The digital age has opened up the flourishing private tuition market. With the internet, more and more people have access to the tailored help they need, and with more means of reaching these students, tutors of all subjects have a platform for their teaching careers.

There are hundreds of subjects that can be tutored! From maths tutors to reading tutors to video game tutors (yep, it's a thing!), there are always tutoring enthusiasts to help you out.

Some people get into tutoring because someone persuaded them they had the ideal skills to be a tutor, others are still not quite sure about what they got themselves into.

Whether you are an online tutor or work as an in home tutoring basis, tutoring has many advantages to offer. It is a fantastic way to take control of your work and be successful!

You will often hear that when you do what you love, work doesn't feel like work - and it's true! Being passionate about your job makes you work harder and do better. It's exactly the same for one on one tutoring! Teaching a subject you are passionate about will take your eyes off the clock and make you forget that it's your job!

Tutor jobs are a great way of earning money, but they are even more rewarding as a personal accomplishment.

Reveal the Tutor in You

More often than not, people who provide academic support in their free time are not full-time teachers.

They usually have an uninteresting day job that does little for them on a personal level, but it pays the bills.

Just like Clark Kent in the world of journalism and Peter Parker as a photographer, their job defines the way they fit into the world of work.

And, just like these superheroes, they usually much prefer their second job, working independently as a tutor - and it's not hard to understand why.

Become a math tutor and help your tutee in areas such as algebra and geometry as test preparation.

See the beauty in sharing your knowledge and become the French tutor someone needs to pass their homework assignment or the reading tutor that helps a child improve their fluency.

All the best tutors are passionate about what they teach.

Tutoring jobs let you use your own knowledge and skill to help others to succeed!

Be the hero your student needs to succeed
Come to the rescue of someone's education as a private tutor ¦ source: Pixabay

Even if their outfits aren't as colourful and they bear absolutely no resemblance to Clark Kent nor Peter Parker, private tutors and superheroes have one thing in common: to complete the missions that are dear to their heart!

Guiding students along the path the academic achievement whilst being a good role model reveals a person's true character, maybe that's why so many tutors love their job.

This is true for many second jobs. The waitress who spends the day counting down until 5pm might be a phenomenal singer who expresses her passion through performing in the evenings.

Being a personal tutor is above all about the joy of sharing your passion!

The Joy of Teaching

Maybe you spent your school days watching your teachers like fish in a bowl while they paced around the classroom full of children all sitting in silence in terror of being asked to answer the next question.

Perhaps your memories of school include handing in your neat work only to have it return covered in illegible red scribbles.

Or maybe you enjoyed school and got on well with your teachers.

And now here you are, on your way to becoming a tutor!

So dig out your old textbooks and fall in love with sharing what's inside! The time has come for you to decode everything that was behind your teachers' strange facial expressions and maybe learn to use them for yourself.  All the questions about the teacher standing in front of you will now be in your student's head.

How the tables have turned!

Isn't it exciting?

Step into the teacher's shoes and discover your love for teaching!
Everyone has wondered what it's like to be a teacher ¦ source: Visualhunt

This is the reason that more and more students have become private tutors - because they themselves are still in the education system and are therefore familiar with how it works, and they can use this knowledge to help their tutees.

Now you're in the driving seat. It's up to you to explain things as you would have liked them to be explained when you were in your student's position.

There are several things you can do to adapt your lessons for each student:

  • Adapt your language by explaining things in their words. This will ensure that what you are saying is properly understood and can be reproduced later on by the student.
  • Prepare detailed lesson plans that are in line with the student's specific goals and use study strategies strategies based on their strengths. This will help them catch up in class and work on their learning style.
  • Draw on familiar information to encourage the learner and ensure a positive and confident mindset
  • Go beyond the subject and spark your student's interest by talking about the history of what you are teaching. For example, if you're a science tutor teaching about bacteria, why not look into Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin?

The main goal of private tutoring is to equip your students with the tools they need to succeed not just in their academic career, but also later on in life.

Your supplemental help can make a child more confident in themselves as they become more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and feel able to apply them to life inside and outside of the classroom.

