Ahmedabad is a commercial hub and the capital city of Gujarat. Composed with an entrepreneurial spirit, people of Gujarat are characteristically known to be good at business, data and analytics. With the growth in business activities, the high potential of the state in trade and commerce, Gujarat’s export for 2018-19 reached USD 67,401 million. Hence, there stand lucrative opportunities to pursue a career in accounts. Moreover, this has eventually led to a surge in demand for best accounting classes in Ahmedabad conducted by best faculties.

The desire to be financially secure and geographically stable has prompted many to opt for online accouting jobs apart from their routine business set-up. It also keeps them close to their family and avoids unnecessary travel to the office in times of current pandemic outbreak of corona. Not only professionals can work online with the advancement in information and communication technology but they can also seek training courses from experts in different domains of accounts like finance, cost, taxation, legal, etc. Student-friendly online modules are being developed to offer flexibility to students to learn as per their convenience with regards to place and time.

Statistics for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) graduates in India. Source: getmyuni.com

Those who could not pursue or complete their formal education into accounts can enrol many of the different classes i.e., both online and offline to train themselves to be a master of their business.

Rising Demand For Accounting Teacher Job

The world is grappling with many issues such as - malnutrition, natural calamities, inflation, unequal wealth distribution, tax evasions, hawala and most importantly - corruption. Money is involved everywhere. Success comes to those who are able to manage and invest their smart and hard-earned money judiciously. It requires an individual to have knowledge of time value of money, tax, subsidies and rebates, government regulations and trade laws.

Therefore, it necessitates the guidance and supervision of accountants who hold strong knowledge and expertise in similar fields. These accountants under the guidance of qualified faculties have pursued some relevant courses/certifications from some institution. To cater to these knowledge seekers there is a perpetual demand in accounting teacher job.

Online Accounting Is Trending

Information and Communication Technology offers advantages such as speed, storage, security, reliability, analytical accuracy and much more. Consequently, there has been an application of the same in the field of accounts. In order to record financial transactions, build profit & loss sheet, balance sheet, payroll and perform other auditory functions many software have been developed and are being widely used.

Excel, Tally, Quickbooks, My OB, Xero are some of these and many more customized tools are being developed by organizations to suit their demand. Experts, experienced professionals, commerce and accounts faculty members are imparting training in many of such online tools both at the personal level as well as in collaboration with different educational and training institutes in Ahmedabad, like Tally Institute and Nurture Academy.

Technological Advancement And Awareness

It was in the 1990s when having a mobile and personal computer was considered a luxury as only the elite could have the capacity to afford and access it. The work was manual and life was relatively moderate. But the benefits accrued from the use of mobiles & computer systems gradually translated them into a necessity from the so-called luxury.

The work shifted on systems and communication started online via e-mails, cloud storage and collaboration, businesses also started expanding in congruence with trade laws and taxation regimes which added more complexities to the environment. Hence, for fast and reliable processing, the need for meticulous up-gradation of technology and software prowess of the workers has become the new normal.

Confluence Of Different Subjects

Just like an engineering degree course, accounts cannot be studied in isolation. There are many subjects which form the skeletal framework for a competent practising accountant. An individual must have a sound understanding of the business environment, which can be developed by diligent study of the following subjects -

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Company laws
  • Corporate Governance
  • Income Tax, Auditing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Foreign Accounting Taxation Training
  • Computer Applications and Business Regulatory Framework.

Students should have an in-depth understanding of the concepts in these subjects. Specialised and qualified faculty are needed to teach these individual subjects with practical concepts along with subjective content.

Education Centres In Ahmedabad

The City of Ahmedabad has been consistently carrying forward the legacy for educational enlightenment and career growth of the society. Many centres of higher education and enhanced learning have been catering to the teaching and training of bright minds in the field of accounts. Following renowned colleges and universities are offering graduate and postgraduate courses in Ahmedabad-

  • St. Xavier’s College
  • Ahmedabad University
  • Gujarat University
  • Nirma University
  • HL College of Commerce
  • Gujarat Arts and Commerce College
  • Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
  • CU Shah Commerce College
A campus in India
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is one of the most popular places to study. Source: dnaindia.com

World-renowned, Indian Institute of Management is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is offering courses in management, finance, accounts and human behaviour. Besides, IIM - Ahmedabad, Institue of Management, Nirma University and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India is providing a world-class education to the students. Research, consulting and content development finds high pace under the stewardship of the brightest faculties teaching here.

Prospects Of Accounting Jobs In India

Scope of accounting jobs in India is a bright spot in the career prospects of those considering to opt for it. Many job and skill-specific Diploma courses besides, graduate and postgraduate courses are also administered under the affiliation of prominent universities and professional bodies. Right from the initial start, there is an ample opportunity to nurture skills in accounting work with a decent pay scale with diploma certification courses in accounting.

A candidate can work in the above roles in corporations, trusts, market research and consulting firms, financial institutions and many others. Then there is an opportunity to opt for distance education while performing the above jobs to complete both graduation and masters degree in accounts related courses. IGNOU, University of Mumbai, Lovely Professional University are some institutes offering distance education.

Statistics for diploma certification holders in Accounts in India. Source: collegedunia.com

Professional Education In Accounting

Corporate culture has penetrated the economic atmosphere of India with the adoption of globalization, liberalization and privatisation in the early 1990s. India is encouraging multinationals to invest in the Indian business paraphernalia to contributes towards its economic prosperity. This has given birth to the demand for accounting professionals in India.

Realizing the demand and future prospects many institutes of global acclaim have come up in India to impart professional teaching and training. With the following institutions, India is rearing qualified Accounting professionals-

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) - Candidates clearing its prestigious examination earn the tag of Chartered Accountants (CA). They are certified, auditors.
  • The Institute of Cost and Works Account of India (ICWAI) - It provides an opportunity to qualify for the certification to work as a cost and management accountant. People having this certification and sufficient experience become a pertinent figure for any organization.
  • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) - Provides courses and certification to earn the title of Company Secretary( CS). CS work relentlessly to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization with respect to the Companies laws, corporate governance and SEBI guidelines.
  • Financial Accountants - Having earned graduation and/or post-graduation degree, a candidate can work sincerely to gain experience in different domains - GST, debt & equity, currency exchange, financial management & audits, due diligence, etc. More experience is the salary and position in the working organization. At the same time, they can learn different accounting software like Tally ERP to keep themselves updated with the latest ICT applications in their work.

How To Find Accounting Courses Online In Ahmedabad?

The Government of India has been encouraging the need for a Digital India and its citizens to be technology savvy. Also, the recent lockdowns imposed due to the corona outbreak has called for a switch towards online platforms of work and communication.

Digital India Campaign
Digital India Campaign was launched in 2015, with a vision to transform India into digitally enable society. Source: indiaemployerforum.org

The launch of several online courses by the government under the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) initiative on SWAYAM and NPTEL is a good source of knowledge as many individuals are seeking to take accounting courses online.

However, Superprof comes to further help the students who want to carry out their studies under the guidance of specialized accounting finance faculties. It helps them to connect with teachers having expertise in some specific domains of accounting, different experience levels in the corporates, and teaching. Event professionals who want to mentor their juniors can load their profiles to catch hold of the tutor seekers.

Not only this but the students get a free demo class to finalize their tutor. It is a win-win situation for both as Superprof connects the students with the tutors in their near vicinity. Both the parties are at an advantage as they don’t have to street hunt for each other and can save time and money which they can utilize in some other productive chores.

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