Teaching yoga is an art and you will realize it when you will start teaching yoga yourself. The competition is also intense in the market and with several yoga certification programs available, the number of teachers is rapidly increasing.

However, the good news is that a lot of students are interested in taking up yoga classes and it only requires concerted efforts on the part of the tutors. Below are listed some viable tips that will help you attract students to your yoga class.

Be In Touch With Friends And Family

Your friends and family must be a pillar of support for you when you were studying to become a yoga instructor. Now, when you start your own yoga class, let them be a part of your training too. You can allow your friends and family members to come to the yoga center and let them judge your working style as a certified yoga teacher.

They are your best friends and your best criticspl too. Let them observe the class keenly and seek their honest opinion on the yoga and meditation techniques that you impart to your students. The feedback will definitely help you become a refined teacher and you will learn from the shortcomings.

Practising yoga is one thing and giving tips to students is entirely different. While there is scope for improvement in practice sessions, as a yoga instructor, you will have little leverage. This, however, does not mean that you should not communicate or advertise your product.

How To Advertise Your Yoga Classes

These days advertising is a low-cost investment if you think and act smartly. Social media is a viable platform to let people know about different yoga techniques that you are teaching in the class. With the popularity of yoga on social media, International Yoga Day is now being celebrated by the netizens.

Choose The Social Media Platform With Care

Each social media platform has its relevance. You can ideally select one or two social media platforms for promoting the restorative yoga techniques you are taking up in the class. A picture of meditation practice posted on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously can depict different messages to anyone who is aspiring to become a future student.

Yoga teaching picture on Instagram should be creatively visual depiction since Instagram is a photo-based social media platform. The picture on Facebook, on the other hand, will justify its posting only when it is accompanied with a short write up. If these things are done in the right perspective, you will be able to promote the yoga meditation module to your new students too and their number will definitely increase.

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Try out your yoga class concept on family
Teach yoga to your family members or allow them to attend your session. In this way, you can enhance your own teaching skills. Photo credit: Life By Muse via Visualhunt.com

Post Pictures In Moderation

It has been rightly said that a picture speaks a thousand words. You should ideally post different photos of yoga practice on an ongoing basis on different social media platforms. At one time, the photo can be of your being in the yoga studio.

Next month, you could come up with a quote you like with some details of the class. At times, the photo can be of different Ashtanga yoga postures that are practised in the class. Students who desire to enrol in learning different yoga Sutras of Patanjali will get the message clear and loud.

You can also post some creative Pranayama exercises by using features like Facebook Live. This attracts a quality audience and the number of students will definitely swell in your class.

Discover The Power Of Online Platforms

There are many online platforms that promote the art of teaching and the same applies to yoga too. Superprof is one such platform where you can enrol as a tutor and can guide students through yoga therapy training sessions. The platform is a community of learned people from across the world who share their skills with students from all over.

The web platform began its journey in the year 2013 and is the largest teacher community where students can learn in online and offline mode. Superprof operates in 10 countries including India and teachers from different niche categories can share their skills among students.

If you are among the breed of tutors who are still wondering on how to become a yoga instructor, registering on this platform will definitely open up a world of opportunities for you. The recognition will be far and wide and new students will definitely enrol at your yoga retreat on an ongoing basis. You can also find great website to design yoga wellness templates for yourself.

Co-teach With Your Mentor And Fellow Teachers

When it comes to sharpening the teaching skills, a viable way is to co-teach along with your mentor or fellow teachers. If you teach along with a seasoned teacher, it is almost certain that your student count will increase. The better your teaching skills become, the more will your worth spread through mouth or word.

You can also coordinate with co-teachers who are professionals in advanced yoga. The worth of your yoga classes is set to increase definitely if you follow these steps.

Find And Work On Your Niche

Your teaching methodology will definitely get recognized if you identify and work on a niche category in yoga. This could be a specialization in Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga. Spread this specialization of yours through social media and other mediums. With time, it is sure that the number of students in your yoga class will definitely increase.

Advertisement Through Print Media

You might be a specialist in Vinyasa yoga but the world will not know about it until you advertise the same. This advertisement can be of different types. You can either print an advertisement in the local newspaper or print out some handouts and paste them at prominent places in the town.

You might have a team of yoga instructors who are well competent in delivering different Ashtanga vinyasa yoga postures but the world will only know when you spread the message loud. Create an attractive advertisement and attract potential students to your yoga class.

Make Use Of Yoga Websites Too

Internet is a powerful tool and you can use it to advertise about different yoga philosophies that are taught in the classroom. Superprof is one such platform where you can let the world know about the yoga class sessions you take up. The platform has a wide reach and you will definitely get quality students.

Apart from this, you can create youtube videos where an explanation of yoga poses has been done. The creation of a dedicated YouTube channel on yoga is a great idea to attract potential students to your class.

Creative advertising makes your yoga lessons stand out.
Getting hands-on a creative layout or a theme will help you attract students. Photo credit: cj.sveningsson via VisualHunt.com

Word Of Mouth

Advertising is a creative niche and you have to think out of the box to succeed. How to teach yoga is not that important than to let potential yoga lovers know about the endeavour. Spreading the news of the yoga sessions you take through verbal discussion with friends and random strangers also help. You can leave a message at your nearby grocery store where every customer who comes to purchase gets to know about the upcoming yoga classes.

Organize Random Yoga Sessions

Every city and town has a vibrant corner where people who think and work on innovative ideas and concepts can share their thoughts. Identify such places in your city or town and work on a strategy. Ideally, you can also organize a Pranayama breathing session on Sunday.

People will definitely take a note of the same and you are likely to attract some crowd. This is the best moment to spread the know-how and by exposing people to your talent, you are likely to attract new students.

Seek Help From Experts

You can also seek help from experts. Invite them for a guest lecture on body and mind sessions where they can share ways of keeping it healthy. Such small initiatives will make your presence strong in the town. As there is intense competition in the market, working on such unique ideas will definitely bring out positive results.

You can also enter in some collaboration with famous yoga retreats and organize practice sessions for your students there. This will enhance your reach and will help in increasing the number of students that come to your class.

Give Concession In Certification Programs

Once you have an established yoga center it will add worth to your efforts if you can conduct some kind of certification program for the students. This will help your students become professionals in the field. Being a yoga teacher, you can also give some concessions in different certification programs that you hold occasionally for the students.

A reduction in fee is also a point of attraction for potential students. This way you will attract a number of students to the class. Make this discount offer a regular feature at least once in a year and you will definitely notice an increase in the number of students.

Teaching yoga is an art, only a few possess. If you are among the lucky ones who have this skill, think intelligently, act wisely and increase the reach of your programs by following the above-listed points. The benefits are only for you to reap!

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