“We don’t know what we’re looking for on the internet but we find everything that we’re not looking for.” - Anne Roumanoff

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for drum lessons near me, the internet is still one of your best options. Every minute, 300 hours of videos are uploaded onto YouTube. Three-quarters of this are music, making the platform perfect for those looking to learn more about the drums.

But which YouTube drum tutorials should you watch?

How can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

In this article, we’re going to show you the best drumming tutorials on YouTube and how you can use them to learn more about both music and playing the drums!

YouTube Channels for Musicians at Heart

Before finding games online for playing virtual drums or an online drum lesson, you need to learn about the basics of music. To do this, head over to YouTube. You’ll find a huge selection of videos from the general public as well as professionals in music.

Which are the best drumming YouTube channels?
You've had an infinite video library in your pocket this whole time! (Source: StockSnap)

You’ll also find videos on themes such as:

  • Woodwind instruments
  • String instruments
  • Percussion instruments
  • Virtual instruments like sequencers

If making music if your hobby, then you should start with some of the following channels:

  • Music Pro Tutorials, a go-to channel for recording music
  • Marty Music, who specialised in guitar lessons and guitar effects
  • Drumeo, a channel dedicated to drums
  • Jess Greenberg 1, who covers songs on a classical guitar

Music Pro Tutorials covers music production and is great for those who want tips on recording music before they get started either as a drummer in a band or on their own. The channel has tutorials on Ableton Live and Cubase as well as how to manage your audio tracks. To be fair, the name of the channel really says it all.

Marty Music is famous thanks to his 900,000 subscribers and due to the fact that he’s happy to play music. There are videos on guitar amps, electro-acoustic guitars, and musical composition. This is a good option for budding musicians who want to learn more about different instruments and the fundamentals of music.

Drumeo, as the name suggests, is dedicated to both amateur and professional drummers. With 790,000 subscribers, there are plenty of people watching their videos. While not really for those who don't play the drums, it's a must for those who do!

Jess Greenberg 1 has 1.4 million subscribers. She covers famous songs on a classical guitar. It’s also a good channel to check out if you need inspiration for your own music.

So why should you get online drum tutorials?

Drummers on YouTube that You Should Follow

Whether you’re playing electronic drums or acoustic drums, you need to choose your own style.

Which are the best drumming videos?
You can watch famous drummers on YouTube, too! (Source: 6554)

Are you a funk, folk, or hard rock drummer?

It’s important because it’ll help you choose the right YouTubers to follow.

There are drummers who are YouTubers in their spare time. The majority of divide their time between playing in bands and making videos for YouTube. Despite not being dedicated drumming channels, a lot of them share tips for their fans as well as explanations of certain techniques and explanations of how to play their songs, in some cases.

Did you know that according to a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in Canada, 97% of men and 65% of women prefer music with drums and bass? Why? Because it can help you feel more confident...

Some YouTubers have made it as full-time drummers on the platform. While some drummers, like Dante Agostini, were famous before putting stuff on YouTube, there are actually drummers who've made a name for themselves directly on the platform.

  • Matt McGuire, a young drummer with over 1 million subscribers who’s worked with famous DJs
  • Coop3rdrumm3r, a drummer whose videos include original performances and information on certain techniques
  • Sina, a young lady who’s shared her passion for drums on her channel Sina-drums
  • Nea Batera, a drummer who favours heavy metal.
  • Mike Johnston’s Drum Lab
  • Alex Ribchester’s Fun Free Drum Lessons
  • BoomBoomTV With Jen Lowe
  • LukeHollandDrums

After you’ve been inspired some of these channels, you might want to make a name for yourself.

There are plenty of drum learning apps on both Apple products (via the App Store) and Android devices (via Google Play) to help you, too.

Learning How to Play the Drums with YouTube Videos

If you’re making your own music from a home studio, YouTube has a lot to offer you. If you want to be like your favourite musicians, you’ll need to consider investing in some musical instruments and audio equipment like:

  • Synths
  • Mixing decks
  • A sound card
  • Drum programs like Logic Pro X
  • A drum kit or drum set (with a bass drum, snare drum, toms, a hi-hat, cymbals, and drumsticks or brushes)
  • You can expect to pay somewhere around £500 for your purchases

Take exceptional drum lessons here.

Which are the best drumming video lessons?
YouTube is pretty much the ideal platform for educational videos. (Source: USA-Reiseblogger)

There are lessons for all levels available. From fun lessons to technical lessons. They can help you learn about:

  • VST and VSTi plugins that are used by virtual instruments
  • Using a metronome
  • Free samples
  • Sharing your music onto a platform such as SoundCloud

Are you ready to find out about other ways to learn how to play the drums?

Learn to Play the Drums with Apps

While there are plenty of advantages to learning to play the drums with YouTube videos, there’s also a way to learn how to play the drums and you can usually find it in your pocket. There are a lot of drumming games that can be used to work on your timing and rhythm wherever you are, even if you’re on the bus. These games include:

  • MyDrumApp
  • Drum School
  • WeDrum
Which are the best online drumming resources?
You'll progress really quickly with online lessons and tutorials, especially those on YouTube! (Source: Nadine_Em)

In addition to YouTube, there are also platforms like Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Dailymotion. You can choose the platform that works best for you. By creating an account on YouTube, you can leave comments and save your favourite videos.

To take your passion for drumming with you everywhere, there are apps and programs you should download:

  • Garage Band
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Rudidrum
  • The Drum Dictionary
  • MultiTrackDaw

Whether you want to tune your drums, play in time, or record your own music, these apps and programs are essential. Furthermore, most of these apps are free or very cheap (less than £10).

Whether you’re an experienced drummer or have never played in your life, online resources (especially YouTube) are there to help you improve and connect with other drummers. You just need to work out which ones work best for you!

Which are the best drumming blogs?

If you want to get into the groove with your new instrument, a beginner can find plenty of useful blogs with reviews of drum kits, sticks, pedals, hi-hats, and useful information for beginners such as tuning your drums and some basic drum beats. With drum blogs, if you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can make yourself comfortable and read them at your leisure.

Smartphones are great for reading drum blogs as you can read them on your way to work or during your break when you might usually just sit around with nothing to do.

We can’t forget the most important resource for learning how to play drums, the teachers! On our platform, you can find drummers to help you learn how to play the drums! The first tutorial is usually free and is used as a taster session, an evaluation of your level, and to establish the conditions of your lessons.

With private tutors, you can work on your own learning plan and set your goals. Unlike group music lessons which need to be for everyone, your private lessons are just for you. If you've been struggling with a certain technique, you can tell your tutor about it and set aside a lesson to focus on it.

If you don't live near any private tutors or can't find the right one for you, don't forget that you can always opt for online private tutors who'll offer their tutorials over Skype or another video conferencing platform. Since online tutors don't need to be anywhere near you, you can broaden your search to anywhere in the world.

This is particularly useful for those with irregular schedules (such as those working shifts or nights) as you can find someone who's awake and works at a time that works for you. Of course, don't schedule your drum lessons for 3 in the morning if you live in a block of flats or have neighbours that you'll keep awake all night with your drumming!

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