Finding your ideal violin teacher is the first step to becoming a skilled performer, but if you’re completely new to the world of music lessons, where do you start?

The violin is the baby of the string instrument family, making it incredibly popular among musicians who crave the sound of bow on string, yet who don’t want to deal with the impracticality of a bulky cello.

It can be difficult to get in touch with potential violin teachers if you’re not familiar with your local music community – that’s why Superprof is here to help!

Whether you’re looking for a one to one violin tutor who can teach you at home, or you’d prefer to take violin lessons in a music school, this guide to finding the perfect violin teacher to suit your needs will point you in the right direction to learn how to play the violin.

Find Violin Tutors in Classified Ads

When you’re starting your search for a violin teacher for beginner violin lessons, why not do it the good old-fashioned way?

If you’re looking for music teachers who offer services in your local area, the local press and advertising outlets should be your first port of call!

Private music teachers often rely on local advertising to get their name out in the local community, so why not start by consulting noticeboards and shop windows in your area?

Supermarkets have a particularly high amount of notices from other shoppers which you can usually find on store entrances and exits, so who knows? Maybe you’ll pop out for a pint of milk and end up discovering an amazing violin teacher!

Another great place to look for music teachers within a suitable radius is in the local press.

The classifieds section of newspapers and magazines is usually full of teachers and tutors eager to share their knowledge with the rest of their community, so it’s well worth a look!

Bear in mind that the first violin teacher you contact may not be the right one for you. If you’re serious about learning to play the violin, it’s important that you ask potential teachers plenty of questions before you arrange a lesson.

Asking violin teachers about their teaching methods, the possibility of taking exams in the violin, their lesson arrangements and their pricing for violin lessons will give you a good idea of whether their teaching will be appropriate for you.

Pay attention to the ads in your local press! You may find a gem
Local newspapers are a great source of information on music teachers in your area ¦ source: Visualhunt

It’s also important that you are clear about your previous musical experience and your objectives when it comes to learning the violin, as this will help teachers to tailor their music instruction to your needs as a violinist.

If you’re worried about calling the numbers of every violin teacher whose contact you find only to discover that they won’t be suitable for you, rest assured that the advertisements and flyers you pick up will have plenty of information on the availability, pricing and levels taught by each musician – so you won’t have to waste too much time making phone calls.

Ask Around to Find Private Violin Teachers

Another good old-fashioned way to find violin teachers near me is to rely on word-of-mouth!

Simply asking your peers and other people who have an interest in music for recommendations will mean that you get honest reviews of local music teachers from trusted sources.

So, if you’re a mum at the school gates or a teen with musical friends, it’s always worth asking around! This way, you can weigh up the pros and cons of each teacher that is recommended to you without the pressure to book a lesson that comes with contacting music teachers directly.

Even if someone you know has music lessons in the piano, flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone or guitar, you can still ask them for their teacher’s contact number! Music communities tend to be incredibly close-knit, so if no one you know can put you in contact with a violin teacher, other music teachers will.

Learn Violin at a Music School

If you would prefer to take lessons outside of your home, there are plenty of organisations which offer musical instruction at independent music centres and schools.

Learning to play a musical instrument, having voice lessons or learning music theory at a music academy is the perfect option for beginner and intermediate students who want a taste of violin lessons in a relaxed environment where they can experience the wider world of music and what it means to play in an ensemble. It also means that they might have some equipment for the violin you can try out before buying your own.

Joining a string group at your local music centre can teach you a lot about performing
Performing in concert as a group is a great way to build your confidence as a musician ¦ source: Pixabay - HeungSoon

Every music school is different, but there is one thing you can be sure of: the quality of the teaching.

Music centres attract the best of the local musical talent, so you can be sure that your music classes will be taught by encouraging, enthusiastic individuals with a true passion for performing.

Learning how to play the violin at a music school isn’t just about learning to play a new instrument; it’s also about learning to perform as part of a musical ensemble. Whether it be a violin group, string quartet or a symphony orchestra, most UK music centres offer group sessions in addition to lessons.

You may even develop a taste for the stage!

Since music schools tend to follow school term dates, they often host an end-of-term recital where students showcase what they have been working on during their rehearsals. Performing in concerts as part of a group is a brilliant way to improve your self-confidence and get used to playing violin in front of a crowd.

So, if you’d like to find a violin teacher through a music school, try approaching primary and secondary schools first, as they are often where music centres are held if they don’t have their own premises.

Take Violin Lessons at School

For aspiring violinists who are of school age, taking violin lessons at school is a great option.

The music services that are responsible for giving music lessons during school hours are usually run by county and city councils, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the teaching, as the vetting has already been done for you!

Another advantage to having violin lessons at school is that lessons are generally more reasonably priced than those of private violin tutors.

As one of many students who want to learn to play the violin, you’ll also have the option of having group lessons. There are usually around 2-4 learners of the same level in each group lesson, but the option of one to one sessions is also available in most schools.

To find out about school violin lessons, ask your school’s music department for details.

Find Your Ideal Violin Instructor Online

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for with the help of the internet.

The World Wide Web is full of information on where to find your ideal violin teacher, and it can even serve as a learning platform for those who wish to learn via Skype.

So, which corners of the internet are the most useful when it comes to finding music teachers online?

The answer to this question depends on your expectations as a student. Before beginning your search, there are a few things you should consider, such as:

  • Would you be open to learning from an online violin teacher via a webcam connection?
  • How much previous teaching experience should your teacher have?
  • How far are you willing to travel for your violin lessons?

There are several avenues you can explore depending on your answers to these questions.

Firstly, if you’re purely interested in taking lessons in-person, you can have a look at the online classifieds for your local area. Even though they’re usually used solely for buying and selling goods, websites such as Gumtree and UK Classifieds often feature music teachers.

Search online for your perfect violin teacher
Save time by looking for violin teachers online ¦ source: Pixabay - fancycrave1

There are many platforms which specialise in putting students in contact with tutors such as Superprof and

Online platforms which are specifically designed for teachers and tutors are the often the most reliable source of information on music teachers in a given area.

For example, the music teachers who advertise their services through Superprof are able to create a profile detailing their experience, interests and expertise in the field of music. In addition, our platform also provides a facility for students to rate tutors and leave verified feedback about the instruction they receive.

Being about to find out about teachers before you decide to contact them will save you time and money, as doing your research means that you will have a better chance of finding your ideal teacher first time around!

This is particulary important for advanced violinists who want to work on their technique and improve their bowing, vibrato, intonation and sight reading.

Don't forget to practice outside your violin lessons to keep up your skills!

Superprof is available to both in-person and online tutors, so if you can’t find a suitable violin teacher in your area, you can always browse teachers who deliver their lessons via webcam.

Although taking music lessons on Skype may seem a little unusual, there are some fantastic advantages to learning via an internet connection:

  • Save time: Everyone has a computer, webcam and a Wi-Fi connection. By learning to play the violin online, you don’t have to think about journey times! As soon as your lesson is finished, you can return to what you were originally doing.
  • Cross borders: It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, if you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can talk to anyone. So, whether your violin tutor lives in Edinburgh, Paris or Toronto, the only problem you may have to discuss is the time difference!
  • Hire the best: When you remove the physical limitations of travelling to see your music teacher, you open the door to a world of violin professionals, so you can focus on hiring the best without worrying about the logistics.

Finding the perfect violin teacher for you is not an easy task. Regardless of your level of musicianship, the right teacher can make all the difference to your performance as a violinist.

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