“Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul.” - Amit Ray

Are you new to yoga, experienced and want to improve a certain technique without attending group, or just wanting to go back over the basics on your own?

Do you want to enjoy the restorative benefits of yoga and reduce your stress?

Taking yoga classes probably seems like a good idea but where, when, and how?

On the internet, of course!

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the ways that online videos can help budding yogis start improving their well-being and change their life with yoga.

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Online Yoga Classes for Beginner or Experts

Whether you’re doing dynamic or static yoga, standing or sitting, it doesn’t matter, yoga is great for:

  • Combating stress
  • Learning to calm down
  • Mastering your concentration
  • Making your body and mind more flexible and receptive to emotions
What are the advantages of doing yoga?
Whether in a group class or at home, anyone can do yoga. (Source: StockSnap)

It’s been shown that combining yoga postures and meditation can help you alleviate stress, especially if you’re including breathing exercises in this routine. Unlike pilates, you don’t just work on your body, you also work on your mind.

It’s good to always want to improve as you’ll become more serene and relaxed. This is the main goal of yoga: to make the most out of life by removing the obstacles that lie in our way.

There are probably more obstacles than you’d first realise! Stress, anxiety, backache, physical pains, heartache, or an attachment to certain things, there are a lot of things that can get in the way of your learning.

That’s why one of the best ways to improve your yoga poses is by watching online videos. They can focus on:

  • Certain asanas, yoga poses.
  • Relaxation exercises, letting go, or even meditation.
  • Sun salutations, a key pose to get in contact with your soul.

Remember that when you do yoga, it's more than just a simple hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Yoga and Ayurveda are often inseparable. Ayurveda is the system attached to yoga. It’s a belief in self-healing by using the body’s own energy.

Yoga videos on the internet cover all aspects of yoga from classic positions to visualisation exercises, yoga London classes, and yoga retreats. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert: you can choose what you watch!

You’ll definitely end up breaking a sweat when you go yoga. You have to be in good shape when starting yoga at home. Even though yoga is there to help you unwind and relax, it can be an intense physical activity which will help you tone up and improve your fitness.

What advantages could there be in taking yoga classes online?

Why Use Online Yoga Tutorials?

Doing yoga is more than just watching a video a vaguely imitating them, it’s diving head-first into a new way of life while following a meticulous process. In fact, a typical yoga class online will go as follows:

  • Warming up
  • Stretching
  • Yoga sequences
  • Meditation
Which are the best yoga YouTube videos?
If you choose to do online yoga classes, you don't necessarily have to do them on your own! (Source: FreeToUseSounds)

Thanks to this order, you’ll end up feeling the benefits of yoga long after your session is over, whether you’re alone in the room or in a group class.

This is even truer for beginners even though you might be a little out of breath. You’ll get used to this as you do it more and more. The more you watch yoga videos, the more you’ll find your rhythm.

A yoga video can also be used for certain specific training techniques. The most common techniques are often breathing techniques. For example, pranayama can help you gain energy just by breathing. In Sanskrit, prana means breath and yama means control.

An online yoga teacher can also teach you how to master Kundalini energy, which travels along the spine, the body’s central energy channel. This can help you achieve a state of mindfulness and the feeling of well-being you were looking for.

The same is true for the yoga Iyengar technique which is built upon around 200 classic asanas and 14 original pranayamas. This is definitely for experienced yogis!

Finally, you can find specific yoga classes near me for certain situations, like alleviating back pain, sleeping better, as well as prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes for pregnant women to help strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby.

“Hatha yoga is perfecting for meditating. I’ve given yoga classes in Paris and in India and the synergy is always the same. It’s great seeing the human body using its chakras,” says Gaëlle, one of Superprof’s yoga tutors working in Paris and Morlaix.

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Which Online Yoga Videos Should You Watch?

Online videos can help you do two things:

  • Get started with yoga
  • Improve a certain technique, like Nidra or Mantra
How much do private yoga tutorials cost?
YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning to do yoga. (Source: AndiP)

In both cases, there are three main ways to watch online yoga videos:

  • YouTube channels from yoga teachers
  • Free videos on specialised yoga websites
  • Yoga videos you can access with a subscription

YouTube channels have free traditional yoga classes for all levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert. The main advantage is flexibility. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, with whichever teacher you like. It’s great!

For example, Yoga with Adriene is one of the best channels you can find on the subject!

Videos are freely available and focus on aspects like muscle toning, warming up, improving flexibility, or meditation. You can find them on specialised sites or on yogis’ own sites and blogs. There are also big brands doing the same like the Domyos Coach online yoga classes from Decathlon.

The videos on some sites can be accessed with a subscription and are mainly for those who are interested in doing yoga in the long term and getting regular sessions. In general, the first lessons are often free before you have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

There are videos to help you alleviate back pain, meditate and let go, and improve your general mental well-being.

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Do a Yoga Session in Your Own Home with Online Yoga Classes

The main advantage of free yoga videos is that you can get started with beginner yoga classes covering different yoga styles without spending much money.

What else do you need?

Since you just need a yoga mat, it can be quite cheap!

But before you start your yoga exercises, you need to ask yourself which yoga teacher you like. Whether in-person or in a video, your yoga teacher will be your spiritual guide. They're there to help you improve your well-being, learn more about yoga and the various poses (asanas), and also change your daily routine to make sure that your yoga is more effective.

With Superprof, you can find tutors who can come to your house and work with your schedule. If you can’t find any tutors near you, you can also get yoga tutorials over Skype. They offer a variety of different yoga tutorials:

  • Beginners classes
  • Yoga classes for children
  • Private yoga classes
  • One-on-one Private Tutorials
  • Online classes
  • Personalised tutorials
  • Weekly classes
  • Classes with meditation or pilates

You can get these tutorials for:

  • Focusing on yourself and your well-being
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Learning to breathe correctly and channeling your energy
  • Losing weight
  • Guided relaxation

You can see exactly what each yoga tutor’s experience and qualifications are and whether they’re the one for helping you find inner peace either in-person or remotely.

Note: You can take the best yoga classes on Superprof.

You can also see what their other students have to say about them. Make sure you check the reviews before getting in touch with a potential tutor.

Additionally, a lot of tutors happily offer a free taster session for the first hour. This is a good opportunity for students to ask their potential tutor about their teaching styles, their availability, how much they charge, and also just see how well you get along with them.

You should also consider looking for tutors at yoga festivals and events where yogis meet up. These are a great opportunity to have a taster session, either one-on-one or in a group, to see if you’d like to work with a particular yoga instructor.

Yoga is more than just a discipline, it’s a way of life. Practising yoga at home is a great way to unwind and tone up at your own pace, especially with all the different videos available online offering yoga for beginners.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get ready for your first asana by watching a few videos. If it turns out that yoga works for you, then you can start taking it more seriously and hire a private tutor to help you!

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