"Boxing has always been the opera of the poor and the rough." Jordi Bonells, Franco-Spanish writer.

Combat sports may have been formerly associated with  thugs and bad boys who love to fight. However, boxing is polishing its reputation with newfound popularity and is now regarded as a noble art form and sport.

Boxing - English, French or Thai boxing - is no longer essentially seen as "the opera of the poor" who love to fight, but as a noble art to regain and maintain an exemplary physical condition. It is impeccable cardiovascular and physical training for muscle building.

All regular practitioners will tell you that it is one of the most complete sports disciplines out there.

In the past ten years, England has seen a significant growth in boxing athletes and practitioners. This is also true for the U.S. and continental Europe.

The Active People Survey (APS) is a national survey which measures how many people are taking part in sport, who those people are, and how they are taking part - whether it's as part of a club, for competition, or in a fitness environment.

The most recent survey shows that boxing has enjoyed an increase of just under 30,000 people in the past six months alone.

Female participation now stands at 35,000, a rise of 11,700 in the past six months, suggesting that more women and girls are choosing boxing as an alternative to those traditionally seen as women's sports. Male participation is up by 14,300 to 131,400.

  • What is this craze that is pushing more and more people to take boxing classes?
  • Is it to gain self-confidence, to lose weight, to launch a powerful uppercut during their first fight?

It will take long hours to learn footwork, punching and kicking before being fully prepared to fight.

In this article, Superprof draws a top 10 list of good reasons to box.

1. Boxing is a Sport Full of Variety

Being a boxer is to engage in a fight against boredom and sedentariness: it is a sport adapted to all skill levels.

Boxing technique will help you stay strong.
Learn to block and protect your face and teeth.

Today, boxing is available in seven modes of practice in total:

  • Educational boxing,
  • Boxing pre-fight,
  • Amateur boxing,
  • Professional boxing,
  • Leisure Boxing,
  • The Aerobox,
  • Handisport Boxing

In fact, it is the desired body target that will influence the type of boxing you choose.

In American boxing, English boxing, and boxing in France, you'll aim for the face and bust, while you add the legs in Burmese boxing, kun khmer, kickboxing or Thai boxing.

All parts of the body - except the genitals, throat and spine - are targeted in free combat, mixed martial arts (MMA, combining pugilism and hand-to-hand combat).

With good boxing equipment (jumprope, boxing gloves, boxing shoes and / or punching bag), there is something for everyone at any level.

Discover the history of boxing to know all the subtleties.

2. Box to Refine Your Figure

It is rare to find a combat sport that does as much full body work as boxing.

During a boxing class, the athlete will run, jump, kick, and punch, which is ideal for thinning legs and toning arms.

An hour and a half of training does not even equate to a session in a weight room because in boxing, all the deep muscles are worked simultaneously and smoothly.

If you want to build your muscles and sculpt your body, boxing - kick boxing, full contact or French savate boxing - is a martial arts must.

3. Boxing to Burn Calories and Slim Down

In England, approximately two in three people will be affected by unhealthy weight gain and obesity. An alarming statistic that justifies the importance of practicing a sporting activity.

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Become a boxing champion and get a great figure
Determination is the key to unlocking your potential in the ring.

Moreover, more and more English people are starting to play sports - in the fitness room, at home or in a sports club - sporting activity is now seen as a powerful remedy against disease.

Taking an English boxing class inflicts intense training on the human body. In fact, many calories will be burned, and adipose tissue (excess fat in the cells) will turn into muscle.

Boxing is perfect for getting thinner and gaining muscle mass: one hour of boxing burns more energy than during a swimming session or a fitness class.

Put on your boxing gloves and let's go!

4. Boxing is Perfect Cardiovascular Sports Training

Boxing strengthens the cardiovascular system because it stimulates breathing and greatly increases the heart rate.

The heart muscles are strengthened, especially if the training is regular.

Savate Boxing, for example, prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases in the same way as practicing sport or exercise  in a fitness club, jiu jitsu, kung fu, karate, aikido or running.

After a few weeks of boxing, you'll no longer find yourself breathless after small excursions!

