Covid-19 has halted economic progress across the world. The world may undergo an economic crisis for the next 3 to 4 quarters. Will this have an effect on the job market? Maybe. India is an economically stable nation, but the latest virus crisis has put a lot of questions on jobs across all industries. Many fearing that companies will incur heavy losses or, will put employees in temporary unemployment till they recoup the loss due to the outbreak.

Online teaching industry will never get effect by economic crisis. Use your time to learn a new skill online

Academic support was largely unaffected by the economic crisis. Online teaching industry can thrive under critical situations. Knowledge sharing will continue to thrive even during the darkest of times. However, can we find the right online tutor on the internet?

Learn from Home: Things to do during Confinement

Covid-19 outbreak is among the hardest lessons we have learned as species. But, learning never stops, one can always find the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of education.  If you wish to improve yourself academically during the isolation period at home or want your kids to learn new skills during this confinement period, don't worry! There are a lot of courses on Superprof India that can be done from online. Some courses that can be done online are as follows:

 1. Drawing: Drawing is amazing skill to learn, it is not only a hobby, but also a way to keep your mind creative and active during free time. There are different types of drawing: oil-painting, cartoon sketches or, acrylic color painting etc. You can choose one, and learn from private teachers all over India.

2. Yoga: When the mind is stressed and anxious, the best way to provide it relief is by practicing yoga. Yoga has multi-fold benefits for the body and soul. It is a discipline to control your mind and body, doing it consistently can also improve your immunity.

3. Software courses: Computer courses are always useful, we are heading into a computer first world, where everything that we do manually will be online through your computer or, through your mobile phones. For kids, learning MS Excel or, software languages online is the best way to spend these isolation days. For adults, AutoCAD or, C++ can be an excellent way to learn and probably provide your career a boost.

4. Languages: Learning a foreign language is the BEST way to improve your resume. There are numerous benefits of learning a foreign language. You can find a Spanish language course, or, even do French Language course, if you want. The benefit of foreign languages can scale your career in any field, whether it is marketing or, finance. If you become fluent in a foreign language, it also opens opportunities in the field of translations, which in the confinement period is like gold. You can also use your time to improve your English!

Don't let the outbreak stop you from learning new skills! Online tutoring as an industry never stops, it can be done at any time, from any location and one can benefit from it for a lifetime!

Online tutors can be found on a lot of sites these days, hiring a private tutor is always interesting and useful because of personal supervision a private tutor gives you helps you improve your weak points. Superprof India has more than 11 million teachers across 27 different countries in the world, knowledge is global these days.

Choosing the right tutor for your kid is an important decision, that's why Superprof India allows you to select the tutor based on his teaching ad.

The private tutoring market is growing. Many parents have decided to opt for academic tutoring and find a tutor online.

Is your child getting good grades? Would they benefit from being tutored?

They might be better if they benefited from one on one tutoring from a tutoring professional or online tutoring over webcam.

It might be a good idea to pay for a maths tutor to help your child with their geometry, algebra, calculus, or trigonometry homework.

Do they struggle with French grammar or need help completing their writing assignment? A French tutor might be just what they need. In fact, there are plenty of hourly tutors offering language tutorials (whether French, Spanish, German, or whatever).

In home tutoring is helping more and more students every day. In this article, we’ll be looking at why you should consider private tuitions.

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Private Tutions: Benefits of personal supervision

Firstly, the best tutors India can give your child an amazing chance to get ahead. They'll come to your house each week and adapt their tutoring approach to your child and give them the study skills they need to do well in school.

This is one of the benefits of hourly home tutoring that they don't get in school. A home tutor can to go over anything they didn’t understand at school.

Plenty of people benefit from maths tutorials, especially in secondary school. Don't forget that you can also get an online tutor!

Many people find maths difficult and it somehow can find its way into other subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. Of course, you can always get a specialised physics tutor, chemistry tutor, or biology tutor, as well.

That said, a specialised algebra tutor can help students to do incredible things like actually like maths!

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Can you get better grades with private tutors?
Thanks to private tutorials, you can aim for the best grades. (Source: peakpx)

A personalised approach means the private tutor can:

  • Adapt exercises

  • Go into more depth on general topics

  • Take a general question and lead their student to discover the answer on their own

  • Encourage their student

  • Give them examples of complicated concepts

  • Simplify technical terms by explaining them in everyday words

  • Help the student work through past papers

  • Work on exam technique (writing essays, explaining texts)

  • Learn time management

  • Apply the programme to everyday life

In home tutoring allows an approach that helps students as young as those in primary school all the way through to university.

