The piano, or a keyboard, is a wonderful musical instrument that not only sounds good to the ears but has been proven to benefit people both mentally as well as physically. The piano helps in creative expression, relieves stress and anxiety for players and listeners alike, and sometimes, it is simply a source of pure joy and a bit of fun. Many scientific studies in recent years have reiterated how making music, especially by way of a piano leads to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life for the pianist

Did you know? Piano lessons are often used as a form of therapy for dealing with ADD in children.

Piano for All

In a nutshell, learning how to play the piano can help in the following ways:

  • Improve physical health
  • Sharpen your intellect
  • Calm an anxious mind
  • Lead to a holistic and happy life
  • Boosts your concentration level

If you are an aspiring musician or even an established career musician, with no interest in learning the piano (obviously, you play a different musical instrument), picking up the basic piano chords can stand you in good stead. Piano notes help you develop a great musical ear.

Which are the best ways to learn to play the piano?
There are different ways to learn to play the piano. (Source: Sebastiano_Rizzardo)

How to Set an Ideal Price on Your Piano Lesson

Now that you have learned how beneficial piano lessons can truly be for you, take the next step to learn it. But, first, you must be wondering how much do piano lessons truly cost? We don't blame you as the instrument looks sophisticated, and thereby getting a new piano can prove costly! Let us put your doubts and misgivings at rest with these simple and useful tips on getting the most out of your piano lessons with affordable fees.

Here is all you need to know about taking piano courses in India.

Location-based Pricing of Piano Lessons Near Me

This is probably the first thing you thought of too, especially if you are looking for piano lessons for beginners! As with many other tutoring services, the prices for piano lessons will vary depending on where you live.

If you live in a suburban area of a big Indian city, or in a small town, you may be restricted by the number of choices you get for piano teachers. However, on the brighter side of things, the cost of piano lessons in such areas is relatively lower than in metropolitan cities.

Within the city limits as well, the price of piano instruction can also vary depending on where exactly you’re taking the lessons (your locality or somewhere not too far away). In this regard, you can pick one of the three following options:

  1. Travel to your teacher's home or institute for lessons
  2. Your teacher comes home for one-on-one piano lessons
  3. Sign up for an online piano lesson or video lesson

Pro Tip: Going over to your teacher’s home/ studio is usually more affordable than having him/ her come to you for music classes. Teachers might often factor in the cost of travel to your home and include it in their fees. Video lessons or learning the piano online are usually the most affordable of the three. However, this also depends on the teacher's expertise and experience.


Touted as India's largest online network of learners and teachers, UrbanPro aims to be a one-stop solution for students across the learning spectrum and teachers, aspiring and experienced alike. The platform boasts of a whopping 6.5 lakh verified tutors, trainers and institutes and a reliable partner to more than 25 lakh students, parents, and professionals.

UrbanPro is a meeting point for students and teachers across 1000+ categories of learning, including piano classes.

UrbanPro offers a unique form of assistance in this regard with the UrbanPro tuition fee calculator. Set your learning needs as per your skill level - beginner piano lessons, piano lessons for kids, advanced students and so on.

You can filter your search criteria according to your location and calculate piano lesson fees accordingly. Here is a breakup of estimated tuition fees for piano lessons across top cities in India.

  1. Bengaluru - ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 3,500
  2. Mumbai - ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 4,000
  3. New Delhi - ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 5,000
  4. Hyderabad - ₹ 2,500 to ₹ 5,000
  5. Pune - ₹ 2,500 to ₹ 3,000
  6. Chennai - ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 3,000

Piano Tutor's Experience Counts

As already mentioned earlier, your teacher’s level of expertise or experience influences the fees they would likely charge you. Younger teachers or teachers who specialize in beginner's level of teaching students will often charge less. As your playing level advances and you need a teacher with a higher level of experience, you can expect to pay more per lesson.

As you progress through your lessons, you might be interested in learning a particular genre such as classical jazz. Specialist teachers in such genres will likely charge more for their expertise.

What's the average price of a piano tutorial?
A piano tutor with years of experience will probably charge more than one who's just started. (Source: ArtsyBee)

Reputation at Stake

Piano tutors thrive on reputation. They seldom advertise their talent and expertise. However, their students become their medium of advertisement. Students who garner a lot of praise and fame usually have a reputed guide (who does charge a little bit extra in tuition fees!)

If the teacher is a performing artist with considerable stage experience, he/ she is also likely to charge higher tuition fees than the rest. This is because they are more aware and knowledgeable about stage dynamics, for example how different musical sounds bounce off the auditorium walls or the way microphones pick up noises.

Look for these traits when choosing your piano teacher.

Find a Piano Tutor Online or an Online Piano Tutor

Whether you’re looking for in-home piano lessons, group lessons, or you're happy to have the lessons at the piano tutor's home can have an impact on the price of the lessons. There are many platforms on the internet that helps you find the right fit for your unique piano learning needs. We discuss the best here.


Superprof was founded by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier in Paris in 2013 and has since expanded around the world to 14 countries including India. Superprof offers a free service that helps tutors and tutees find each other via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform.

Schedule your classes and pay your tutors securely, all from your inbox. The incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches, and masterclasses for a whole year! Since it was founded in August of 2013, Superprof has become a high-quality resource in the eyes of all who wish to find a reliable and quality tutor for piano lessons. It enables learners to engage in novel and innovative ways to learn.

Where can you find budget piano lessons?
You can find piano tutorials for almost any budget. (Source: kstuttard)

Find your perfect private teacher from Superprof's accredited database of nearly 4,000 piano teachers in India. You get to decide fees and schedule directly with your chosen tutor. There are no hidden charges On average, piano teachers on Superprof charge as low as ₹ 1868/hour!

Ancillary Costs

When you look for piano classes near me, there are a lot of considerations and calculations running through your mind. A piano lesson is more than just looking up a piano teacher with the right amount of teaching experience or piano school or even buying yourself or your child a piano for the learning journey. For example, you will need piano books and learning materials for starters.

How does one look for a great piano teacher? Read our guide here.

While some teachers provide these for students or have copies that they loan out to their students, the majority of piano or music teachers will hand you out a list of resources on the first day itself for you to procure on your own. Help yourself by looking up various websites that offer free music sheets or free videos online. Additional materials may include:

  • Journal or composition pad for taking notes
  • Pencil (we cannot stress this enough!)
  • Metronome
  • Piano tuning services (recommended at least twice a year)

The most important investment will be in your own piano or a kid's piano. For in-home piano lessons, set aside a budget for an acoustic piano. However, if you are taking the trouble of traveling to your piano teacher's home, it is likely he/ she will have one in their home.

Parting Words of Wisdom!

Now that you have made up your mind on what it is exactly you want out of your piano lessons and how much you are ready to pay for them, a couple of factors still need to be considered, such as your family's schedule and your tutor's availability, along with transport options or whether you're comfortable having lessons in someone else's home at all.

Here is what you can expect from your first piano lesson.

The piano is an extremely versatile instrument that can keep company with any other musical instrument (saxophone, trumpet, guitar, you name it.) So, think no more. Use these tips outlined above and sign yourself up for the most affordable piano lessons today. Become the Mozart or Beethoven of your generation!

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