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5. Box to Let off Steam and Calm Down

Contemporary society, hierarchical pressure, omnipresence of digitalis and screens, social media, and also the frantic race to professional success and unemployment can cause stress and anxiety.

In this rather black context, it is always interesting to be able to count on a personal activity, a leisure or a sport to let off steam!

Boxing is a real stress reliever.
Boxing can help you manage your stress and energy levels.

In this context, joining a boxing gym can be a great way to beat down the frustration, stress, anguish or turpitude of a life lived by the hour.

How to get that K.O?

Wear a track suit and take to the punching bags as a warm up. After the warm up, getting in the ring will release what are called molecules of good humor and happiness.

The practice of a martial art or a combat sport such as boxing will increase the level of serotonin present in the body, which means that the sporting subject will considerably increase its feeling of well-being, fight effectively against stress and soothe their body.

You will come out of the boxing club released and your stock of self-confidence restored.

The greatest boxers won't argue!

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6. It's an Ideal Sport for Building Muscle

In addition to developing heart power, boxing allows you to work on endurance and build muscle, and reduces the body's tiredness.

It is often necessary to get tired to be less tired: after a good training at boxing school, the body will ask for rest and will be better oxygenated than before.

In fact, recovery by sleep will be easier, and the individual will be less tired afterwards.

The sequence of exercises is also very complete. It allows you to work and stimulate all of your muscles, from the tibia to the forearm, and in depth.

Indeed, all the upper limbs - shoulder, pectoral, dorsal and abdominal oblique, biceps and triceps - and lower - calves, thighs, glutes - work simultaneously during a session, even without being as strong as Mike Tyson or the Boxing World Champion

Increase self-control and remain undefeated in the boxing ring!

7. Boxing is a Great Self Defense Tool

In large English cities, the level of social tension can sometimes reach unbearable thresholds, to such a point that one may fear suffering aggression, harassment, or humiliation of any kind.

Box for sport or for exercise.
Become a champion - at home, in the ring, or at the olympics!

Knowing taekwondo or how to front kick may allow you to leave a situation with serenity.

But contact sports are very effective for self defense, and protecting yourself.

Boxing is not a self-defense sport, but the learning of punches - the hook, the uppercut - and kicks - the low-kick, the front kick - will help you to learn how to check sharp and powerful blows to ward off a possible attacker.

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8. Boxing is a Fun and Friendly Sport

Whatever the age and physical condition of the person, boxing can be practiced in various ways, but always in a fun way, and to great personal enjoyment.

First, it's great to meet people and share in their passion. Group lessons of body fighting or boxing can also help you to find a great training or sparring partner.

Then, little by little, it turns into a fabulous catalyst of social relations: we make friends, we laugh, we romp with friends, and we meet - why not? - our alter ego.

9. Boxing is a Mixed Sport

Formerly, attendance at a boxing club was mainly reserved for a male audience. We see it elsewhere in the film directed by Clint Eastwood in 2004 - Million Dollar Baby - where the coach is reluctant, at first, to train the heroine Hillary Swank.

Playing this sport helps you to feel stronger, and it's become one of the most feminine sports disciplines in recent years.

Of course, the Thai boxing club or the English or French boxing sports center is a place where men and women are equal to each other, where one has driven the other into a relationship of equals to progress together.

10. Boxing is Both Tactical and Technical

Finally, last good reason to do boxing: it's a technical and strategic sport. The goal is not only to defeat your opponent, but to optimise your movements to bring the winning shot.

Knockout in the boxing ring.

So it will be necessary to use a good tactic, think to find the solution to hit where it is needed.

Like all manual disciplines, boxing requires a high level of precision, speed and vivacity, as well as speed of execution and motor skills to achieve the sequences.

No need to be a great champion or an Olympic athlete to have fun: motivation will be enough to see convincing results.

Do not hesitate to come with boxing equipment for a first try class at the boxing gym, or alternatively, to install a punching bag at home.

Feel free to watch all the greatest movies about boxing and listen out for the biggest and baddest phrases in boxing!

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