“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” – B.K.S Iyengar

85% of adults in the UK experience stress regularly and over a third of British residents feel stressed for at least one full day per week. Money is the most common reason for stress followed by work and health.

Since yoga is proven to help reduce stress, wouldn’t be a good idea to start using it to combat our stressful lives?

We don’t always have the time during our busy schedules to head along to a yoga centre.

What if I told you that you could get yoga London lessons with a tutor without having to leave the comfort of your own home?

How Can You Get a Yoga Instructor to Come to Your House?

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

So how can you do yoga in your living room with a tutor?

Beginner yoga group classes at yoga centres aren’t always the best solution for everyone who wants to do yoga. A busy schedule can quickly ruin even the best-laid plans.

There are a lot of benefits to doing yoga thanks to the breathing exercises (pranayama), muscle toning and strengthening, focusing, and stretching, not to mention the mental and spiritual benefits.

Don’t put away that new yoga mat just yet!

Search for online yoga classes here.

What are the benefits of online yoga lessons?
You can follow yoga classes on your computer from anywhere you like. (Source: elizzzet)

Yoga Classes with a Live Tutor

New technologies are changing the way we live.

So why not use them to help you do yoga?

Some yoga instructors are offering their classes online. There are plenty of different yoga styles, too.

Whether you want to do Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, yoga for beginners, or just stretch a bit and relax your body and mind, you'll be surprised at just how many options are available online.

You just have to schedule your session, turn on your webcam, get your room ready, and your session can get started. The tutor can talk you through a yoga sequence and help you make yoga part of your daily routine.

In this case, your lesson is live. The tutor will show you which yoga poses to do and can watch, from a distance, whether or not you’re doing them right. They’ll tell you how to improve without your having to leave your house.

You can find tutors like these on Superprof or via online or physical bulletin boards.

Word of mouth is also rather useful. You might know a friend whose cousin is offering these types of yoga classes near me so don’t hesitate to ask around.

You’ll quickly discover how beneficial your yoga classes are after just a few sessions. With a bit of patience and focus, you’ll be able to improve physical alignment and avoid injury as well as improving your breathing.

Online Yoga Classes with a Tutor

There’s another type of online yoga classes. However, while there are yoga teachers, they won’t be live.

In these cases, the instructor has pre-recorded their session and you can follow along with the video. These are still genuine yoga sessions offered by a yogi.

You can follow these online yoga videos how and when you please. However, you’ll have to keep up with the class’ rhythm because the tutor won’t wait for you (unless you click pause). You also have to pay particular attention to the yoga postures, because the teachers in this kind of yoga video can't stop to correct you.

There are a number of sites offering services like this. Don't forget that sites like YouTube also have free yoga videos. If you're looking for free online yoga resources, there are also blogs and websites from yoga instructors.

The Advantages of Online Yoga Classes

Not everyone can just let go with guided meditation and do a sun salutation after their first yogic stretches. You’re probably more likely to see pigs fly than open your chakras during your first session. However, there are plenty of benefits to doing yoga and meditation.

So what are the advantages for budding yogis by learning yoga online?

Yoga’s very fashionable at the moment. However, most classes are still only in the larger cities and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

There's a passionate yoga comminute online and the internet can help you strengthen the bonds between your body and mind. If you live in the countryside, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a prenatal yoga class or a yoga class for children and this can make practising yoga regularly quite difficult.

Online classes can circumnavigate these geographical barriers by allowing anyone to develop yoga skills anywhere.

Discover these online yoga videos, tailored to beginners!

Where should you practise yoga?
Some places aren't great for doing yoga. (Source: michaltrnka360)

Online yoga classes are also more accessible financially. Since the tutor doesn’t have to travel, their travel costs aren’t included in their rates.

Now’s the time to make the most out of affordable yoga classes. Some tutors on Superprof even offer their first hour of tutoring for free. This is often a taster session to see whether the tutor and the student get along.

