Most dictionaries define the discipline of Physics as the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. The fundamentals of Physics revolve around the quest for answers about the phenomena that surround us, through the twin methods of observation and experimentation.

Physicists usually concern themselves with some really big questions like:

  • How did the universe begin?
  • How will the universe change in the future?
  • How does the Sun keep on shining?
  • What are the basic building blocks of matter?

Hailed as the 'Knowledge of nature', Physics is one of the oldest fields of scientific inquiries. It includes many sub-disciplines under its vast purview such as Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Cosmology, etc. An education degree (e.g. doctoral degree) in physical science or research specialization in any of these branches is considered an intellectual triumph!

The study of Physics has been around for a very long time in history | Source: Visual Hunt

A Brief History of Physics

The ancient Greeks are credited as the founders of early Physics as many of their stalwarts pushed for greater recognition and understanding of Physics. They include giants of the discipline like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Known as the fundamental science, Physics is the foundation for other natural sciences. 

They were the precursors of modern physics that came much later, developed by stalwarts like Copernicus (first to prove that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and not the other way round), Galileo (discovered sunspots and planetary satellites), and Newton (discovered universal gravitation, invented calculus and formulated the laws of motion).

In case you find these theories fascinating, then you’ll like physics. Unfortunately, these fascinating ideas become a matter of challenge for many, when it comes to Physics exams, especially for classes 10 and 12 (CBSE/ ICSE/ IB, etc.) Unfortunately, the teaching methods of many a school teacher in India, the lesson plans they execute in secondary school or their general lack of content knowledge in their subject area often adversely affects the quality of general education.

Find out about class 12 Physics curriculum.

The Search for a Good Physics Tutor in Delhi

A science degree, especially a Physics degree, is held in high regard in India. Physics is not just for nuclear scientists, astrophysicists or students of thermodynamics. The principles of Physics surround us in daily life. Therefore, you must study it as part of your secondary education and postsecondary education, even if you don't like it!

Find the best options in private Physics tuitions in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata or Chennai.

But, fret not. In case, you are having a hard time grasping the complexities of optics, or the scientific laws surrounding statistical physics or the theory of relativity, here are some great choices in Physics coaching and online Physics classes that are available in Delhi. These science teachers come with a degree in education and with enough knowledge in their content area (e.g. introductory Physics) to be able to settle your nerves on the eve of your exams.

Interactive Physics 

Interactive Physics aims to instill confidence in students to excel in any kind of competitive or school level examination by resting on the pillars of excellence, innovation, and commitment. Their training in Physics offers:

  • Systematic Theory PMT
  • Regular testing
  • Regular assignments
  • Doubt removal sessions
  • Practice materials
  • Reading room facility

Equipped with an eminent and experienced faculty and highly committed support staff, this reputed Physics coaching institute applies rigorous testing techniques, supported by well-researched study materials.

Get adequate information on class 11 Physics.

Many students find textbook language tough to comprehend. A private tutor can help ease this | Source: Visual Hunt

Physics Learning Courses

These courses help students with challenging concepts of Physics such as how to work with numerical. Students often find the language in their NCERT textbooks to be difficult to comprehend. Therefore, it helps to have proper guidance in Physics tutoring so as to develop better clarity of concepts. The courses of Physics on offer at the learning institute include:

  1. I-XII Physics
  2. IIT-JEE Main and Advanced
  3. NEET

DT's Physics Classes

The Physics courses offered here are meant for students aspiring for IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS as well as for those who are preparing for 11th and12th School/ Board exams. You will find experienced and expert faculty including Physics professors and academicians offering their knowledge of the subject to young learners.

There are also guidance programs on offer with regard to scholarship exams like NTSE/KVPY. Students can seek career counseling and coaching to help them make the right choices in life.

Courses Offered

  • One year Regular Course  for Class 12 aspirants of IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS
  • Two-year Regular Course for Class 11 aspirants of IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS
  • Career Foundation Builder Course for students of Classes 9 and 10 and preparation for scholarship exams like NTSE/JSTSE.
  • Mathematics tuition for classes 9 and 10.
  • Career Counseling for students appearing for Class 1o Board exams.

Pandey Institute of Physics (PIP's)

PIP's helps students realize the presence and relevance of Physics in everyday life in a way that they come to enjoy learning the subject. They also stress the importance of studying Physics as a stepping stone for other academic careers, such as engineering.

PIP's Coaching Classes for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and AIPMT PIP's stresses reading skills, note-making skills, fast revision techniques.

The Institute offers two forms of Physics instruction.

Private coaching in Physics often helps to bring out the best in students, something that might not be realized in a classroom setting | Source: Pandey Institute of Physics

Classroom Program CBSE

  • Based on smart learning methods such as audio/ visual aids
  • Well-crafted study material
  • Complete NCERT discussion
  • Exclusive concept mapping  sessions
  • Weekly tests and analysis
  • Quarterly and half-yearly full-length papers
  • Online student portal to track attendance, performance
  • Complimentary 5 online tests @ PIP'S ePariksha
  • Time management and motivation sessions.

Entrance Program MCQs

  • Exclusive collection of entrance material covering all types of Questions: MCQ's, essay-type questions, true/false, etc.
  • Special stress on covering previous years' JEE / AIEEE / NEET / AIPMT / CET / GGSIPU / MPU / BHU
  • Special stress on understanding the concept
  • Weekly tests and analysis
  • Quarterly and half-yearly full-length papers
  • Online student portal to track attendance, performance
  • Complimentary 5 online tests @ PIP'S ePariksha
  • Time management and motivation sessions.


Becoming a teacher of Physics is not an easy task. For teaching Physics, one must be familiar with the curriculum of the Board of education first. School teachers in secondary education usually go through degree programs in elementary education. They must also display the necessary teaching skills and teaching experience (preferably) in order to teach high school Physics.

UrbanPro is an online platform that helps students filter their search according to the criteria outlined above and find the best Physics tutors and tuition centers.

Overall, there are roughly 9699 Physics tuition tutors and 2375 tuition institutes available in Delhi.

Top targeted Physics home tutors in Delhi, and best Physics teachers are available in all localities including Mukherjee Nagar, Lakshmi Nagar, Rohini, and Burari.

The tuition fees for Physics vary as per the number of hours of lecture per day. Also, the tuition fee is based on tutors' experience and educational qualification, travel allowance (if applicable), etc. Calculate the estimated fee at your preferred location with UrbanPro's tuition fee calculator.

A private session
Private tutoring is beneficial for teachers as well as students in various ways. Source: Daily Express

Kumar Physics Classes

Your search for the best Physics teacher near me in Delhi is bound to lead you to Kumar Physics CLasses, one of the most well-known and trusted names in private Physics teaching in the NCR. The experienced faculty makes learning Physics a smooth ride for students!

Here, the Physics course on offer can be availed through online teaching as well as classroom teaching. The institute has set high professional standards in the field of teaching both high school Physics as well as college-level Physics, not to mention competitive exams such as AIPMT/NEET that require very high levels of dedication and perfect timely guidance.

Education services are soaring in Delhi. However, there are those educational organizations that stress on the quality of teacher and teacher education before hiring them for a teaching position. The teaching profession is a noble one and Kumar Physics Classes takes it rather seriously, whether students need attention on individual chapters like rotational and simple harmonic motion, kinematics, or specialized programs for NEET preparation.

You don't have to be an aspiring physicist to take help from a private science teacher in order to confidently know your Feynman from your Alfred Nobel. Individualized attention is of great advantage to any student. And, sometimes, you deserve it too!

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