Life Coaching is not a concept of today; actually, it started thousands of years back in India itself. Dating back to the Mahayana philosophies of India. The Zen philosophies developed during the time serve as the foundation of today’s life coaching. 

The Zen philosophies deal with the psychological study of the human body. The concept of meditation. Mindfulness, self-control, self-illumination, and spiritual practice are a part of Zen philosophies. These principles and concepts play an essential role in the development of a life coach. You can overcome your problems if you choose the right life coach for yourself.

Becoming a life coach is much different from a health coach or business coach. You need to have the required qualities. Now, in Pune, there are various programs for becoming a professional life coach if you have the required skill set or you are ready to develop skills. If you want to get life coaching in Pune. You need to make sure that you get in touch with the right set of sources. For example, check the online authority websites for life coaching, get a free class, and more. 

How is Life Coaching different from others

Now, coaches are of various types. If you think that your life coach will be offering you advice about your relationship or health, you are terribly mistaken. If you are having issues with your business, get in touch with a business. If you are stressed out, go and talk to a wellness coach. You are facing problems at home, go, and visit a relationship coach. 

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You need to understand that life coaches are not there to listen to your relationship drama and offer you a solution to them. Life coaches provide you a solution to make you focus on your ultimate goal in life. Find a life coach in Ahmedabad here!

Who requires a Life Coach

We know that you are looking for a life coach in Pune. But, before you jump on to find which life coach is best for you, you need to look into the fact that do you even need one? It means that you need to discover the fact if you have one of the described scenarios.

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  • There are many people in India that go into supporting their families rather than following their passion. Due to this, they fail to become they actually want to. This is the reason why some people may require an executive life coach. Refer this for a life coach in Bengaluru.


  • Some people are doing something they don’t like, or they are over it after doing it for a long time. Some students work on what their family says rather than what they like. The people of this category usually deviate from their path and are unable to understand what to do in life to make it better. The requirement of a personal life coach can be seen here.


  • There is a third category of people who lack the leap of faith in themselves. They are always afraid of thinking of starting afresh. This is a scenario where a life coaching process can help you in offering a fresh perspective of life.


The key perspective of all of these scenarios is that you need to believe in your self in order to be the person you want to. The primary reason why people opt for working with life coaches is that they teach them the ways to beat those odds that stand against them in doing something. While looking for a certified life coach in Pune, make sure to look for various factors described. 

Life Coaching certifications

The foremost factor that one should consider while opting for a life coach is if the coach is a professional. Although, it is not necessary to take any specific life coach training or life coaching certification program. But, if a person has taken a certification course from a training school, it helps in building a trust factor with the customer.

The thing that a life coaching certification teaches a person is self awareness, personal growth, creating a work life balance, and many more. One needs to develop himself or herself before going on to improve some other person’s life. To know about finding the best program for life coach certification, refer to HuffPost.

Find a Life Coach expert online

Now, as you are well versed in the very concept of life coaching, you need to find some online websites where you can find some professional life coaches. When you search online for life coaches, you will come across various sites that offer life coaching in various forms. The word form implies the modes used by coaches to take life coaching sessions.

Online life coaching services

While conducting a search for a life coach, you may find that some of the professionals provide life coaching online. They deliver sessions to you on a live or recording basis. Now, if you have an online life, i.e., you stay in front of your PC for more time that you don’t get time for visiting. You can opt for his option. Online coaching is favorable for those who are in a remote location and cannot travel to the location of the coach in Pune. Symbiosis is an online platform for life coaching certification.

Personal Coach

If you live in a prime location in Pune, i.e., all the necessary stores and outlets are in the traveling distance. You can opt for a personal coach, they will be pricey, but the quality of attention that you get in personal coaching is not matched by any other means. You may need to negotiate and check if the coach will visit you or you will. Some of the popular life coaches in Pune are Rita Chadha, Anurag Shukla, Anil Kulkarni, Sushant Kolhatkar, and many more. They have unique skills and are also certified.

Group coaching

This type of website is found a bit less on the internet, but it exists. Some coaches also organize group coaching sessions to deal with their clients. In case, there are more clients having the issue related to the same niche; the coach can organize such life coaching programs. Check this link to know about life coaching Mumbai.

All the described categories of coaching techniques help you in building yourself for your life. You will learn a lot of things from each of them. Just need to put your heart and mind to it. 

Free Coaching

Most of the people don’t, but some of them who are growing in the line to become a life coach provide free life coaching. Some tutors with more qualitative thinking also volunteer to offer free life coaching. These coaching sessions are beneficial for those who can’t pay high amounts for taking the life coaching sessions.

There are many websites online where you can go and opt for a life coach that helps you in figuring out your life, free of cost. A small drawback of free coaching is that it is a bit difficult to find. Life coaching in a city like Pune is highly demanding, due to this competition arises among the professionals, and it becomes difficult to offer services without capital.

To get information about other locations of India, refer to the following links:

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How can Superprof help you?

Superprof is an online tutoring platform that enables professional tutors to meet their clients. It has tutors of all kinds that can help you master any skill you want. In the case of life coaching, Superprof offers you a variety of choices for life coaches. The advantages that Superprof Offers you are:


Superprof gives you a plethora of options with respect to life coaches. What you need to do is just type in the location and bammmm!!!. The website will show you all the available life coaches in the city. You can opt for anyone of them based on your preferences.

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Free sessions

Another essential advantage of a life coach is free sessions. The term free sessions imply that most of the coaches on the Superprof platform offer their first session as free; they don’t charge anything for the session. This will help you in knowing the coach better and check his or her coaching strategies.


The third factor that can make an impact on your decision is pricing. Life coaches charge relatively high for a personal session. But, the good thing about Superprof is the segregation, the platform will show you mixed choices. The rates of the coaches can be as low as 250 rupees per hour and also as high as 3500 rupees per hour in Pune. Hence, you can choose according to your budget.

All these factors will help you in choosing the best coach for yourself. And even better, maybe you yourself can become a coach after learning from them and excelling in your life. So, can you put a price on your future happiness? Frankly, I can’t, but if you have a problem, it is better to talk to someone who is a professional. Check the Superprof website and find your life coach for the best life.

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