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How To Learn Violin At Home By Yourself?

Ultimate Guide On How To Play The Violin For Beginners While playing the violin, you become a great storyteller, and you're telling a story ~ Joshua Bell. The quote above expresses that a violin player is similar to a storyteller. And if you are into instruments and pondering what to learn next, become a storyteller […]

14 January 20238 minutes to read

Violin for beginners

Proven Way to Learn Violin for Beginners

Learn by Indulging in the Best Beginner Violin Lessons Violin is one of those musical instruments that people highly prefer for learning. The reasons are many such as the sound it produces, the flare that it provides to the musician, the fact that it can be played solo, in an orchestra, and so on. If […]

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Learn Violin

Learn Violin With Regular Practice

How to Play Violin Like a Pro? There's no question that regular practice is key to learning any skill — including the violin. But how much practice is enough, and how can you make sure your practice time is adequate? In this blog, you'll learn how to maximise your practice sessions to start playing violin […]

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Violin equipment

Violin Equipment to Have Before You Start Learning

Learning Essentials for Violin Classes Few other musical instruments have the allure of the violin. It is an essential part of any orchestra that has caught the view of Asian countries in recent years. There are people from all ages and walks of life seeking to learn how to play the violin, but there are […]

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Would you like to learn to play the Violin?

Have you been told that it is difficult to learn the violin?

We will not lie to you, this can sometimes be difficult, but that is not a reason to be intimidated or discouraged. With a good teacher, practice, violin lessons and perseverance, you can learn to play the violin!

So, if you have trouble, do not worry, you are not alone! Everyone is struggling with some aspects of this instrument. On Superprof you can find a Violin teacher to help you with violin lessons.


How to play Violin

Detailed Guide on How to Play Violin

How to Make the Most Out of Violin Classes Do you have a love for music and wish to learn but don't know how to play it? You've come to the right place. This detailed guide on how to play violin will take you through everything you need to begin making beautiful music today. Whether […]

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Violin classes

Guide to Finding the Best Teacher for Violin Classes

Complete Guide On How to Find the Best Violin Teacher Violin is one of the most loved and preferred musical instruments in the world. Not only does it look cool, but it has a unique flare as compared to other musical instruments. A lot of people dream of playing the violin one day but only […]

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Violin classes

How Much do Violin Classes Cost in India?

All About the Cost of Violin Lessons in India When most people think of learning to play a musical instrument, the violin is usually among the initial things that may come to mind. It's often seen as a prestigious and challenging instrument to learn and master. So what's the cost of taking violin classes in […]

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the best age to learn the violin

What is the Best Age to Learn the Violin?

How to Play the Violin at any age? Learning is a never-ending process. No matter which subject, topic, or art it is, you can learn anything or build anything at any age. When it comes to mastering or learning a musical instrument, whether it is a guitar, violin, piano, etc., you can learn it at […]

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benefits of learning the violin

Some Unique Benefits of Learning the Violin

Some of The Best Ways to Learn the Violin Knowledge has a starting point but no end ~ Geeta Iyengar With its unique qualities of high pitch, mellow sound, and easy portability, the violin has captivated people for centuries. It can be a gratifying experience if you learn how to play the violin. There are […]

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best violin books for beginners

The Best Violin Books for Beginners

Learn to Play the Violin Using Books You will learn more and more as you continue reading. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. ~ Dr Seuss Playing the violin is a fun musical experience that will give you life-long memories. It is well known as the string instrument of choice for […]

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beginner violin classes

Comprehensive Guide for Beginner Violin Classes

How Quick Can You Learn the Violin? Just follow the steps and trust that everything will work out as it should. Your time is coming soon. Simply perform your task, and the results will take care of themselves ~ Tony Gaskins So, how many years does it take to learn to play the violin? This […]

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how to play the violin

How to Play the Violin in the Best Way?

All You Need to Know About Learning the Violin! Music has a way of triggering your neuroreceptors that provides a certain type of relaxation to the mind. One of the best instruments that produce melodious and relaxing music is the violin. Violin is a string instrument that is played by a bow while keeping its […]

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vibrato on the violin

Learn All About Vibrato on the Violin

How to Learn Vibrato on the Violin Vibrato on the Violin is a technique of trembling or vibrating effect that is often applied to a note on the violin. This effect is created by gently moving the hand back and forth while playing a note. Doing this will cause the pitch of the note to […]

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electric Violin for beginners

A Guide to Learning Electric Violin for Beginners!

