Creating and maintaining a good CV is a process that must be part of your entire professional life. A CV evolves as your progress along your academic career and professional path. Especially, for those interested in teaching. Teachers must know what to include and what to leave out in their resume for full-time teaching or private tutoring jobs.

Private tutoring is just as much about learning as it is about teaching.

Working with students - whether you are teaching primary school or high school or college students, whether you are teaching music, English, or helping school students prepare for competitive exams such as TEFL - helps you keep yourself informed of the current curriculum, up-to-date with the best teaching methods while being able to constantly practice your specialty subjects.

Adaptability is also a key feature of a successful online private tutor. By this, we mean the ability of private teachers to adapt their teaching styles to the learning needs of students. In other words, as you search for home teaching jobs near me, you must also keep an open mind about the prerequisite to grow with your students. This will further develop your understanding and knowledge of your subject and what you can take away about the world of education.

Why Become an Online Private Tutor

As teachers, if you are willing to commit yourself to independent, private tutoring, you will reap not only the rewards of teaching school or university students and improve your knowledge of the subject you teach (English or music or History), but also be eligible to increase your annual salary manifold.

The Flexibility of Schedule and Location

If you are looking for a professional career that offers the flexibility of schedule and location, as well as a high salary, private home tuitions are an ideal foil for you. Private teachers can not only choose who they want to teach - primary school or university students, or even someone simply interested in a new vocation - they can also choose the days of the week they want to teach.

Private tutoring is one of the few careers that enables you to work at your own pace, according to your own timetable.

Moreover, private tutors are free to offer their teaching services from a remote location. In other words, as a home teacher, you don't necessarily have to be in the same location as your students. Many private agencies offering independent teaching opportunities to school teachers also offer added incentives such as extra pay for extra hours.

Academic tutoring is in high demand so join a tutoring company, be self-employed or tutor online
Private tutoring: a flourishing market | source: Pixabay

Teach Diversity

The profession of teaching allows you to come in contact with an array of different students, parents, and families along your journey. Many teachers form lasting relationships that result in further opportunities or benefits of their own.

The personal, flexible nature of the role coupled with the importance of education means that your job as a private tutor is not only in demand, but also highly valued.

Moreover, as a professional private tutor, one must not only be able to teach students in schools and colleges, but also double up as a supportive mentor with skills that include problem-solving, patience, punctuality, presentation, communication, and so on.

Teachers in a Motivational and Supportive Role

Being able to inspire and support another person can be immensely gratifying. Private tutors are expected to do just that - be an invaluable source of support and knowledge for their students.

Teaching as a home tutor is not an easy job. The best private tutors tailor their approach to suit the individual needs of each student, according to their respective strengths and weaknesses. The feeling of fulfillment and vindication is the reward for such an approach.

Use Private Teacher Jobs on Your Professional CV

It is important to list your independent, private tutoring experience on your resume when you're looking for a long-term professional contract. Contrary to popular belief, your years as a private tutor, as per international curricula and pedagogical standards, helps to communicate valuable skills that make you a good fit in an organization's culture. 

The main reasons why you should include your tutoring experience on your resume include the following.

Leadership and Organizational Skills

Use your tutoring experience to apply for entry-level and senior roles in an organization. For example, if you're looking to work in a management role, your years as a private English tutor will reflect on your ability to lead students and successfully manage students for a specified period. Moreover, you can also demonstrate your organizational skills by mentioning how you created and developed the curriculum for students to follow.

Filling in an Employment Gap

You have decided to take a couple of years off from your professional life. Use these years to gain some tutoring experience, that will come in handy when you start applying for a full-time position again, according to your designated career path and skillset.

Talk About Your Impact on Your Students

Use your tutoring experience as an example of how you are suited to provide the necessary results in the workplace. List the academic performance of your students and how many of them converted their weaknesses into strengths once they started working with you.

Help others with their education in your spare time
Tutoring: an ideal job for students ¦ source: Twenty20

Presenting Private Tutoring Experience on Your Resume

Add Private Tutoring to Your Work Experience or Volunteer Section

While there is no rule as to where you might place your tutoring experience on your resume, we recommend placing it in the experience section of your resume. This conveys to your prospective employers that the teaching roles have been instrumental in shaping your career and that you want them to consider your teaching skills when reviewing your job application.

Don't Forget the Teaching Experience Timeline

Ensure that you have the exact timeline of your teaching experience on your resume - when you started and finished your tutoring positions. There is no harm in listing your current position if you are still working as a private tutor.

Arrange your experience based on the timeline of when you held each job. In case you're working in more than one job, list your tutoring experience at the top just below your other job, according to the level of importance of the positions that you want to convey. For any unpaid teacher roles, you may list them as volunteer experiences. Such resumes are meant for applications to an internship or an entry-level position.

Specifics are Important for a Teacher

When you mention teaching experience on a resume, it is important to provide as many details of your role as possible. For example, an employer might be interested in learning whether you delivered online lectures or one-on-one sessions, whether you graded papers as a tutor? Was managing fee payments and maintaining records part of that experience? Did you use any form of self-assessment to improve your own performance? 

It is also useful to provide details of the tutoring agency or online education platform with whom you worked, or whether you were a self0employed private teacher. This provides a perspective to employers who can form their viewpoints on your professional experience, accordingly.

For example, self-employed teachers may give the impression that they're entrepreneurial and are not afraid to take the initiative to generate solutions. On the other hand, tutoring for an educational institution can mean that you're committed to serving the community and education.

Tutoring experience can dramatically help your future career
Private lessons: a career springboard ¦ source: Twenty20

Quantify the Data

Provide tangible metrics to outline your performance as a private home teacher, working successfully with students in schools and colleges. You may mention the number of students you have taught and their academic progress under your tutelage, or if your students had an international presence. You can also add any other administrative tasks you may have performed, such as maintaining class records every day.

Try Teaching as a Private Tutor for a Rewarding  Experience

Teachers - in public or private educational institutes - seeking a diverse and personally enriching experience usually undertake forays into private teaching. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being an assistant to young students on their path to self-discovery.

Private tutoring can also be an incredible journey of self-discovery, helping teachers rediscover their lost confidence, especially when they learn of the impact they make on the life of students. It is a matter of immense pride for teachers to be able to make a lasting, positive difference in their students' lives!

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