The tutor is also a motivational coach whose mission is to create a curious, passionate, relaxed, and autonomous learner who’s ready for their upcoming SSC examinations.

Through mentoring, they can make a tutee passionate about a subject, work with their strengths and weaknesses, and dedicate every minute of every class to their academic progression.

Private tutorials have many advantages.

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10 Good Reasons to Take Private Tutorials

Lessons at school are always planned to best suit the majority of students.

Thirty-odd students won’t all learn in the same way or at the same rate.

Some students have a great memory, others learn quickly with visualisation, others prefer to hear complex concepts explained.

Some are writers, some are scientists. There are thirty unique students in a class of thirty students.

As you can see, a failing student doesn’t mean the child isn’t intelligent.

It’s just that they need, a teacher who will teach them in the way they prefer.

This is where private tutorials can be useful: providing a child with a personalized education.

Are there any good reasons to use private tutors?
Get some confidence with private tutorials! (Source: peakpx)

Here are 10 good reasons to have private tutorials:

  • Catch up: Whatever the reason for falling behind, private tutorials can help children catch up.

  • Consolidate knowledge: Tutorials are a perfect opportunity for going back over the day’s lessons.

  • Get ready for an exam: Whether SSC, CBSE, or IB, private tutorials are great for practising for exams and doing test prep.

  • Aim for the top: An intensive academic coaching programme for gifted children could be what gets them into a top university.

  • Bring up their grades: Whatever the subject or exam, private tutorials can focus on difficult subjects.

  • Learn to learn: Form habits that make them better learners

  • Work regularly: Supplemental instruction can make studying a habit and students will develop a great work ethic.

  • Tailored teaching: The lessons are for the student and nobody else, whether they’re a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner.

  • Learn to love a subject: Tutorials can help students to fall in love with their least favourite subjects. How often do you fail in a subject you hate? If you love a subject, you do better in it.

  • Learn new things: Private tutorials can help you learn new skills like speaking a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, or painting.

School can be horrible for a student who’s failing. It can cause depression, stress, and psychological problems (like anorexia or bulimia).

Private tutorials are a chance for students to get their confidence back.

In addition to the previous list of benefits, you could also add:

  • Stop drop-outs

  • Better prospects

  • Learn to excel

  • Develop critical thinking

  • Encourage curiosity

  • Become bilingual

  • Learn to play an instrument (jazz piano, guitar, violin, etc)

  • Fall in love with learning

While it may seem like there are plenty of reasons to have private tutorials, are there any reasons not to?

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Why Should You not Take Private Tutorials?

There are a few reasons why people choose not to have private tutorials: the stigma of needing academic support, financial reasons, or disappointment with the service being offered.

The Stigma

Pride cometh before the fall. Some people are too proud to admit that they would benefit from a private tutor to help them and prefer to ineffectively revise on their own.

There are families who disagree with their child. There are also those who just don’t have the means to pay for in-home academic support.

Additionally, some believe that private tutorials don’t offer any guarantees of academic success.

Finally, some families don’t go for private tutorials because they don’t consider them or don’t realise there are tutors available in their area.

How much do private tutorials cost?
By taking private tutorials, you'll free up time for your other hobbies, too. Like watching television. (Source: GQ)

Here are some myths surrounding private tutorials:

  • Private tutorials are ineffective

  • There’s no time for them

  • It’s more talking than learning

  • The tutors aren’t qualified

  • My child doesn’t work at school, why would he work in a private tutorial?

The Cost

The cost of private tutorials equate to around 14% of an average salary (tutors London).

How expensive is private tuition?
Paying for private tutorials or academic support? It can leave a hole in your wallet. (Source: pmgimg)

If you’re working for a living wage, this could leave a huge hole in your wallet.

It’s a big ask for families on minimum wage.

Is there any guarantee of success?

Even if a child gives up their free time to study more, is there any guarantee that their results will be better?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. You just have to try it.

Weigh up the pros and cons of having in-home private tutorials:

Will your child manage on their own or do they need a bit of a boost? For children that suffer from exam stress, a private tutor can help them feel more prepared and confident for their exams.

On the one hand, less money and less free time. On the other hand, your child could succeed, giving them an opportunity to get better results through a genuine academic coaching programme.

They could benefit a lot from preparing for their examinations, and getting some confidence back. Good results will give them more choice when it comes to going to university, too.

Are there more pros than cons?

Don't let the confinement period stop you from learning something new!

Check out tutoring companies like Superprof and check out the tutors offering in-home academic support in your area. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Can you really afford not to?

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