Teaching is the best job. So say many teachers - in primary and secondary schools, in colleges and universities - who enjoy every bit of their job. In fact, not just permanent teachers, but also teaching assistants hired according to contracts and other ad hoc arrangements, everyone has something positive to say about their teaching jobs.

True, teaching has its ups and downs, but, at the end of the day (and, the academic year), it can be immensely fulfilling when you support youngsters, especially those leaving school, to earn decent grades and take their first step towards building a secure future.

Children are people not targets! Teachers wish for more freedom to do their job better and trust to do this rather than being driven by constantly changing paperwork!

The profession of teaching cannot be complete without a discussion on the ever-growing private tutoring industry and how enjoyable it has become for the many home tutors who revel in sharing learning with students who want to learn. The recent Cambridge research about 'being bland' in order to fit in explains a great deal about the poor attitude towards learning and the great effort made to avoid it. Good learning and tutoring must be celebrated in the open!

Why Teach?

Private tutoring gives teachers the chance to avoid bureaucracy, targets, performance management, educational facade. Tutoring is for those teachers who believe that the time is ripe to arrest the tide of falling examination standards, and the tendency to spoon-feed students, who show a genuine lack of academic ability, for them to pass the examinations.

Share your enthusiasm and enrich the lives of others
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Lifelong Learning

At the start of their teaching career, teachers seldom think of switching to or supplementing their full-time jobs in high school or college with a private tutoring job. The job description of a teacher also includes being open to a lifelong process of learning.  Throughout their careers, teachers constantly strive to grow and evolve at their jobs.

For a teacher, it is almost impossible to stagnate because there are always new things to be learned.

Any high school or primary school would be full of professionals who are entrusted with the job of conducting courses, participating in professional development sessions, and earning degrees. Keeping up with new research, data, and trends requires a dynamic approach and an adaptable mind, so boredom is out of the question.

Exercise Creativity

Whether your job description includes teaching maths, science, languages, or any other subject, teachers usually have enormous freedom to create engaging and effective lessons for their students. And, now, with the availability and access to so much digital information and knowledge, teachers are improvising. This might not have been possible a few years ago when the means to apply your creativity was limited by the limited nature of teaching resources.

For example, the smart amalgamation of an English language arts curriculum with media available on streaming platforms to help students understand business, ethics, sociology, psychology, and international relations. Sometimes, social media can also help students understand and evaluate their sources of research, especially college students, and recognize fake information out there - important skills to take on the world of the future!

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Build Relationships

Not just creativity, teaching jobs gives teachers and students the opportunity to build lasting relationships. Be it a full-time primary school teacher, a teaching assistant at university, or a college lecturer on contract, there is hardly any known teacher out there who has not touched the lives of their students in one way or another. Teachers double up as mentors, friends in need, and sometimes, even assume, parental roles in some students' lives. Building relationships and making strong connections with their students are, perhaps, the most rewarding parts of a teaching job.

Tutoring: a second job with endless advantages
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Have Fun in Your Teaching Jobs

Students often need, instead of another teacher outside of the classroom, another authority figure whom they are not so hard-wired to defy as they are a parent. Other students need a constant source of support and motivation from a tutor who can not just support, but also empathize with the students.

Good tutors (like good teachers) have to be students, too, constantly staying ahead, keeping current, and expanding their grasp of the concepts.

A teaching job also requires the teachers to be a leader or a guru who can influence a young mind in a positive way that is also tangible, helping them make progress in not only the subject being taught but also growing up, making choices, and shaping lives.

Tutoring can be challenging, especially when it comes to motivating your learner to look beyond what their school teacher has taught them. Private tutor jobs have to double up as personal assistants to students. Teachers must not only see the potential in the students but also support them to realize it - something that may be beyond the scope of schools now with the increasing competitiveness in education.

The Best Teaching Jobs at Home

Education is not only about learning and mastering an academic subject. Holistic education in schools should focus on offering support to young students who seldom get caught up in the demands and travails of the busy, modern-day life. Teachers as home tutors can offer the necessary support to draw students out of the quagmire of parental and worldly expectations and help them realize their own potential for their own good.

Private teachers often spend time simply sitting and lending an ear of support when the learner wants to talk about where they are in life. Providing this support is a vital part of the job description of a home tutor that also helps to strengthen the relationship between teacher and learner. Sometimes, it helps to reveal the human side in the job of a teacher.

Teachers in a private teaching job also have more liberty to apply new teaching resources and try out new pedagogical approaches that only contribute further to their personal evolution as teachers.

Helping students achieve their potential, adapting to kids’ individual needs, building lasting relationships based on shared goals—these are all good reasons to become a tutor.

Anyone looking to apply for a private tutoring job as a means to career growth must also be willing to devote time to enriching the life of another human being. In fact, tutoring is often a wedding between education and enrichment. In a fast-paced world, enrichment activities might be frowned upon as trivial or indulgent. But, most teachers will tell you that their job wouldn't be half as satisfying if the description did not include certain enrichment activities to support the overall development of a young, impressionable mind.

Most countries strive to improve education through rigorous standards and efficiency, thereby detracting from the richness of students’ education. A good home tutor can counteract these forces by tempering lessons with a balanced dose of new approaches to education, a sense of wider context, and humanity. Interdisciplinary approaches to education can help a teacher take the level of teaching in schools to the next evolutionary plane, thus, boosting the ability of students to apply their creativity and realize their potential. The education part of the primary goal of private tutoring may still be to raise the student’s grade from a B to an A, but the process can be infinitely enhanced.

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Love to Learn and Learn to Love Your Job

The job of a teacher in primary or secondary schools, and even in some colleges in India, is often disadvantaged owing to the sheer number of students they have to teach. It is simply not possible for a single teacher to support 50-odd students in a school classroom, all at once! This is where school teachers, parents, and students in India are more proactively seeking private tutors as an able assistant in the process of school education.

A tutor is a curious amalgam of teacher, parent, friend, student, and guru.

Parents often view private tutors as a support system for parenting as well. This is true not only of India but wherever you look in the world - east or west - in England or in Singapore, in London or in Tokyo, with some of the world's most streamlined and productive systems of education. And, it is true for any subject- science, maths, English, music, and so on.

Private tutors cultivate a love of learning and it is this sense of love that they, more often than not, transfer to their students - whether school or college. Not only do students who learn with private teachers, have more support in skill-development, but they also seem to be more self-confident than students only receiving limited support in a classroom setting in their respective schools.

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Support and Change Someone's Life Today! 

There is always a point in life where you start to wonder about the impact you have made on the society you are part of. For teachers, every day brings new opportunities to make a difference. They start their day thinking they are doing something ordinary. But, for a student, the teacher might be the extraordinary inspiration he/she needs to start transforming their lives for the better!

Every day, at the start of their work hour, teachers are planning lessons that would enable their students to learn and grow, to become readers, writers, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers. teaching is a profession whose job description is equally empowering and emancipatory in nature. Private tutoring is a way to fill in the holes that are left at the end of the school day, making it an able source of support to the entire system of school and college education.

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