Why Learn the Electric Violin? Violin is one of the most preferred musical instruments by musicians. It is very helpful for them to increase their skills and add wings to their imagination. They can play different types of music like jazz, rock, blues, folk and many others based on the situation and requirements. Violins are […]

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best violin tutorials online

Guide to Find The Best Violin Tutorials Online

How to Effectively Learn the Violin Online Whether you wish to learn how to play the violin to impress your friends or because you aspire to become an orchestra musician, there are many ways in which you can do so. Violin is not an easy instrument to use, and it can take a while before […]

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violin classes for beginners

Find the Best Violin Classes for Beginners

Why Should You Learn Violin? It can be really fun learning to play the violin! It's a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Plus, it's an excellent way to see new friends and meet people with common interests. When you're starting out, it's important to find a good teacher who can help […]

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Violins come in a range of sizes to accommodate different-sized players

How to Choose the Right Violin Size

Factors That Influence What Size Violin to Buy For many shoppers, their experiences boil down to finding the best value for their money. That could mean anything from buying in bulk from a warehouse-type store or big-box retailers like Tesco Extra or Sainsbury to buying quality pieces - of clothing, furniture or art that will […]

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You can play all types of music on a violin

Buying a Violin for Beginners

What You Should Know Before Buying Your First Violin If you're in any way familiar with the Monterey Jazz Festival, you've surely heard of Jean-Luc Ponty. Many credit this French-born jazz violinist with pioneering violin technique in jazz music; others accord him the loftier title of Father of the Jazz Fusion genre. It's not like […]

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If your violin is an antique, you probably don't play it

How to Clean Your Violin

The Right Way to Clean Your Violin Cooking is fun but the clean-up isn't. Cycling is great but maintaining your bike is a chore. Playing music is an uplifting, transcending experience but taking proper care of your instrument can be onerous. If you've ever attended a concert featuring violins - and provided you took your […]

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When you become a professional musician, you too might need such a case

How to Take Care of Your Violin

Taking Care of Your Violin Think about this for a second: historically, how did humans learn to take care of things? Traditionally, elder women taught new mothers how to care for the home and their babies while sons learned all about farming and maintenance from the males in their family and community. It wasn't until […]

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The cello makes up one quarter of the string quartet.

Musical Instruments To Learn | Learn How To Play The Cello In India

How To Play The Cello In India The violoncello, or in other words, little violone (or simply "cello" as we most commonly know it), is a bowed, stringed instrument and member of the violin family, along with the violin itself, the viola and the double bass, to name but a few. The cello is remarkable […]

22 April 20206 minutes to read

The viola is like the middle voice of an orchestra.

How To Play The Viola

Playing Viola Slightly larger than a violin, the viola is yet another bowed instrument played in a similar way to a violin playing. It takes up the position of the alto or middle voice of an orchestra as it has a lower and deeper sound than its smaller sibling. Much like the violin, the viola […]

20 February 20207 minutes to read

There are a few terms that are widely associated with the double bass.

How To Play The Double Bass

Playing Double Bass Double bass is one of the larger instruments of the violin family and it has the lowest pitch of all the violins, being tuned an octave lower than the cello. You can find out more about the cello, in particular, by visiting our blog Playing Cello. Other names for the double bass […]

1 February 20207 minutes to read

All the violin family shares in common the fact it is made of wood and string.

The Violin Family

The Violin And Its Family In this piece, we will introduce you to the violin and its string family members: the viola, the cello and the double bass. Whether you are already a musician or you are thinking of starting up an instrument, it is fascinating to find out about the differences between the instruments […]

1 January 20206 minutes to read

Here are details on how to learn the violin and where.

Where Can We Learn To Play The Violin?

How To Learn The Violin And Where Let's say you've always yearned to play a musical instrument but, for whatever reason, you simply never got the chance as a child. Now, master of your own destiny, you intend to satisfy the need to express your artistic side by studying music and learning how to play […]

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Violins can be found in history.

The Importance of the Violin in the Arts and Culture

Which Works Of Art Are Inspired By The Violin? Culture is not only food for the soul - Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres The violin is one of the most famous instruments in our contemporary society. Piano, clarinet, double bass, oboe, guitar, every note of these instruments, even played with genius, does not resemble the violin, […]

17 January 20197 minutes to read

Who Are the UK’s Most Famous Violinists?

