Playing the piano is sometimes a passion for many people. While, for many others, it is a hobby. And there are those who play the piano as a profession. Whatever your own reason may be for wanting to learn the piano, acquiring the skills to play a musical instrument depends a lot on finding the right music coach.

Whether you have a grand piano, upright piano, or electronic piano, you need to find the right piano tutor to help you learn how to play.

Find a Piano Tutor Through Word-of-Mouth

This one is a tried and tested formula for finding almost anyone in the world! It works in the case of finding a good piano teacher as well. Friends and family may have recommendations of their own, based on their personal experiences. Or, they may be able to ask around in their respective social circles and get a good lead from someone they know.

Asking at the local schools and colleges (in a specific department for music) may also be an excellent option as teachers are usually up for recommending other quality teachers to their own students. Music and piano stores are a storehouse of information. Source them out for recommendations on good piano teachers.

Here is what can you expect from your first piano lesson.

How much do private piano tutors cost?
Think about asking your friends if they know anyone. (Source: StockSnap)

Look Online for a Piano Teacher

The Internet is probably the best place to look for your piano instructor. There are many sites online that can direct you to safe, accredited teachers who teach both in-person while offering online piano lessons. Here, we have described two such leading online platforms that act as safe meeting points for teachers and students.


Superprof was founded by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier in Paris in 2013 and has since expanded around the world to 14 countries including India. Superprof offers a free service that helps tutors and tutees find each other via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform.

Schedule your piano classes and pay your music tutors securely, all from your inbox. The incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches, and masterclasses for a whole year! Since it was founded in August of 2013, Superprof has become a high-quality resource in the eyes of all who wish to find a reliable and quality tutor for piano lessons.

It enables learners to engage in novel and innovative ways to learn - whether you are looking for group piano lessons, private lessons in piano, online video lessons or a music studio that teaches how to play the piano.

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Touted as India's largest online network of learners and teachers, UrbanPro aims to be a one-stop solution for students across the learning spectrum and teachers, aspiring and experienced alike. UrbanPro is a meeting point for students and teachers across 1000+ categories of learning, including piano courses, across different genres.

The platform offers a unique form of assistance in the form of the UrbanPro tuition fee calculator. Set your learning needs as per your skill level - beginner piano lessons, piano lessons for kids, advanced piano lessons for adults and so on. You can filter your search criteria according to your location and calculate piano lesson fees accordingly. 

Online Piano Lessons

Nowadays, the Internet is a great resource provider for learning a subject. This applies to the learning of music as well. There are free online libraries where one can find a wide array of piano lessons and learning resources to help you get started on the piano.

Some of these include resources on piano theory, piano scales, and piano modes improving your counting; learning piano through popular songs, development of skills to improvise and so on.

Many digital platforms such as Udemy, offer live piano lessons for free, on a regular basis, teach pro tricks and share fun tips on how to become a master pianist.

The Piano Teacher Could Be in Your Social Media Circle

We live in the Age of the Internet. While the pros and cons of this technology are a matter for another debate, what everyone can agree on, in this context, is how Internet has enabled students to learn music from anywhere in the world. Often teachers can be found conducting music classes via Skype from halfway across the country or even the globe!

Which are the best social networks for finding piano tutors?
Social media is a useful tool for finding tutors. (Source: LoboStudioHamburg)


Undoubtedly, the world’s most popular social network, Facebook provides its users with a great option on the world wide web to look for a piano tutor. You can look at Facebook groups dedicated to music teachers and teaching music.

You can also search directly on the platform itself. By typing “private piano teacher” or something similar, you’ll find the pages of thousands of tutors. You just have to make your choice, which can sometimes prove to be harder than learning to play the piano itself!

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Twitter is pretty good for getting the message out. You can also search by language, region, etc. Some teachers, for example, have been known to send their students tweets on practice reminders. Now, that is what we call optimum utilization of available resources, whatever they may be at your disposal!


While you can’t really put up classified ads on Instagram, you can create a network. A lot of musicians on Instagram post photos of their instruments or their performances. They can create a community of followers who are potential students.

Look for piano accounts and you’ll inevitably find a piano tutor.

Ask a Friend Who Plays the Piano

There’s surely someone you know that can play the piano and could teach you the basics (reading sheet music, coordinating your left hand and your right hand, etc.) Ask them if they could lend you a hand or even teach you for a fee.

Bonding Over Music

You might end up convincing your friend to become your personal piano tutor. You could just meet up and let them teach you how to play a certain song. It is also a great way to spend time with your friends and share your passion for music.

It doesn’t matter whether your friend classically trains you or not. The important thing is to learn how to play the piano. You can always supplement these lessons with music theory classes. Learning music theory can help you better understand how to play your instrument, too.

Can you get group piano tutorials?
The piano can be more fun with friends. (Source: cocoparisienne)

On a Parting Note...

While absolute beginners will be alright with a general piano lesson, an intermediate or advanced pianist may need more out of their music lessons. With private lessons in piano, you can talk to the person teaching piano and tell them any specific things you'd like to focus on.

Concerned about the cost of piano lessons? We have some great advice!

In fact, you can work with them to create a custom piano course. Tell them whether you want to focus on reading piano music or sight-reading, playing by ear, classical piano, jazz piano, music history, or preparing for an audition and so on.

Don't Forget to Ask for a Demo Lesson 

Once you have shortlisted two or three prospective candidates for the post of your piano teacher, ask for a demo lesson. This would help you check out their teaching technique. This not only ensures the student-teacher compatibility but also gives you a fair idea about the qualifications of the teacher. You will also ideally develop a good idea of your teacher's temperament.

Remember, a good piano teacher should be able to balance inspiration and discipline. Look for someone who is experienced in the art of teaching music, rather than just a great pianist or a musician. Quality and skills can only get better with practice. So, when do you plan to start on yours?

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