyers in high esteem because of the innate faith that when everything else fails, one can still take recourse to the legal system. Legal advice may be required in our daily lives, one way or the other. In such situations, who do we […]

3 May 20218 minutes to read

Indian Law Exams 101

How to Prepare for Law Exams in India Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise - Anonymous For candidates, preparing for a law exam and a career in the legal profession, this should be the mantra. A law examination should not deter you from pursuing your passion in law. If legal rights and […]

3 May 20216 minutes to read

How to Become A Lawyer in India?

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming A Lawyer in India The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law - Jeremy Bentham The world is full of people who are constantly torn between the right and the wrong. They have to make decisions on a daily basis, almost every single moment […]

27 April 20217 minutes to read

Need Help Studying or Getting in to Law?

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Top Law schools in 2021

Best Law Schools in the World

Best International Law Programs Students aspiring to study law, no longer need to limit their choices to law schools in India.  With universities abroad becoming increasingly eager to admit international students, it's worthwhile to consider studying in a foreign law school. The thought of moving to a different country can feel a little overwhelming at […]

25 April 20217 minutes to read


All About Law 101 in India

Learn Everything From Glossary of Legal Terms to India’s Best Legal Firms If you are an aspiring lawyer and wish to pursue different careers in the legal areas, you have to learn about the good institutes, internships, and scholarships to plan your future. Before diving into the legal world, you may need to be familiar […]

22 April 20217 minutes to read

Study for CLAT exam

Passionate About Law? Connect With Law Teachers To Learn Better

Introduction To Law and Types Of Law Classes In India In today’s world, every country has a separate legal identity that comprises all the legal and social legal learnings that enable them to govern their country effectively. The main reason why laws are implied in the first place is to ensure that there is an […]

17 April 20217 minutes to read

Understanding Law in India

Study Law In India | Discover The Best Law Teachers In India

A Detailed Guide To Finding Law Classes From The Best Teachers The enlightenment and power we receive from learning beats a lot of odds in our day-to-day lives! We spend years in our primary schools to get to a point where we can decide the best for our career by high school. And after all […]

10 April 20217 minutes to read


Law Revision Material To Ace Your Law School

Find the Most Reliable Law Study Resources Law is one of the most challenging professional degrees anyone can imagine getting. After enrolling in a law school or university, a student needs to work hard right from the start. Keeping the grades good and appearing for the bar exam at a national level is the main […]

10 April 20216 minutes to read