Are you considering imparting your knowledge of art to the next generation? If yes, this is the best chance to give drawing classes. An online drawing class will be beneficial for both students and teachers, especially in the current situation.

India has been a land of art and culture since time immemorial. Great Indian painters such as Raja Ravi Verma, M.F. Hussain, Jamini Roy, Tyeb Mehta, etc are renowned worldwide, and thus people here have an instinctual reverence for art. Many parents enrol their little ones in drawing classes for kids so that they can learn to draw from an early age. Online courses and classes are gaining popularity with every passing day and nobody wishes to either waste their time travelling to and fro for tuitions or settling for nearby tuition that is not worthwhile.

Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time tuitions, online lessons are undoubtedly the best for you. It is an excellent option for students who wish to earn some pocket money by imparting their skills to other kids who want to take a drawing course. There are several perks that you get from video classes, provided you select for yourself a platform that is trustworthy and can guarantee you a number of students. Otherwise, there is no point. You will probably have to wait for the year to turn around to find a single student.

Students from all over India are inclined towards drawing from a very young age. Source:

How To Find Students For Your Online Drawing Class

If you wish to take online art classes, there are certain tricks that may help you in getting more and more students. Although these are really simple and no rocket science, most of us tend to overlook them. Be it painting or any other subject, the following tips will come in handy for any tutor.

Find a Reliable Tutoring Agency

There are so many tutoring agencies that have sprung up all over the country. At every lane and bi-lane, there is one. There are some agencies that forfeit your first month’s fees or have very unfair means of commission. Most of the time, these do not even have a verified list of students which can be really misleading. 

First of all, look for a site that ensures free online registration. You don’t want to pay for just registering and end up being fooled as most of such platforms extract money and then fail to provide you with any student. So, the first step is to look for a trustworthy online agency that will allow you to get as many students as possible along with perks like flexible hours, decent payment, and promotion.

One such site is Sperprof. It lets tutors explore their field of interest independently. The duration hours and fees are very calculatingly fixed so that the tutor is not at a loss or face inconvenience. Online teaching and learning become easier when the platform performs efficiently.

Thus, finding yourself the right medium for conducting your online drawing class. Once you find it, register yourself and start looking for students.

An Impressive Profile

If you are registering yourself through an online agency, you will have to make your profile or something that could be called a portfolio of your qualifications, experiences, and accolades. Write down all your qualifications and experience as an artist along with awards or achievements in the same field. The more you have these elements, the better are your chances. So do not leave out even the smallest achievement.

Most sites will require you to fill a box called “about me” or something to that effect. Here you must be very careful with everything you write- right from the words you use to the tonality. It must not be drab. Someone who is looking for an online art class is sure to be a serious student who will expect passion from his/her teacher. Thus do not write anything that will make you come off as a mercenary instead of a tutor.

You can convey how passionate you are about drawing and painting and how you would like to offer your knowledge in order to make someone else’s life more integrated into art.

Remember to upload a sombre picture of yourself as blank profiles are more likely to go unnoticed. People find it difficult to place their trust in such profiles.

An impressive profile enhances your chance of getting students. Source:

Keep a Good Record

In order to get more and more students, you must also keep up a good record. Most sites record feedback from your previous students and based on that, you get a rating sign that decides your success.

Students make their pick based on these reviews largely. If your previous students have a lot of complaints there is a high chance that no one would want to connect with you.

How to Improve Your Drawing Skills? Teaching Techniques

In your childhood, you must have wondered ‘how to improve your drawing skills?’ Students nowadays go through the same experience. People generally expect a lot from private tutors and if you can successfully deliver that, you can be a hit as reviews and even word of mouth promotion will bring you more students.

Try to include not just one but different drawing techniques in your package depending on the course, age, and a priori knowledge of the student. It should include drawing skills like life drawing, figure drawing, portrait drawing, and so on. This helps the student better their drawing skills.

Teaching technique
Including variety in your teaching methodology will make the lesson more interesting for your students. Source: Mimbar schools

Online Art Classes

We Are in the Middle of a Pandemic

The reason why online art classes or any class, as a matter of fact, must be mandatorily made online is COVID-19. It definitely has a lot of perks but right now it is not even about convenience anymore. This is the need of the hour and every responsible citizen must conduct all activities in a COVID secure manner.

Saves Time

Young students often cover long distances to give classes. Travelling to and fro takes up a lot of time. With online drawing courses, you can save up to a great deal and might even conduct another class utilizing that time. Is that not the best part?


Your rate will be fixed and since the payment will reach you online, you need not worry about stained, damaged, or fake notes. Often students and their parents try to bargain with teachers who reach them out through some source or connection but in this case, they shall have to pay what was agreed upon.

Your Reviews are Your Recommendation

You need not rely on some friend or relative to spread the word about your art classes as the previous reviews will do the task. So, all you have to do is teach your students well and give them tips on important matters.

Technology is the Future

Days of gathering in a tutor’s house for lessons after school is gone. And it is not just because of the pandemic. The world is truly changing. Time is becoming more and more precious. We are beginning to rely on electronics heavily. If, as a tutor, you fail to catch up with the current situation, you might regret it later.

Even after the pandemic shows itself out, there is a high chance that students will prefer the conveniences of a virtual class over an actual class.

The number of students enrolling for an online drawing course is increasing day by day. Source: Business Insider

Drawing Classes for Kids

There is no denying that every parent wants the best for their child. Similarly, their hunt for the top drawing classes for kids is not surprising. Superprof is the best online platform for students and teachers alike. It has been engineered keeping in mind the wants and needs of both parties. The biggest reason to opt for it is that it is a genuine website among several fraud ones that plague the internet.

It is a community where millions of teachers come together to give different classes, yes millions! It is a worldwide platform and it is possible for you to teach students who reside even outside the country.

Connecting with students on this particular platform will hardly be of any difficulty, you need not go around asking for student contacts or paste your advertisements on the street walls. Students will come across your online ad created by Superprof and connect with you.

The fess is all yours and you need not part with it as well. The website lets you decide how much you are going to charge per hour. If you are a fresher and have no idea about the rates, do not worry for Superprof lets you know the average fees that are charged in your area for a particular subject. So, there is no compulsion of charging less or more to compensate commissions over here. It is a paradise for tutors who are willing to give lessons without any hassle.

Now that you are aware of the online mode of conducting drawing classes, ask yourself if it is not the best way to earn more and save more? Register today and get your classes rolling.

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