As anyone in the booming fitness industry will tell you, there are so many options for people who want to work out and get fit. When it comes to getting into shape, strength and fitness training, toning certain parts of your body, or just working towards your health and fitness goals, you have two main choices: getting healthier with group fitness classes in gyms or health clubs or doing workouts with a personal fitness trainer in the comfort of your own home.

Which should you choose? What are the differences between these two options?

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The Role of a Personal Trainer

Whether a fitness instructor works in a sports centre or with their clients inside or out, whether they do sessions with 1, 2, 5, or 10 students, they’re a fitness professional and choosing the right one can be very difficult. While it's great having a choice, sometimes you have so much choice you don't even know where you should begin and whether you should even work with a personal trainer in the first place!

We'll get to choosing the right online personal trainer in a bit...

How much does a personal trainer cost?

In addition to suggesting the right exercises for strength training or fitness, your certified personal trainer is also a professional who needs to tailor their programmes to each of their clients and make sure that each activity is as effective as it can be. Their commitment to helping people to live healthier lives is why they decided to learn about physiology and become a personal trainer in the first place.

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Working with Personal Trainers

The Advantages of Personalised Training

As soon as you’ve hired your one on one personal fitness trainer, they’ll start tailoring their programme to you. They’ll work with your availability, the days and hours when you can exercise, and do whatever they can to make sure that your personal training works with your other commitments.

Thanks to their flexibility, you won’t have to stress about it. You won’t need to worry about finding a space to park at the gym, either!

Another difference is that this personal trainer is there to motivate you to train in order to get healthier. When you go to the gym on your own, it's very easy to tell yourself you've done enough, cut corners in your work out, or not go at all!

There will inevitably be days when you want to give up. Don’t worry! Your accredited personal trainer will be there every step of the way to ensure that you remain motivated.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about getting to your sessions since your personal trainer will come to you with their own equipment. You’ll no longer need to head out into the cold and rain and you’ll no longer have any excuses to not do your exercises.

You’ll also be far less tempted to put off working out.

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The main difference when it comes to the sessions is that you always have a professional on hand to help you with any fitness concerns you may have and to guide you every step of the way ensuring that you don’t injure yourself during your personal training sessions.

Thanks to this level of support, you’ll stay motivated and see better results than if you were working on your own. Furthermore, these sessions are tailor made for you and will work with your body type and your fitness levels.

Your personal trainer can give you advice, change activities according to your expectations, needs, and your physical fitness. They’re also there to teach you about your body and give you clear and precise advice on what will work best for you.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve, be it strength training, weight loss, or fitness training, your personal trainer is there to answer all your questions and make sure you meet your objectives.

Ensure that they have a personal trainer certification that's nationally recognised. This means that they can also make sure that you’re not doing any of your exercises dangerously.

The final advantage is that personal trainers can also specialise in a variety of different things. For example, in addition to exercising, your personal trainer might be an expert in relaxation, nutrition, etc. This additional training can be hugely beneficial when it comes to to personal training. This is where personal training comes into its own.

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The Disadvantages of Personal Trainers

There are two main disadvantages to personal trainers that we can see.

Firstly, the limit to how many different activities they can suggest and offer. Certain physical activities require special machines or facilities that a personal trainer won’t be able to bring to your house. For example, you probably don’t have a steam room, sauna, swimming pool, or a gym in your house.

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Another negative is the cost. Sessions at your home tend to cost more than joining a gym. Nevertheless, if you do your research you should be able to find personal trainers (on sites like Superprof, for example) offering their services at very competitive rates or offering discounts for smaller groups.

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

If you've decided that getting a personal trainer is right for you, that's great! The next biggest challenge is going to be choosing the right one. As we said earlier, there are absolutely tonnes of trainers to choose from and each one has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to training you!

The first thing you should do is write down all your fitness goals. What are you trying to do? Would you like to lose weight, build muscle, or are you training for a marathon? You need to outline your objectives before you start looking for personal trainers.

Next work out your budget. Don't pluck a number out of thin air. Have a look at the average prices for personal trainers in your area that specialise in the type of training you're looking for and work out what you can afford. Don't waste your time looking for trainers that are outside of your budget!

Finally, speak to and meet as many trainers as you can. Make sure you ask them about their qualifications, experience, approach, rates, and availability before you arrange to meet. Many personal trainers will offer taster sessions where you can see if you get along. Once you've done your casting, you can shortlist the best ones and start making your decision.

The Advantages of Taking Classes at the Gym

The Advantages of Taking Classes at the Gym

The main advantage of taking gym fitness classes near me over personal trainers is that there are far more facilities available: workout benches, rowing machines, treadmills, cross-trainers, weights, etc.

Some sports centres and gyms also pride themselves on having the latest machines available on the market. Other centres also come complete with a pool, sauna, and masseuses.

Sports centres and gyms also offer special packages and rates depending on which facilities you’d like to use.

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Another advantage is that the classes are available almost every hour of the day and the centres themselves are also open for long hours meaning that you can train, workout, or exercise whenever suits you.

You can also meet up with your personal trainer or gym buddies, meaning there’s also almost always someone to hang out with when you go.

Gyms and sports centres are usually friendly places where you can spend time with people who like the same sports as you do.

Our final advantage when it comes to going to the gym is that the staff there have to have the right qualifications, meaning that all their personal trainers are seasoned professionals.

The Disadvantages of the Gym

One disadvantage of gyms is that there’s no guarantee that there’s one near your house. This means that you’ll often have to travel to the gym to workout or attend a class!

If you go by car, you’ll need to find a place to park and if you go by public transport, the station or bus stop mightn’t be nearby. Your workout may start as you get in your vehicle...

Another disadvantage is that you can never be alone in a sports centre or gym.

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While this does mean you can meet other people, some people aren’t comfortable with working out, getting changed, or showering in front of other people. This can demotivate some people and even put them off exercising altogether.

Additionally, the staff at the gym aren’t working with you on a personal basis, won’t be giving you advice, and your workout programme won’t be as effective as one drawn up with you in mind by your own personal trainer. Sure, it's better than sitting on your sofa watching sports films, but it won't give you the returns of having your own personal trainer.

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