Deciding on rates as a tutor may be a little difficult. More so if it is an online affair. So if you are considering giving drawing classes to students, you must come up with a good plan. Students are always looking for ‘online drawing classes near me’ since we are in the middle of a pandemic.

A good drawing class is always welcome but not everyone will be open to the idea of proximity, and thus virtual classes are the new thing. All you need to do is look for students through word of mouth or sign up with a trusted site as a teacher. The second option is of course more convenient and yields better results.

Online art courses are getting very popular and thus you might face some serious competition in the field. Setting the rates intelligently can help you attract students along with retaining your already enrolled pupils. This is a lot more than just fixing a number. It requires you to consider many factors. You might also offer loyalty rewards and perks to your long term students. We shall discuss all this shortly. 

There has never been a lack of art students in India. Children learn to draw at an early age and are immensely encouraged by parents. Thus getting students, especially kids, will not be problematic as long as you are on the right path. 

Why are So Many Students Searching “Drawing Classes Near Me”? 

Art is perhaps the most untainted form of beauty in human life. Since the primitive age, we have found traces of art in human civilization. Even barbarians were not immune to the beauty and sublimity of it.

Children have a very natural inclination towards colours and pictures. Thus parents try to imbibe in them a sense of artistic ability by providing them tuitions where they can tap their creative energy and channel them in the right direction. A good mentor is all they need.

Drawing and painting can also affect a person emotionally. It can work as a therapy for people with anxiety and depression. By utilizing one’s imagination to produce a painting, one can release the excess emotion that may be the reason for physiological tumult.

Children love engaging in drawing activities as it makes them calm and productive. Source: Pinterest.

Determine the Fee Structure for Your Art Classes Online

A lot goes into planning the right kind of fee structure. If you are a fresher, you will be advised to begin with a lower rate and gradually increase it. There are, however, several other ways to increase the popularity of your drawing lessons. Only lowering your fees may make you come off as inferior to your competitors, instead, try to have a well-planned chart. This will surely make you triumphant in the long run. 

Fix Your Rates According to Your Degrees

When students search for ‘drawing classes near me on any platform, they have only one way to judge your abilities- your profile. That will contain all the details about your academic achievements and awards.

If you do not have a formal or regular degree from a college or university, you can always put up awards and accolades that you may have won in drawing competitions. Likewise, you may also include certificates of the private institution that you may have gone to. In this case, you can charge between 1000 to 1500 INR for a one-hour class. You can expect your art class to have students who have had little exposure or training and are new to portrait drawing. Do not worry, that too would make a huge number.

If you are a Bachelor of Fine Arts from a prestigious institution, you can charge anywhere between 1500 to 2000 INR for an hour of class. Formal schooling will fetch you more brownie points and thus you can set your fees in this range. Do not forget to include the certificates that you may have won in competitions held elsewhere.

Online learning
Fix your fee structure according to your degree. Source: myViewBoard

If you have a Master of Fine Arts degree, you can charge between 2000 to 3000 INR for each drawing or painting session. This is among the highest degrees one can have in fine arts and opens up your way to handsome rewards. You might encounter people with serious ambitions and zeal in your range. This group will require several materials like canvasses, colours, and other equipment. You must be passionate and dedicated while dealing with such people who are ready to spend two to three thousand per class.

Mode and Distance

Whether you want to conduct your classes online or offline will also play a part in the fee structure. The mode of online classes will require you to invest in a decent webcam because the normal ones won’t work well with life drawing or figure drawing. The nuances of each stroke must be visible to your student.  

To compensate for this expense, you can increase your fee or ask for some nominal additional charges from each student. However, when you are increasing your fee, be reasonable, and do not double it up.

If you are visiting your student’s place for tuition, keep in mind the distance and how much you shall have to spend on the travel.

Learning online
A webcam will determine your final fee structure. Source: nTask

How to Become an Art Teacher in India?

Make Your Package Attractive 

Making your package attractive has several advantages:

  • It makes you look very professional. Students and their parents begin to trust you and your methods.
  • It gives your students some perks that will make you stand out among your competitors.
  • It is fruitful to you in the long run as it helps to gather more students. 
  • Gives you a chance to prove yourself and the students a reason to learn from you.
  • Builds a sense of loyalty and understanding between teacher and students.

Free Demo Class

Giving a free introductory online art class can be very beneficial. You will create an opportunity for yourself. Especially if you are someone who lacks a fancy degree but is instinctually a great artist, this could be your smart move. Give your best in this class. Talk about your methodology and showcase your works.

Social Media Account

Create a social media account or page where you can display your works. These free online platforms let you advertise your work of art without any charge or clause. You can also use this account of yours by selling works at a reasonable price. Keep discounts for your students.

Include Drawing Materials in Your Package

In your life drawing sessions or any other program or workshop, you can come up with a package that includes drawing materials for students. The materials you can include are:

  • Brushes of different sizes
  • Oil pastel colouring set
  • Paints
  • Sheets of paper

Carefully calculate the price of these things and purchase them in bulk. This way you can save a few bucks. After you have calculated the price, come up with the final fee structure.

Drawing essentials
Including painting materials in your package will attract more students. Source: kinderArt

Bonus Classes

Now and then you can conduct a bonus class. The nature of this class and its duration solely depends upon you. You can keep it as short as a half an hour class or a regular one hour class. You can hold an online drawing competition or give students tips on further improving their drawing skills.

How Superprof Helps You With Fixing the Rate for Your Drawing Lessons

Superprof is a large community where teachers and students come together. The website does neither forfeit your first fee nor charge you heavy commissions. Moreover, it helps you fix your rate per hour and lets you take your art classes online hassle-free. 

To begin with, you must register with Superprof. The website then prepares an ad for you with the help of information that you feed. It helps you in fixing your rate by providing you with an average amount that is generally charged by teachers in the community of your subject. If you are absolutely novice to tuitions, this can be your guiding star. Set your rates close to that amount. 

However, Superprof does not set any limit to your rate, you can always do the calculation by yourself and decide your per hour rate. It also has the option of a free demo class that you can avail of. Again, it is not mandatory as the website lets you have your way. 

Only authentic students sign up for the site and you need not contact any student asking them to join your class. Your ad reaches out to them and they contact you. All you have to do is make an impressive profile. Make sure you have mentioned all your achievements in the field. Take care not to leave out even the smallest one. 

If you find yourself asking ‘how to become an art teacher in India?’, Superprof is the answer to your question.

Do not let competitors win. Fix the right rate and offer smart perks to your students. We hope, by now you know what all goes into making a good package.

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