There’s no getting around the fact that there are so many reasons to study physics. If you plan on studying a physics course at university, or even want to pursue a career in physics, it’s vitally important that you get the best marks possible in respect of any pieces of coursework or exams that you have to sit.

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There are lots of reasons why hiring a tutor can work for students. Whether you’re thinking about upcoming physics exams at CBSE examinations, IIT preparations, or beyond, or you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up with the content of your physics lessons, a tutor can really help you to focus your learning efforts and hopefully improve your academic performance overall.

If you’ve decided that tutoring might be for you, then one of the first hurdles you’ll have to overcome is figuring out where to find the best online tutor for you. As we’ll see below, there are plenty of places where you can find a tutor, so hopefully, your search will be as quick and easy as possible.

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A physics and maths tutor can help both your physics and maths marks.
You might want to consider hiring a maths and physics tutor, given how prevalent maths is in physics. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, Pixaline, Pixabay)

Why Is It Worthwhile Having A Maths And Physics Tutor?

When picking a tutor for physics, one of the first things you might like to decide is what kind of tutor you’d like to have.

There are so many different types of tutors out there, from undergraduate tutors who have just completed a degree in physics to those that have a master's or above in the subject, as well as other tutors who may have only studied the subject up to SSC or CBSE level.

What's more, when thinking about the kind of tutor you would like, it's worth remembering that physics is a highly numerical subject, not least because:

  • There are plenty of different formulae to remember;
  • Calculations often feature as part of a physics exam; and
  • Your knowledge of algebra and calculus may be required for certain aspects of your studies in physics.

As a result, some students find that one of the best ways to improve their marks in physics and improve their understanding of the curriculum is to make sure that their knowledge of maths is on par with the requirements of their physics course.

This can be achieved by hiring a tutor that can not only teach you about topics that may feature on a physics curriculum, such as electromagnetism or Newtonian physics, but who can also make sure you practice and develop the numerical skills required to succeed in this subject.

Additionally, you have some say over the way your tuition is delivered as well. For example, you might want one on one tutoring, or you may feel more confident having tuition in a small group or with an online tutor.

There's no single correct choice when it comes to how your tuition is delivered, so remember that it's more about finding a learning strategy that works for both you and your physics and maths tutor.

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You can find a physics tutor online if you're looking for one.
You should be able to find a physics tutor that meets your requirements by looking online. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, FirmBee, Pixabay)

Finding A Physics And Maths Tutor Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

There are a variety of different strategies you can employ to find a physics and maths tutor to help you with your physics studies. A few of the most popular ways are outlined below.

Ask A Friend

One of the easiest ways to find a tutor is to simply ask one of your friends if they know of any physics and maths tutors that they would recommend who can help you with the areas in physics that you're struggling with.

Ideally, your friend should also be taking physics lessons, as that would mean that they have an understanding of the challenges of your syllabus and what they found most useful from tutoring.

If your friend has experience using a particular tutor, then so much the better, as you could try and reach out to that tutor and see whether they would have time to also tutor you.

Check In With Your School Or University

Another relatively simple way to find a physics and mathematics tutor for you is to ask your physics teacher or university lecturer whether they are open to tutoring you in their spare time.

If not, you can also ask them whether they know of any colleagues who would be prepared to provide tutoring services to you, or whether there are any master's or PhD students who are willing to take on students for tuition purposes.

The good thing about speaking to your physics teacher about getting some extra tuition is that it should also give you the chance to ask them about your performance in the subject and ask them whether there are any particular areas that they would recommend you focus on during tuition sessions.

This can be one way to help you improve your marks in physics and further develop your knowledge of areas you might not be too comfortable with at the moment.

Having this feedback should then enable you to let your new tutor know which areas of the syllabus you’d like to concentrate on, thereby giving you the best chance of furthering your academic success in the subject.

If your physics teacher is not able to provide tuition services after school hours themselves and doesn’t have any suggestions for potential tutors, then it might also be worth speaking to a maths teacher to see if they can help instead.

Getting assistance from a teacher or tutor who specialises in mathematics can also really benefit your studies in physics, particularly if you struggle with the more mathematical side of the subject, such as solving an equation or understanding a particular formula.

Look Online

This option is perhaps one of the easiest of all ways to find a physics and maths tutor. This is because, you don't need to type "Physics classes near me" or "Maths classes near me" to find an online maths/physics teacher, you can:

  • You can look for your next physics and maths tutor from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you have access to the internet;
  • You can look for a suitable tutor on a variety of different tutoring websites; and
  • You can often find tutors that are willing to provide one to one tuition, remote tuition, or a combination of the two, so you’re not limited by location when choosing a tutor.

For example, Superprof India lets you search through a wide database for potential tutors. All you need to do is enter your postcode and the subject you’re looking for a tutor for, and you’ll be shown all the available tutors in your area. You can also see which tutors are happy to provide remote tuition.

Equally, websites such as Superprof don’t solely specialise in the provision of physics or maths tutors, so if you’re looking for multiple tutors – for example, one for physics, one for chemistry and another for business studies – then you can also find the best tutors for you for those subjects on the site. This makes it a great one stop shop for all your tuition needs.

Having a physics tutor can teach you a lot about the world and its inner workings.
You can learn so much about physics with the help of a physics tutor, such as the general principles governing our world and the universe. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, stokpic, Pixabay)

What Can I Expect To Learn With A Physics Tutor?

Ultimately, what you learn from a physics tutor is up to you, as you’re the one in control of things such as:

  • How many lessons you’d like to have;
  • What learning outcomes you’d like to achieve; and
  • Whether you’d like to focus on specific skills, such as exam performance, or you would rather develop your knowledge of your entire physics syllabus.

This degree of flexibility and control is partly what attracts many students to the prospect of hiring a tutor in the first place.

If you let any potential tutor know upfront what you’d like to get out of your lessons, then that tutor can let you know whether they are able to accommodate your requests, while also giving them ideas for what kind of materials to cover during your tuition sessions.

Equally, if you don’t like the way that your tuition is going, or would rather focus on other areas in physics, whether that’s particle physics, quantum mechanics, or something else entirely, then don’t be afraid to let your tutor know so they can make the necessary adjustments to your learning programme.

Remember that the key benefits of having private tutoring are that you are able to have your own qualified private tutor to help provide flexible instruction in a way that complements your learning style and gives you additional confidence in a physics classroom, while completing your homework, or during a physics exam.

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