Every person has a good or bad experience regarding maths. However, for most people, it is a bad experience. No matter what the experience is, maths can be a bit boring at times. But that is not how things should be. In the 21st century, things around us are majorly dependent on the application of maths. To understand the use of these, one must know at least a little bit of maths.

Some of the most popular jobs that demand a certain level of authority over maths are the jobs of a doctor, engineer, software developer, scientist, and the like.Maths is not only a subject that deals with the addition, multiplication, or subtraction of numbers, but it also has an active involvement of patterns. Therefore, people who are into the profession of fashion designing also benefit a lot from the use of patterns, numbers, and shapes.Maths can be fun too. Playing games like Sudoku and learning the use of numbers can become a fascinating thing once you get the hang of it. If you want to take up a career in Finance, maths should be one of your strongest points. To be good at subjects like accounting, banking, management of investment, math is considered to be one of the core subjects.Not only financing, the world of IT and engineering also demand certain expertise and comfort at doing maths.

Maths graduates have a lot of different avenues open up to them. Defense personnel, statistician, maths teacher and many other such professions are easily accessible to people who are good at maths. However, in order to unlock these field its necessary to overcome any fear.

As an adult, what should you do if you want to relearn the subject of maths?Is there any trick to get better at math? How do you use these tricks?As a beginner, from where do you start?

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Considering maths to be a secondary language.

Learning math from scratch is similar to learning a new foreign language. Maths has its own set of rules and vocabulary, if not practiced, develops a phobia which is hard to get rid of.

Maths is a universal language. No matter which part of the world you are from, the principles and concepts of math remain the same. You might use different methods to come to an answer, but the answer is universal.

While learning maths, if you get yourself familiar with the vocabulary and do not put them into practice, you will soon forget about their existence. Maths is such a subject which you need to keep in touch with all the time. You should never doubt yourself and instead think that you are good enough to be able to do maths. Try changing your approach, and it will open up new alleys that you never knew existed.Being optimistic and not paying heed to any negative comments will be considered a good start.

A lot of people claim that you need to have maths genes to be good at maths. That's not true at all. The biggest obstacle to learning maths is the fear of learning itself. Consider mental maths as your friend and practice it daily.

Can anyone become an expert at maths overnight?

A lot of research shows that the left side of the human brain is related to logical thinking. It is a very active region. However, for some people, this area of the brain is shut because of one reason or another. Maybe the capability of a person to be good at maths lies in this region but is dormant. Quite a few times, it has happened that after getting a knock on their head, people who were incompetent at doing maths have become number experts overnight.

The concepts of maths are interlinked with each other. From algebra to geometry and multiplication tables to trigonometry; to become good at maths, you have to pay due respect to the relationship among the various concepts.

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The practical applications of math in real life are infinite
Maths is the language of numbers, science, and everyday life ¦ source: Pixabay

Hiring tuition teachers, self-study and the basics

There are various options one can adopt to be good at maths. However, it ultimately comes down to you teaching yourself or learning from a teacher.If you believe that you can study math without a teacher, it is very much possible. A lot of great mathematicians are self-taught.

The vast availability of maths textbooks works wonders when it comes to learning maths. Not only books, but various websites are of great help when one indulges in self-taught study. For example, learning math from YouTube videos, reading up different blogs by a lot of different authors, and many other such ways.

Using E-learning as a medium of learning is of great help when learning maths online. Open Universities provide a lot of support by allowing you to determine the subject at your speed. Once the course begins you get the syllabus as well.

Open University is a concept that deals with learning maths online from the comfort of your home. If you are ready to pay, you will even get videos and audio files which will help you determine the concepts better. Along with that, by paying, you can also avail the help of a teacher.

A lot of websites offer help to school students too. Students of various boards like ICSE, ISC, CBSE, or other regional boards can learn math online, which will help them specifically in their school examinations. They even show how to do the various projects that they have been assigned. You can also try learning maths through games.

