Life is tough, but it all depends upon the perspective with which we look at it. One person who has all the wealth in the world is not happy, whereas a person who earns a decent income feels honoured by fulfilling his or her family’s needs. Everyone in this world has problems; some of us face them and resolve them. Some of us procrastinate our issues and keep them on hold, and soon they reached an extreme level. The procrastination factor is the highest in the case of students.

This is where life coaching comes into the picture. A life coach is a person that helps you overcome all those factors that lead you to procrastinate your tasks and issues. These issues and factors can be your anxiety, stress, or self-defeating attitude. A life coach works in a very different way as compared to other coaches like a health coach, business coach, wellness coach, career coach.

While other coaches will specifically focus on one aspect of your life, a life coach would help you in tackling multiple aspects. Not exactly, but life coaching sessions give you an idea about what to do and how to do it. Check out the facts about life coaching in Bengaluru here!

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Why and who would need a life coach?

Life coaches are meant for people who face issues while making life decisions and when people are not able to find out which way is better for them. As a client, before getting into the life coaching session, you need to make sure that you are ready for it. There are many things that need to be set aside before going for a life coaching class. Let’s take a look at some of the factors,

  • Negative Mind

The first and foremost thing that one needs to keep away while doing anything productive is negativity. Having a negative brain is the worst thing, and in the case of life coaching programs, it is essential to have a clear mind. Most of the people take the wrong decision while being motivated by a negative mind. Plus, the negative mind also disturbs your physical health.

  • Comfort Zone

Another dispensable factor in this list is the comfort zone. The comfort zone is good for those who don’t want to grow, but if you have an outstanding goal in your life. You need to get out of that comfort zone that limits you from outperforming. Along with this, you also need to get rid of the friend circle that has made you say yes to everything useless. Learn about life coaching in Pune.

  • Toxic relationships

You can’t do it! People saying these words can be found everywhere in this world. There is no one to stop them from saying this, but you can make them say that he or she did it. This is only possible when you will dispense all of these negative people from your lives. 

  • Bad Habits

Eating unhealthy food, overworking on something, and excessive use of drugs are classified as bad habits. These habits take away all the productive time of yours that you could have used for something else. So, now, when you are going to spare time for the coaching session, you need to get rid of these habits. Essential life coaching in Ahmedabad.

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Letting go of all the described factors should be your number one concern as a client. This will help you and your coach in understanding and dealing with the issue in the most productive way. In a general tone, by getting rid of these factors, one can get a life that is better.

What to look for in a life coach? | life coaching certifications

As you have seen that what you as a client, need to have for getting into the life coaching program. It is equally important to know what qualities does the coach possesses. Yeah, it is very essential to make sure that you are investing your money in the right place. Life coaches charge high fees for a session, Hence make sure you choose the right one. The way you can do this is by taking a free session. Although you won’t get everything you need in a single session, it will be an icebreaker for you. Some of the essential aspects to look for in a life coach are,

  • Certification

There is no specific thing that one needs to have a life coaching certification. But, if you are paying a high fee for the sessions, make sure that person has one. It is useful for building trust between the coach and the client. If you are looking for a life coaching expert in Chennai, make sure that he or she has undertaken a life coach certification program.  Refer to Life coaching in Mumbai for certification.

  • Communication

This is the most important aspect of a professional coaching expert. He or she is the best at communication. A life coach is an effective listener, along with a good motivator. While attending the session, make sure that your coach listens to you well and probes you time and again for more information.

  • Coaching tools in life coaching services

This is one of the most important aspects of a life coach. He or she should possess the required tools for analyzing the issue of the client and formulate a plan based on that. Some of the tools used by an executive life coach are worksheets, questionnaires, a Wheel of Life, and many others.

  •  Organizer

A good life coach is also a great organizer, i.e., he or she will never discuss his or her personal life experiences with you. Also, he or she would not use the information of some other client for making you understand the perspective.

When you go on to take a free session with the life coach, closely pay attention to the way the coach communicates with you. It will help you build up coordination with him or her, provided you understand them well.

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Find a life coach in Chennai

Well, as now you are aware of everything that you need to have and what you need to look for in a coach. It's time to do some digging online and find some professional life coaches with good coaching skills. While looking for a life coach in Chennai, consider the fact that which mode you want to consider for life coaching. Different coaches have different modes of coaching like,

  • Online mode

Some of the tutors in the coaching business deliver coaching sessions online. The best thing about the online coaching program is that anyone with an internet connection can avail it inside and outside the city. The prices of these sessions are comparatively less than the personal coaching session. 

  • Personal coaching

Being a life coach is not an easy job, especially when you have to listen to someone while sitting in front of them patiently. That’s what they train you for in the life certification coaching or training. The advantage that a personal coaching session offers you is live interaction while being in close vicinity of the person. You, as a coach, can teach them self awareness, personal growth, work life balance, and many other aspects to make their life better. Some of the personal coaches in Chennai are Venkat Subramanian, Jagathesan Arumugam, Deepa Kannan, and many more.

  • Free coaching

Although the people in favor of this thing are very less. The ones who provide free coaching to the clients are basically growing in this profile. Assisting someone in their problem is a noble thing, which is not attained by everybody. 

Some other centers in Chennai that offer life coaching services are Shreetvam Life coach center, Western Guru, Master yourself academy, etc.

Superprof's role in Life coaching

Superprof is an online platform for both tutors and students. If you are a student or an adult and are looking for a professional life coach, just type in the name of the city, and you will get to choose the coach you prefer. The vast database of Superprof offers you various choices from which you can opt for the best one that suits your preferences.

Most of the tutors on Superprof provide a free first session so that the client can get comfortable with the coach. Also, the fee structure of the life coaches varies, plan your budget, and choose the one which fits the best. Some of the coaches may charge you more, but in that case, they will have more experience and will help you in an advanced way.

Along with all this, when you go for a free session, check if your life coach is certified. In other words, check if he or she has any specific document that declares him or her as a certified life coach. Apart from all this, while being in the sessions with the coach, keep an oversight on the way he or she explains things.  Know about life coaches in other cities in India like Kolkata, New Delhi and Hyderabad.


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