Children often complain about maths more than any other subject in school. Why do you think that is? We often hear them talking about being ‘stuck’ at a math problem and then not willing to figure out ways of solving it by themselves. They give up too quickly when it comes to maths.

Now that could be for a lot of reasons. Either they don’t find the subject interesting enough or they are scared of the subject because they don't really understand it. This can be very heavy for some children and they might often end up feeling substandard about themselves. This would also potentially lower their self-esteem and they might think that they are not smart enough for the class. Overcoming your fears is necessary and a vital step forward in learning.

For all we all know is that math skills vary from child to child. Not being able to solve a particular problem does not necessarily mean that they are not intelligent in other aspects of life.

In fact, most of them often turn out to be the bright ones. Children that are quite smart at solving their day-to-day problems, like which bus to take to school and which route is the shortest are potentially the ones that are a lot into video games and are equipped with the problem solving skills. In spite of the fact that they won’t give up a video game level as easily as they would give up on a math problem. They will most probably keep looking up the internet for the walkthrough videos on YouTube but will not do so when stuck at a math problem which means that kids are totally capable of understanding math if taught properly and in the most interesting ways to ultimately discover their inner scholar.

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If you find maths difficult, why not try private lessons?
Does maths leave you scratching your head? (source: Visualhunt)

There are couple of reasons behind this struggle and one of them is stress. Children usually dread maths as a subject. Other times they are mostly because the ideas or concepts of maths or a particular topic is not clear in their head.

Overwhelmed With Maths as a Subject

Most kids are not taught math problems in the correct ways or for the lack of better words, shown the shortest ways to solve a problem. Most kids will follow the method that their teacher teaches them in order to pass the exams or clear their papers. This may act as a barrier to a kid’s creativity and he will not use his own imagination to solve the problem in order to just focus on clearing the paper. Overwhelmed, maths phobia is common among school kids across India.

Because maths is often taught as a stressful subject and given one of the most importance to as a subject that one needs to clear in order to achieve good grades in school. Students do not struggle to prove their determination when it comes down to their daily lives outside of the education system, but for some reason, mental blocks in maths are too frequent and can even leave a child feel agitated about the subject.

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For some, maths is like poetry
Mathematics: The poetry of logical ideas! (Source: Lifehack)

Unclear idea of the basics

The way lessons are delivered in school might not be appealing to everyone because each and every student has his own studying strategy. Teachers might be too quick or too slow. Some teachers try to finish the syllabus as fast as possible as a result of which the student fails to grasp the subject properly so private tutors can be invaluable to such students who need a little boost to fit into the school curriculum .

A student is introduced to a private tutor when their concepts and doubts have not been fully cleared in the classroom. Or they want to find newer ways to learn to solve a problem with better ease.

To do this, the tutor will often introduce the confusing language of maths into simpler forms and techniques, wherein the children will no longer find it hard to solve the problem. In fact, they might just start to enjoy their problem sums. But that again, depends on the techniques they are being introduced to.

What most teachers do is that they are unable to realize the lexical ambiguities most students go through and often forget to explain them, and as a result students tend to see mathematical vocabulary as an unknown alien language. The private tutor bridges this very gap and his role goes much beyond just teaching the subject matter. Private tutors also need to provide a soothing learning environment free from any form of distraction as well as teach them the correct techniques in order for his students to excel at the subject.

Try a new maths book for a new approach to the subject
Specialised textbooks can stimulate learning in flagging students (source: pixbay).

Students often get demoralized because of the dizzying exasperation of forgetting something that they thought they knew. Students get afraid to ask a question because they think that they would be sounding silly in front of their classmates. However, asking questions and clearing their doubts is the key to understanding a notion. As we all know,” practice makes a man perfect”. A student must regularly be in touch with the subject in order to cope up with the syllabus.

Will-power and a positive mindset are very much vital to make substantial progress in math. A student must have the determination that he will complete ten sums a day no matter what happens. Feeling free to make errors and trying again without anyone judging them is the key to help students prove their potential to themselves.

A firm foundation of understanding is very much necessary to succeed in a maths education as all the math topics are interrelated to each other.

Some teachers expect their students to know the basic facts of math, this can be formidable and can even cause anxiety related to the subject matter, this leads to ‘brain fog’.

The student fails to realize that feeling indeterminate is completely ordinary. Making maths easy is important and necessary for further development.

It's important not to hide from a student's problems with maths
Don't shut your eyes to your problems with maths! (Source: Pixbay)

Using math games to overcome their struggle

Teachers should help their students to approach math problems from a different perspective by playing fun math games with them and including lots of colours and fun activities. Detaching students from the realm of rigorous math worksheets and workouts following an exam paper pattern is tiring and overwhelming. Learning by playing maths games is a modern technique to help you concentrate and enjoy better.

Breaking away from that helps the students a lot in engaging themselves in the math problems they are solving and they also start taking interest in the subject. Teachers should allow their students to realize that maths is enjoyable and can, therefore, influence them to persevere in their academics. There are thousands of math games available online and each one of them help the students to grip a particular math concept.

Students can develop their own game plan with games like this, as they can memorize a certain type of hurdle and remember how to surpass it and apply these skills to math problems.

Reintroducing weak students to math through simple games like these can easily save their academic career and can also galvanize them to study math at high levels.

If students are shown the playful side of maths, it can help them overcome their fear and take greater interest in the subject. Learning through maths games is unique step to ensure a student pays attention while learning.

Alternative methods for learning maths can give great results.
Try taking a practical approach to maths learning (source: Pixbay).

For example, playing cards is a playful way of learning math and numbers. Sets – The family game works as a great visual representation in being great with critical problem solving and numbers. In Sets, each card has different shapes, colors, shades and numbers on them. Each card is different from the rest of the pack cards but shares some common things like either shape or the number or the color or the shade.


A lot of students struggle with maths because they get overwhelmed with all the concepts and formulas of maths.  Make maths your second language by practising your basic first. This a major setback for students who actually like doing maths, but find themselves stuck in a rut because of their huge syllabus. Stress caused by maths can even give students panic attacks and anxiety. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of a good foundation. If the basic principles and concepts of a student is unclear, advancing onto more difficult concepts becomes next to impossible. This is the reason students are advised to go through their basics if they get stuck somewhere.

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