Although it is possible to learn math by yourself, how is it different from learning from a teacher? Maths is a complicated subject. To be good at it, you need to find the perfect teacher. One can find the right teacher by adopting the following methods:

Having a mentor can give you the encouragement and motivation you need to keep going
Find a tutor or maths teacher to guide you along the way ¦ source: Visualhunt
  • Attending local maths classes in nearby universities and colleges:

    A lot of universities and colleges host classes in the evening.

  • Joining an institute which specifically teaches adults:

    Institutes which focus on providing education to adults can also help you get better at maths.

  • Night classes:

    For adults, night school is most suitable. Since most of the adults are busy in the morning because of jobs and services, night classes are quite helpful for adults who want to rekindle their love for learning the subject.

  • Hiring a private maths teacher:

    After a busy day, a lot of adults do not prefer to go out to some institute to learn maths. Why not learn maths from the comfort of your home? Hiring a private teacher goes a long way towards helping you learn maths.

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With over 60,000 highly qualified teachers, we make sure that you always learn from the best. You can become better at maths from the comfort of your home via video calling or by simply via call. Not only this, our price range is made in such a way that it suits anyone and everyone. Some of our teachers are mathematicians, or professional maths teachers, while the rest are good with numbers and are willing to share their knowledge.

Our policy of one free lesson lets you know exactly what you will get in return for your hard-earned money.

Even though the cost of getting a teacher is not related to his qualifications and skills, however, a costlier teacher will be better at teaching than a relatively cheaper teacher.

Having a positive relationship with your teacher goes a long way when it comes to learning math. It saves you from suffering anxiety attacks when the time comes for you to learn maths.

Make a maths study area which is right for you with minimal distractions
The right environment is key to getting the most out of your course ¦ source: Pixabay

As a mature student, how do you rediscover the ways to learn maths?

Revising, through the concepts of maths, requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Setting up your workplace according to your requirements goes a long way when it comes to revisiting the concepts of maths. Removing as many distractions as possible lets you stay focused for extended periods of time.

Using flashcards

By using flashcards, you can set up your process of learning. Visualisations and creativity help a lot when revising the concepts of maths. Studying directly from the textbook gets boring quickly. Different flashcards for different concepts make learning interesting and memorable.

Solving the previous year's question paper

One of the best ways to catch up with maths is going through old question papers and solving them. Not only does this help you in revision, but it also gives you an idea about the type of questions you can expect from a particular topic. This is especially true for students who will be appearing for their board exams like ICSE, ISC, CBSE, or any other board. Going through the question papers of previous years is a vital step in order to secure decent marks. Workbooks made especially to check your progress helps a lot when it comes to revising maths.

You can find CBSE question papers through Google.

A positive mindset make for the best learning outcomes
Forgetting the numbers and focusing on what you can see brings a new life to learning maths ¦ source: Pixabay


Using LEGO

By using LEGO, learning maths can even be fun. The building blocks of Lego can help you make the basic foundation of your maths strong.

Along with these, solving maths puzzles, playing maths games like Sudoku can also help you get better at maths. Here are some final tips:

  • Be patient
  • Practice and practice
  • Follow a schedule and fix a time when you will be practicing maths every day.
  • Don't skip a particular concept if you feel it is difficult for you. Make sure of taking all the help you require to be good at it and only then move on to the next concept.

Maths is not a tough subject, it is a creative subject where every problem has multiple solutions and interpretations. All you need is practice, a good teacher to guide you ahead and enthusiasm to do better with every problem. Have fun while learning, then learning becomes fun.


Considering maths to be your secondary language will help you a lot when it comes to learning maths. Just like a language has its own set of alphabets, words and their pronunciations, maths too has its own set of concepts.

Along with this, if you hire a private teacher to teach you maths, learning maths becomes even easier. It is better to learn maths from a teacher whose full concentration will be on you alone, instead of a teacher teaching 50 odd students together. Along with this, by relearning your basics using flash cards, solving old question papers and using legos, you will definitely improve a lot in maths.

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