The Tiny Home Movement began in the U.S. and is now gradually propagating the idea to different countries like the United Kingdom and India. Since the global population is on the rise the space for people is getting smaller with time. Therefore, this movement was started which influenced people to downsize the space they are living in so that many people were able to accommodate in a large area. The movement has also been beneficial since people were tired of high property tax and the cost of maintenance. 

By downsizing houses people aim to conserve space,  energy, and finance as well. A tiny home ensures less finance in the making which cuts the cost of unwanted expenses from the beginning.

This movement is gradually beginning in Indian cities such as Kolkata. Tiny houses resemble metal cargo based homes like the ones you see in abroad. These houses have air conditioning, plumbing, and other facilities like ventilation and can last for 25 years! If the movement is adopted by India the dream of “Housing for All” can be achieved in the coming years. 

You must be wondering what the Tiny House Movement has to do with life coaching? Well, it certainly has a lot to do with the subject we shall be talking about.


The essence of Life Coaching

In this blog, you will get to know the importance of leaving all the materialistic desires aside and focusing on becoming the best of your version. You do not need a big home to survive in this world. Life coaching is an emerging profession in India, a lot of people are looking for a life coach to improve their personal space.

All you need is mental peace and a release from all the emotional baggage. This can only be done if you understand that a minimalistic approach to life will make it a peaceful one.  Learn here about life coaching in Pune!

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How can Life Coaching help?

Do you think a big home will help you lessen your stress? If yes, then you are mistaken. Downsizing your life for necessities will do! We relate living in a tiny house to living without any greed for materialistic things. When you have a home you have to maintain every now, and then it actually becomes a burden and leaves a negative impact on our lives. The same is the case with having a materialistic tendency - you may be able to get everything you want but from the inside, you will still remain an empty person. It only increases your greed to get more things even if they are no good for you.

A life coach is nothing like a therapist. Rather, he/she will help you become a better person by focusing on your requirements instead of your wants. 

He/she will encourage you to be the person you have always wanted to be and focus on your personal development. Also, the obstacles you are facing in life can easily be conquered if you allow your life coach to know you with full transparency. Just the way you unclutter your big home and get rid of unwanted things, a life coach will influence you to unclutter your life and replace it with positive energy. You will soon realize tiny living as an easy way to live your life to the fullest. You won’t have to worry about status or rich living instead, you will realize that you can save more than you have to spend and utilize it in some other thing. Open the door to living large by closing the door of your large home. Many big cities having successful life coaches, find life coaches in Ahmedabad.


Life coaching can help you in various ways provided you have a professional life coaching expert. The coaching skills of the coaches are very important for the clients to get the best out of a life coaching session. Some benefits of life coaching are:

  • Saves your time

If you are having an issue whether it is related to work life balance, mind body coordination, self-awareness, or personal development. If you have someone to talk to, you can easily get by any difficult situation in life. Same is the case with life coaching, an executive life coach has all the necessary tools and qualities with which he or she can assist you in finding your way to achieve your goals. Hence, if you consult a life coach regarding your problems in life, he or she can save a lot of your time and also get your results faster.

  • Toxic elements

Every one of us issues in our lives. Some of us get through them easily whereas some of us don’t. People who don’t get through are the ones that have toxic elements in their lives like stress, anxiety negativity or they don’t have an idea how to get past those obstacles in their lives. This is where life coaching can help you, a certified life coach can help you get rid of all these toxic elements a bit faster. He or she can change the way you think and look at things in your life. Check out life coaching in Bengaluru here!

  • Give you insights about yourself

We all have some hidden qualities and some tiny exposed flaws towards which we don’t pay much attention. Some of us are bad at maintaining relationships because we don’t communicate in a proper way or due to the absence of appropriate body language. Some of us have mental thinking that prevents us from doing what we actually want to. These all are factors that a life coach knows how to find. In the life coaching certifications program, they are professionally trained about how to conduct an intake interview, how to make use of coaching tools and many more things. So the point is that a life coach helps you realize your flaws and hidden qualities to make you ready for your goals.

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Personal life coaching

This is one of the types of life coaching that coaches offer around the country. In this type of coaching, both the coach and the client sit together to discuss the type of issue the client is having, techniques to solve that issue, and many more aspects of the life coaching program. One of the advantages of personal coaching is undeviated personal attention, the coach will be entirely focussed on you. This way you can learn more things from them. Get insights about life coaching in Chennai here!

Apart from this, there are also other coaching modes which are as follows,

  • Online Coaching

This type of coaching is best for those who have an online life. The word online life implies that the people who are always sitting in front of the PC and on the internet. The benefit of online coaching is that one can attend the session at their own time. On the other hand, the coaches can broadcast the session to multiple clients at once. These sessions are less pricey as compared to the personal sessions.

  • Free coaching

This mode of life coaching is undertaken by very fewer people as no one wants to give out their knowledge for free. But, some of the people who are in the growing stage of becoming successful in the life coaching business offer free classes to clients. This is also a noble way as you are helping a person without charging them with anything.

  • Group coaching

This is also one mode of coaching in which one coach coaches a bunch of clients together in a group. The only factor that needs attention in this type of coaching is that the multiple clients in the group have somehow a similar issue. 

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Life coaching and Superprof

Superprof is an online tutoring platform where both tutors and students can interact to work together. Coaches or tutors can post information about their qualifications and pricing. On the other hand, the students or clients can opt from the choices based on their preferences. Superprof has various advantages like:

  • A lot of options

Superprof platform offers you a lot of options in the case of coaches, you can choose anyone from the options based on your preference. Different coaches have varying coaching experience and the more the experience, more will be the pricing. While looking for life coaching in Kolkata, take a look at various life coaching institute Kolkata and personal coaches. Although, some prominent ones are Sudeep Ghosh, Uppal Gupta, Sweta Sureka, Sumedh Chatterjee and many more. 

  • Pricing

This is the factor that can make or break a deal. But, on Superprof, there are coaches of all price ranges. The point is that you need to search for an affordable one. If you have a tight pocket and you live in Kolkata, you need to search more for an economical option. Professional coaches will charge you more but will also help you find your life purpose faster.

  • Free first session

This is the best thing that you will get on Superprof, most of the coaches on the Superprof platform offer their first free of cost. This enables both the coach and the client to establish coordination. It also helps in understanding each other. 

Hence, if you are having a life issue and looking for a professional life coach, go to Superprof and get the best coach in Kolkata. Check life coaching in other cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, and Hyderabad.

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