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The Satisfaction in Sharing Your Knowledge as a Service

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of UK adults only speak one language, but over 50% of the population agreed that they felt knowing another language would be an asset in the world of work. All they need to do is find a tutor.

This is a marker of the need for language tutors in the UK. But it's not just languages people want to learn! Lots of people will want a maths tutor to help them brush up on their algebra before their college exam, or an English tutor to help their child with their reading comprehension and grammar. Biology tutors for GCSE exams, tutors who can help with calculus and trigonometry - the list goes on!

What makes this type of learning different is that it happens in a private context and is motivated by the need to improve a student's situation at present or lead them to success in the future.

Of course, ambitious parents who dream of the best education for their children, the increase in unemployment, and growing competitivity in the job market, are also key factors which have played a role in the success of home tuition.

More and more people are turning to academic tutoring as a way to earn money, gain experience, and add value to their CV.

Online teaching jobs can be a good way of working from wherever you may be, allowing you to keep a flexible schedule.

So apply your knowledge to the demand! Be a Spanish tutor, offer a maths refresher course, help with exam preparation at GCSE and even A level, or teach the guitar. As long as you feel comfortable in teaching your subject and capable of answering your student's questions, you can be a tutoring superhero!

Your tutoring services will become a valued part of your clients' lives and give hope to both your students and their worried parents.

Take advantage of the thriving market for private tuition
Love your job and take pleasure in seeing your students succeed ¦ source: Pixabay

Seeing student success thanks to your help is a way of taking pleasure in your work as a tutor.

A report published by Polycom showed that 50% of respondents believed that career paths will be even more dependent on qualifications by 2025, meaning that the future of tutoring companies is guaranteed for years to come.

When you were still a wide-eyed schoolchild, your teachers were likely aware of the impact they could have on your lives - but did any inspire you? Most people can name at least one teacher whose enthusiasm inspired them to either study their subject at a higher level or encouraged them to do their best.

It's a wonderful if not slightly scary thought that you could change a student's life the same way your favourite teacher changed yours. But why not be the person that someone feels grateful for meeting in 20 years time?

Everyone has heard of students who have fallen in love with a foreign language after hearing their nostalgic teacher tell stories of their homeland - so much so that they end up moving there forever.

Now you're an educator, it's your turn to be the biology tutor that inspires someone to study Genetics at university.

A Second Chance for an Education

It's not uncommon to hear about people who have been failed by the current school system.

The standardised nature of state education means that some students inevitably slip through the net and end up leaving school with very few qualifications to put on their CV if they are not lucky enough to be allowed to repeat a year.

Mentoring can also help people who feel forgotten by the current system.

Home tutoring aims to tailor the learning process to the needs of each student. This means getting to know the student and their learning strategies, so you can create an individualised study plan that will ensure that their time working towards their goals is well-spent.

Providing this type of help can work wonders. Too often, people who have fallen behind at school are led to believe that it is because they're stupid, and now they completely lack confidence in their abilities.

Among those feeling left behind by their school teachers are people with specific learning difficulties or disabilities (SpLDs) such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD.

One dyslexic sixth former from Brighton turned to a tutor after a teacher told her she was aiming too high for her ability.

People with SpLDs are usually very bright and just need to learn by their own methods - methods which don't have a place on the mainstream school syllabus.

One to one tutoring is an investment that helps bridge the gap between struggling pupils and their peers and prepares them for future challenges.

Get a second chance with the help of a tutor
Private tutoring puts people on the path to academic success ¦ source: Visualhunt

According to McKinsey and Company, 72% of educational institutions are convinced that new graduates are ready for the working world. Unfortunately, only 42% of their employees agree.

This is why private lessons can be beneficial for the long-term unemployed who are having difficulties getting back into the ultra-competitive world of work. This type of education can give them a second chance to gain academic skills, reintegrate into working life and meet new people.

There is a great social pressure on people looking for work and their families. So if a teacher can inspire them in some way, why not give it a go?


In reality, being passionate about your subject is one thing, but having to teach it is another kettle of fish.

Teaching requires fantastic organisational skills, passion, and energy. Your methodical approach is key. Lesson planning may not be your forte, and you may have forgotten that one of the biggest challenges of teaching was being able to engage the student, but the challenge is always the best part!

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