If you’re still not convinced about taking yoga lessons online, just think back to all the times you’ve been stuck in rush-hour traffic!

Are you starting to come around to the idea?

Getting yoga classes aren’t supposed to be stressful. Getting lessons from a tutor on your screen is a great way to avoid the Friday-night traffic.

Find many a yoga class in India.

Where Can You Practise Yoga Online?

Practising yoga online has the advantage that you can do it almost anywhere.

Whether in the park, in your office between meetings, or in a friend’s room. Every room is a potential yoga studio. There’s one condition, though: you need to have a good internet connection!

Make sure you find somewhere calm and relaxing. There’s nothing more distracting than hearing the kids running around screaming while you’re warming up for meditation.

You’ll also need some space. Yoga movements (tadasana, uttanâsana, balasana, etc.) require space. Make sure that there isn’t too much furniture surrounding you and make sure you put that vase you got as a wedding gift out of harm’s way.

Whether you’re travelling, at home, or going to work, your laptop might be your best friend when it comes to doing yoga. You’ll never have another excuse to skip out on your yoga session!

What are the best sites for practising yoga?

Which are the best sites for learning yoga?
If you can't get connected, you won't be able to do your lessons. (Source: Picography)

When Can You Get Online Yoga Classes?

If you’ve got a crazy schedule every day of the week, it’s not always easy to find the time to do yoga. It might seem that a busy schedule and yoga don’t really go well together.

However, thanks to yoga classes online, an online tutor could help you work around your schedule. After all, when it comes to yoga, flexibility is key.

Online classes mean that you can do yoga when it suits you. Of course, you need to agree on this with your tutor. However, in many cases, a tutor can manage more unusual hours since they don’t have to move anywhere.

You won’t need to pay an expensive membership for a gym you can never get to. You can put that money towards paying your new yoga tutor.

Is Learning Yoga Online with Tutor Really a Good Idea?

Some sceptics will find all the obvious defects of doing yoga online, and with good reason. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to learning yoga via your computer.

You might be scared of doing something wrong and hurting yourself since the tutor isn’t physically there to stop you. However, online yoga tutors are used to teaching their students in this way and shouldn’t suggest anything you can’t handle.

They’ll make sure that their instructions are clear and will rephrase something if you’re not sure what they’re asking you to do. Furthermore, your tutor can see you on the camera. They’ll be able to see if you start doing something wrong and stop you.

It’s easier for them to do this than a tutor with ten people in their class.

Don’t worry! Invite Your Friends

You just need to ask your tutor what the maximum number of students they can teach. You could even organise afternoon yoga sessions with your friends to catch up with them (if you need a reason).

If you’re not feeling motivated or have questions about yoga, you can always get in touch with your tutor. Whether it’s via email or online messaging, they’re there to reassure you.

No matter what your level, you can get online yoga tutors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a tutor and ask them what types of classes they teach.

Private tutorials, yoga exercises, stretching, stress management, relaxation classes, taster sessions, or yoga retreats, you can ask about all of them before choosing your tutor.

Useful Definitions for Online Yoga Tutorials

With words like pranayama, asanas, iyengar, nidra, kundalini, tantra, yin and yang, karma, ayurvega, and mudra, yoga might seem quite alien to you.

To help you out, here are some common terms you should know:


Asana is a Sankrit term which refers to a posture or pose. Āsana translates literally as “the way in which you are seated”.


The term is used today to refer to the “spiritual centres” or “energy focal points” as they appear localised on the human body. There are seven main chakras and thousands of secondary chakras.


In Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, a mantra is a short expression, either a syllable or a number of syllables, which is repeated in a certain rhythm during meditation or as part of religious practices.

Can you learn to do yoga online?
Before you relax, you need to make sure you're doing it right! (Source: Alexis)

You’re now ready for an online yoga course or lesson now that you’re aware of all the benefits!

Find out everything you need to know for taking online yoga classes...

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