Who Are The Most Renowned UK Violinists? When we think of the violin, we automatically think of a symphonic orchestra, the national conservatory, the various stringed instruments, or even traditional music. However, rarer are the times when one thinks directly of a great UK violinist, or simply becomes a violinist themselves. Because yes, the most […]

16 January 20197 minutes to read

Historial, fiction, children's and romance novels all use violins

The Best Violin Books And Novels

What are the best books written about the violin? Every book has the reader as its collaborator - Maurice Barrès By common agreement, the violin is often placed as one of the favourite instruments of those in the UK. And for good reason, between the double bass, cello, trombone, or clarinet, it is distinguishable by its […]

16 January 20197 minutes to read

Violin classes near me.

What Are The Best Violin Movies?

How is the Violin Represented in Cinema? Music drives out hate in those who are without love. She gives peace to those who are without rest, she comforts those who cry - Pablo Casals It's a fact, and it's even become a popular quote, music soothes the soul. Indeed, between the clarinet, cello, chamber orchestra, sonata, […]

21 December 20186 minutes to read

Where is the violin most popular?

How Is the Violin Played Around the World?

How Do Violinists Play Around the World? “If it is true that the violin is the most perfect of musical instruments, then Greek is the violin of human thought.” - Helen Keller The violin, viola, and cello all originated in Europe and Italy, in particular. So does that mean that the violin is played in […]

18 September 20187 minutes to read

How is the violin played in Africa?

How Is The Violin Played in Africa

 The Violin in Africa “A man without culture is like zebra without stripes.” - African Proverb This proverb, while somewhat humorous, references culture, which includes music. Since Africa is famous for percussion in its music, the violin is in the minority with less than 3% of the population playing the instrument. African drums, and the […]

18 September 20186 minutes to read

How is the violin played in Asia?

How the Violin is Played in Asia

Asian Violin Practices “We are well aware that the future of classical music is in Asia” - Didier Schnorhk, President of the World Federation of International Music Competitions. Playing the violin (or fiddle) is wildly popular in Asia. Asians represent 47% of entrants and 35% of winners in violin competitions such as the Yehudi Menuhin […]

18 September 20187 minutes to read

Where was the violin invented?

How the Violin is Played in Europe

How Do They Play the Violin in Europe? Just like Paganini, there have been a lot of great violinists in Europe. Unsurprisingly, the birthplace of the violin is also the home of the world’s greatest violinists. When it comes to the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition, which welcomes violinists as young as 6, 79% of […]

18 September 20187 minutes to read

How is the violin played in the Americas?

How the Violin is Played in the Americas

Playing the Violin in the Americas “Don’t go faster than the violin” - Quebecois Proverb The violin family of stringed instruments is as popular in North and South America as it is in Europe. 15% of music students in the United States of America play the violin whereas 41% play the guitar. “Ability to think, […]

18 September 20186 minutes to read

How do you mute a violin?

Choosing Violin Mutes

Practice Mutes for Discreet Violinists “Of course the most difficult thing on the violin is always intonation. The second one is rhythm. If you play in tune, in time with a good sound that's already high level. Those three are the main things.” - Ruggiero Ricci In 2018, a pawnshop in Massachusetts bought a stolen […]

18 September 20187 minutes to read

How do you play the violin?

Our Advice to Progress in Violin

How to Get Better at Playing the Violin “A gift without technique is nothing more than a dirty habit” [Un don sans technique n’est rien qu’une sale manie.] - George Brassens (1921-1981), Le mauvais sujet repenti. Learning to play the violin is a great idea, especially if you're really enthusiastic about music! However, there are […]

17 September 20186 minutes to read

How do you play the violin?

Playing the Violin for Right-handers

How to Play the Violin Right-handed “If it is true that the violin is the most perfect of musical instruments, then Greek is the violin of human thought.” - Helen Keller The violin, viola, and cello are famous for the demanding technique they require in order to be played. A good number of Brits have […]

17 September 20186 minutes to read

How do you play the violin left-handed

Playing the Violin When You’re Left-handed

How to Play the Violin Left-handed “If you put your hand on the piano, you play a note. It's in tune. But if you put it on the violin, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You have to figure it out.” - Itzhak Perlman Since most string instruments are for right-handed musicians, what do you […]

17 September 20187 minutes to read

What accessories do violinists need?

How to Use a Chinrest and Shoulder Rest

Two Tools for Avoiding Aches when Playing Violin “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” - Albert Einstein The violin is one of the smallest stringed instruments. This means that you need to adopt a position that isn’t very natural in order […]

17 September 20187 minutes to read

Music makes life more beautiful.

Violin Quotes to Motivate You!

