Struggling to find a personal fitness trainer? Are you looking to lose weight, increase your strength, or get in shape?

Superprof is here to help you navigate your way through the health and fitness industry! Since the private tutoring and fitness industries are booming, there are so many personal fitness trainers available and with such large numbers of people wanting personal training sessions, this has allowed trainers to specialise.

You’ll see that each personal trainer has their own specialisation: cardio training, endurance, cycling, abs, strength training, weight loss... there’s just so many of them! No matter what you're looking for, there's probably a personal trainer specialising in it.

Personal Trainers for Losing Weight

An accredited personal fitness trainer can offer a wide variety of services encompassing plenty of different training programmes and regimes. Their personal trainer certification brings together knowledge of the human body, an awareness of its strengths and weaknesses, what can cause injury, and sports.

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How can I lose weight?
Cardio is great for weight loss. (Source:

However, it’s unlikely you’ll find a personal trainer that can do everything. Weight loss, strength training, boxing, yoga, pilates, or even workouts at the gym to help you tone and sculpt your body all require a very specific set of skills and specialised knowledge. This is why most personal trainers only offer 2 or 3 unique services.

You’re probably fully aware that losing weight isn’t something you can take lightly. Your body, even when you’re losing weight, has to continue to get its regular intake of energy and vitamins on a daily basis. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably end up giving up on your fitness goals.

A quick search online will show you that there are supposedly thousands of miraculous ways to lose weight. However, if you've tried any of them, you'll probably know that a lot of them are unsustainable methods or outright nonsense.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to be eating right and exercising. You first step should be calling a fitness professional who specialises in nutrition. They can show you how to eat right and cook food that will help you lose weight. Bit by bit, they’ll help you get that flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

Of course, you still need to put in the physical effort, too! If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and follow your personal trainer’s advice, do some cardio like running, ab workouts, and maybe even go swimming or get on your bike. In short, you have to exercise regularly and change your eating habits.

The right personal trainer will have to be an expert in both these things! If you’re ready to go for it, there are plenty of personal trainers waiting for you on Superprof!

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Strength Training? Get a Personal Trainer!

Strength training is one of the most popular disciplines when it comes to personal trainers on Superprof! Would you like to be more toned or muscular?

Have you been working on your definiton? Are you still not getting the abs, pecs, glutes, or legs you’re after despite fierce sessions at the gym? Don’t worry! Maybe you just need to change your methods.

How can I build muscle?
Get a specialised personal trainer to help you with your technique. (Source: Binyamin Mellish)

Superprof recommends hiring a fitness instructor that specialises in strength and conditioning! You can find personal trainers up and down the UK on our site who know the most effective ways to bulk and get ripped.

Unlike the personal trainers specialising in weight loss, a certified personal trainer specialising in strength training will focus on gaining weight in the form of muscles. This type of personal trainer can put together personal training sessions based on your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

When it comes to your fitness programme, there are a lot of things your trainer will do for you. They’ll firstly establish where you are currently and where you need to go.

Then your personal trainer will put together a programme of different workouts for different muscle groups like your abs, glutes, and legs as well as your upper body (pecs, shoulders, back), and arms (triceps, biceps, forearms), etc.

They'll find the perfect balance between challenging and achievable. After all, people usually give up because they're not working hard enough and therefore aren't getting the results they wanted or they work too hard and burn themselves out. The right motivation is very important for sticking with your workout routine.

You might think that you don’t need a personal trainer to do that and you can just do it yourself. However, Superprof recommends finding a qualified personal trainer since this type of exercise can be potentially dangerous if not done correctly and with the supervision of a professional. This is why your personal trainer has to be a seasoned professional that specialises in strength training! 

As you might have guessed, this is in order to avoid injury! You'd hate to put so much work into your workouts and then for it all to go to waste because you're out injured!

A Personal Trainer Specialising in Fitness

The 2 specialities we’ve already talked about focus on the size of your body. They have very specific and achievable numerical objectives.

However, some people want more than just to be a different size. They want to get into shape and live more healthily. They want to change their unhealthy daily routines for better ones.

How can I get in shape?
You don't need to exercise just to change your weight. (Source:

A lot of people find staying in shape very difficult. Even former sports stars! Our other responsibilities and daily activities can often pull us away from sporting activities. We end up putting on a few extra pounds and losing the firmness we’d gained thanks to the sports we were doing. We also can lose the ability to exercise for longer periods of time...

However, sports are making a comeback! It’s time for everyone to get involved! Getting back into shape is now even easier thanks to personal trainers who can come to your house.

They specialise in getting people back into shape even if it’s been years since the last time they exercised. There are plenty of different programmes to get back into shape whether in your house or at a sports centre.

First you need to start with a bit of cardio to get things going again. This usually entails a bit of running, using the cross trainer, exercise bike, or treadmill. Then there’s a bit of strength training to keep you in shape.

When combined, these practices can help your body get back to how it was back in the day. A personal trainer will also suggest useful activities like yoga or pilates to help you become more flexible and to help you relax.

Finally, this all has to be done while eating right otherwise you might end up wasting your time.

Make sure to ask any potential personal trainers whether or not they specialise in fitness training. While this can sometimes be quite expensive, if you do enough research, you should be able to find the right personal trainer for you at the right price.

Become a Healthy Weight with the Help of a Personal Trainer

We couldn’t talk about personal trainers without mentioning this. While you may think that personal trainers are only for keen gym members and those losing weight for bikini season, they can also be a huge benefit to overweight individuals.

They are basically health professionals. Typical training sessions may be a real challenge for some clients. However, a personal trainer can find activities that work for them. If you need to lose several pounds and move towards becoming a healthy weight, you should look for a personal trainer!

How can I improve my fitness?
Anyone can get in shape. You just need to get out there! (Source:

They’ll help you become motivated and get your confidence back!

In recent years, lifestyle changes have resulted in more people being overweight and the UK having the highest rates of obesity in Europe. However, it's not all bad news. This demand has also resulted in a large number personal trainers specialising in weight loss.

We’re very confident that you’ll be able to find the right personal trainer for you on Superprof if you’d like to lose weight. They’ll be able to put together the programme that works for you and keep tailoring it session after session.

In addition to the physical benefits of these sessions, they can also be very helpful for those suffering from stress and anxiety which is usually caused work. Due to our demanding schedules, some people turn to sport and physical exercise as they're great ways to unwind.

There’s nothing better than a bit of exercise to take your mind of your daily worries. Your personal trainer will also take care of choosing the best way to do this, be it fitness training, boxing, or cardio. Free yourself of stress and get those endorphins flowing with intensive training sessions carefully planned by your personal fitness trainer!

And don't forget to plan some downtime so your body can regenerate - for example, by watching your favourite sports training movies!

If you're ready to start working on your body, search online for 'personal trainers near me'.

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