Accounting is one of the branches of finance that creates the pillars of the world business. Every sector of the economy, big or small, needs individuals who are well-versed with the concepts of the subject. The industrialists and entrepreneurs realised the importance of accounting skills a long time ago, and that is why all of them spend a significant amount of money to headhunt the best minds in the country.

Few of the renowned institutes of India offer numerous accounting courses to the aspirants. You can enrol yourself in any of the accounting programmes to acquire the degree that will help you climb up the stairs of success.

Out of all the Indian cities that offer the best opportunities to the accounting degree holders, Hyderabad stands out in many aspects. The city boasts one of the largest IT sectors and corporate firms. Accounting jobs in Hyderabad are easy to find as almost all businesses and industries use the excellence of accountants.

As long as you keep your goal fixed on becoming a highly skilled accountant, be sure that jobs will fall into your lap if you stand eligible for the required posts. From government entities to MNCs (Multinational Companies), a Hyderabad accountant will get plenty of opportunities to develop his proficiency.

Being a skilled and qualified accountant requires vigorous hours of study. Source:

Pros And Cons Of Career In Accounting

No matter how many career advisors or experts you consult with, everyone will tell you that a career in accounting is worth all the hard work and effort. However, there are always two sides to a coin and instead of making speculations based on public opinion, you should analyse the benefits and downsides of a career in accounting.

Once you know how much you have to put on stake to secure Hyderabad jobs in accounting, it will be easy to walk the path to the destination.

Pros of Making A Career In Accounting

An accounting career will offer you a lot of benefits and perks that are enough for building the life you always desired. For securing the chance to get the best accountant jobs in Hyderabad, you can rely upon the given information to know what to expect.

  • Accounting is a stable and growing line of work: Most of the professions go through market fluctuations and economic highs and lows that lead to unemployment in that sector. Accounting is among the very few career choices that will not leave you unemployed in the market. Experts consider it as one of the most stable professions that get least affected by inflation or recession in the economy.
  • The accounting field has numerous career choices: These options include Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Staff Accountant, Cost and Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, CFO (Chief Executive Officer), Finance Director, etc. You would not have to reconsider your decision of becoming an accountant in the midway of your career.
  • Accountants start their career with a decent income: While the highest package of accounting professionals in India has hiked up to a whopping 70 lakhs per annum, the starting salary offered to freshers is also satisfactory. You can expect to earn 3-5 lakhs per annum during the initial years of your professional life. Further increments and promotions will yield you much more, depending upon your performance and experience.
  • Scope and opportunity of diverse career growth: Accounting is a vast subject that lays out equally vast career opportunities. You will not have to limit your future to doing jobs. You can become an accounting teacher, a freelancer, start an accounting firm, start an online tutoring business, etc. You will have every chance to expand your reach and vision and start a business in any location Hyderabad.

Cons Of Making A Career In Accounting

Nothing in this world holds everything good. For you to gain something valuable in life, you have to make plenty of sacrifices along the way. You have to dedicate 14-16 hours a day to studying for the professional courses of accounting. Cost and Management Accounting courses offer a bright future, but you have to lose every drop of sweat to gain that! Although in a very limited number, the cons of making a career in accounting must be in your notice. 

  • Stressful work hours during the busy season: Accounting is a typical 7 hours job where you will probably work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, during the accounting months, that is, the financial year-end, you will be put under a lot of pressure to complete the tasks. Nonetheless, almost every job entails stress and pressure along the way. This workload is bearable given the paycheck that accounting jobs produce.
Accounting task
An accountant’s knowledge is not limited to bookkeeping and journals. Source:
  • Accounting is an ongoing education process: Plus it does not end with a job. In most of the professional courses of accounting, you will have to start auditing jobs from the Intermediate level. The job time is not limited to a certain. Like, you can also study further if you are willing to enhance your knowledge. There are degrees that you can acquire even after being a professional accountant.

Tally Accounting Jobs In Hyderabad

You may or may not choose to become a chartered accountant or financial accountant to get India competitive salary in accounting jobs Hyderabad. In Secunderabad INR 30-40 thousand a month is not a big deal for tally accounting professionals as well. The salaries Hyderabad Telangana accountants get are high enough to dedicate regular hours. After completing a tally accounting course, you will have many job opportunities in the public sector health institute and private sectors as well.

Administrator Executive

As an administrator executive, you will need to perform several accounting and non-accounting tasks that include taking phone calls and coordinating with clients, making spreadsheets and word documents, filing and tallying all the important data carefully.

Review Executive

Review executives are more like examiner experts who work in gigantic accounting firms. You will need to group, check and investigate spreadsheets information, analyse the company accounts and control monetary assignments from time to time.

Account Manager

As the name suggests, account managers handle the associations and offers of a particular client of the company. You will need to utilise your tally accounting skills to extract business from the clients.

Money Analyst

If you take up the post of a money analyst, you will need to dissect, design and create budgetary reports and data analysis for the organisation. You would work at improving the budgetary status of the firm.

Senior Accountant

As a senior accountant, you would be taking in-charge of the accounts issues, keeping bank proclamations and general records for the betterment of the company. You will also have to possess commendable investigative abilities to scrutinize the accounting reports successfully. 

Tally accounting jobs are not as easy and convenient as people think them to be. Source:

Account Executive

Completing a tally accounting course can also get you the position of an account executive. All you will have to do is manage all the day-to-day accounting activities of the firm.

Scope of Part Time Accounting Jobs

Just like there are limitless opportunities in the full-time jobs of accounting, you will have plenty of choice in the part-time arena as well. You can work as a freelance accountant to help individuals and small businesses with tax-related issues.

Alternatively, the best option for part time accounting jobs is to start online tutoring. Get to the Superprof platform, a leading name in the e-learning industry and register yourself as an accounting tutor. Superprof will get you in touch with all the students in your locality or city who are looking for an accounts tutor. You can also teach subjects of CA and other professional courses.

The simple-to-use interface of the Superprof website will not consume much of your time. So, you can also do a regular job while establishing your tutoring business with the help of Superprof.

Average Accountant Salary In India

As an accountant, the industry will offer you a good fortune only if you showcase the required skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth of the company. Promotions depend on how well you perform and how useful you prove to be for your employer.

Tax sheet
Accountants contribute their knowledge in tax payments of the firm. Source:

The average accountant salary in India is between 3 and 5 lakhs annually. This amount may increase rapidly if you abide by the norms of the industry and prove your talent competitively. Remember, the point of commonality between you and your contemporaries will always be the degree you acquire. The only way you can beat them is by performing exceptionally well in the field.

If you are a resident of Hyderabad or you wish to settle down in the city, you will not fall short of accounting jobs. All the economic sectors and private companies cater to the job needs of accountants. You just need to polish your skills and acquire the degree you desire to build a stable career. The accounts payable with experience years get more preference in the corporate arena. Set a goal and work with all your will power to achieve it!

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