What's The Best Way To Keep Passionate About Learning The Violin? Contrary to how it may seem, being a violinist is not an easy job. Their goal is to make us believe that playing this stringed instrument is a breeze, but it is not the case. Indeed, like many musical instruments, the violin requires a […]

5 September 20187 minutes to read

The younger you are, the easier you will find it to pick up violin.

Take Violin Lessons In Music School

Learn Violin At Music School Where's the best place to take a music lesson? With a private class, in school, or self-teaching at home? Everyone learns rhythms and responds to environments differently so the jury's out on this one, but one thing we will throw out there is that music instruction is probably easiest if […]

14 August 20188 minutes to read

You must be dedicated to succeed in violin.

How Much Does A Particular Violin Lesson Cost?

How Much Do Violin Lessons Cost? As a want-to-be violinist, you should know that your violin lessons are central to the skills that you will be able to develop as a musician. No matter which course of study you take whether it is online music lessons, private violin practice with a qualified violin teacher or […]

8 August 20187 minutes to read

Learn the notes by reading music and then later memorise them.

What To Expect From Your Violin Lessons?

What To Expect When You Are Learning To Play The Violin Learning to play the violin is a fantastic goal to train to reach. It takes dedication, motivation and a passion for the instrument. One of the amazing things about violin lessons, however, is that it not only trains you to be able to play […]

7 August 20187 minutes to read

How to read violin sheet music

Choose A Violin Course Online Or At Home?

Where Should I Take My Violin Lessons? Practice makes perfect. Like any instrument and any musician, the violin and violinist are no different. To be able to create the best sound, practice is required and a lot of it. But how do you maximise your music lessons and fast-track yourself to creating successful music? There […]

7 August 20187 minutes to read

All students learn to play the violin differently.

Choosing A Violin Teacher According To Their Experience!

How To Find A Violin Instructor? Finding a violin teacher is going to be central to your success as a violinist. It is an important decision to make, and not all tutors will be right for you. So how do you know which violin instructor will have the correct teaching style and experience, to lead […]

7 August 20187 minutes to read

It can take years to get good with this instrument

How To Take Violin Lessons?

Playing The Violin Takes Lots Of Practice The only way to raise your proficiency in the violin is to practice. In the world of the string instruments more than any other, practice makes perfect. There is so much to learn and so many ways to learn the violin. You will need to employ targeted focus […]

7 August 20187 minutes to read

Mobile phone apps can help you tune your instrument and give you lessons in how to play it.

Best Violin Apps To Help You Practice The Violin

To Download Or Not To Download A Violin App? Violin apps, just like apps for any other genre of music and style of instrument, have been on the rise over the years as technology advances at a super fast rate. Music to our ears? Patience, please! Let's see if they are all that they are […]

4 August 20188 minutes to read

Not sure what a conservatory is? See more information here.

Learn Violin At A Conservatory

Playing The Violin At A Conservatory What Is A Conservatory? These days, most people learn to play the violin as a beginner at school or through one to one music classes, sometimes even by using online apps and videos on beginner violin as learning resources. But why not take lessons in playing violin and further […]

4 August 20189 minutes to read

See where you might be able to learn to play violin in this post.

Learn The Violin In An Association

Learn Violin With The Help Of An Association 6 Reasons For Playing The Violin There are many reasons why so many people do and why so many want to learn to play the violin, and it's not just the beautiful music they make that's swaying many a music lover to become a violinist. Take a look […]

3 August 20188 minutes to read

Stradivari made violins, violas, cellos, harps and guitars

All About Stradivarius Violins

Stradivarius Instruments and their Amazing Legacy Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever picked up a violin or had violin tuition of any kind, the name ‘Stradivarius’ will mean something to you. ‘Stradivarius’, the world-famous name given to the string instruments created by one of the finest luthiers in the history of violin making, Antonio […]

5 April 20187 minutes to read

Essential Accessories for Violinists

  • A violin.
  • A bow. This isn’t always included with a violin and can cost around £100;
  • A shoulder rest;
  • Rosin (a resin made from various trees and plants which helps the bow to make its sound when it makes contact with the violin strings);
  • A music stand for your sheet music;
  • A stand for your violin when you’re not playing.

Facts About the Violin

The violin is one of the smallest stringed instruments. It’s made of wood, has 4 strings (metal or nylon wrapped in aluminium/silver), and is held on the left shoulder by the violinist’s chin.

Violins make up the largest section of an orchestra.

Their role is to play the melodies and some of the best solos. The violin is an agile and adaptable stringed instrument and that’s why it’s king of the orchestra.

In addition to being one of the most important members of an orchestra, the violin is also one of the most popular solo instruments.