You have a gift in drawing or painting and you wish to round off your end of the month?

You are a pro with watercolour, acrylic or soft pastel and want to pass on your drawing skills?

You are a professional artist and you want to teach others to learn how to draw?

Giving drawing courses or art lessons to students can be an interesting path, but how to get there?

In this article, we offer you ideas to increase the number of your students for your courses of drawing, whether they come to learn red chalk drawing, oil pastel or to prepare the option art for their secondary diploma.

Let's put the brushes down and begin the reading.

Advertising for your Drawing Courses: How to Find New Students

If nobody knows that you're offering drawing courses, nobody will call you.

Joking aside, it's not rare to see people who wish to give private drawing lessons or other topics who don't give themselves the means to accomplish that. Change the situation!

Just for you to know, a way as old as the hills consists in doing some advertisement in your district if you have a local target. Create flyers to hand out in the stores or in the mailboxes of your neighbourhood.

It's not necessary to have a big budget to make them. Between us, we don't recommend the publicity drafted in Word without any layout or formatting though.

By creating your ads for your drawing course, you have already begun to work your image. Put your heart into it.

A quite simple trick: you can take a sketch and use it to decorate your flyer which will have to contain all the essential and accessible information.

At least, it should have the service you're proposing (drawing course at home or in a studio), address and phone number, free trial, etc.

Do not hesitate to knock at the door of schools, in particular in your former institutions, to take advantage of a free distribution. It's an effective solution to gain students for a whole school year, a really good plan.

If students choose Art and design in school, you can also support high school students during the year to create their project and help them with oral training. A beautiful experience of creative coaching!

Before choosing this option in high school, it's better to know what to expect.

Another interesting option to find amateurs in drawing or painting is to contact the communications office of your city. Why?

  • It's possible that the website of your municipality has a professional page (because your courses will be declared right?)
  • It's also possible to put an ad in the monthly newspaper of the city (free or paid).
Learn how to make a portrait with private classes
Young woman making a portrait in a private painting course. Photo via Visual hunt

Take Advantage of your Network to Win New Students!

We often hear the question "do you know anybody who would do that by any chance?".

To develop your customer base of students in plastic arts, use first your own network.

Around you, there are always people of all ages likely to be interested in drawing and painting courses:

  • An old neighbour whose granddaughter loves drawing and wishes to learn drawing techniques as a pro.
  • The sister of a colleague of your mom who would want to resume classes of charcoal.
  • Your aunt that recently retired who's looking for a new activity to join with her friend, especially to learn to make watercolours.
  • The teenager who tries to get into Upgrade of Applied Arts (MANAA).
  • The little boy in primary school who is fascinated by cubism and by still lifes.

If you ever arrive to a new building, don't hesitate to introduce yourself to your new neighbours. They will not retain much information about you besides your first name, your floor, and your capacity to make noise or not.

Introduce yourself with your best artist side by offering a coffee. That can be the occasion to say that you might be looking for new students for your drawing courses.

Point out that you master numerous painting (acrylic, oil painting, watercolour) or drawing techniques (black stone, red chalk, alcohol-based felt) and that you have a project of professional drawer...

Similar in the office if you have another work.

We all know the syndrome of the painter which has a primary job and hopes he can later live on its passion…

Find out what qualifications you need to become an art tutor...

How to sketch faces
An artist drawing faces in pencil in a drawing course. Photo credit: Piyushgiri Revagar via Visual Hunt

Create your own Website as an Art Teacher to reach out to New Students

There are lots of website publishers which allow you to create a site in a few clicks following the example of Jimdo, Wix or WordPress.

Take an afternoon to choose your theme, create your presentation and your services. It's recommended to have attractive photos to decorate your site, here are some ideas:

  • You painting or drawing
  • You giving a drawing class drawing to a student
  • A painting made by yourself
  • Your credentials as a drawing teacher
  • A picture of your painting or drawing material
  • A picture of your model next to your work
  • Your status as an art teacher …

Something extra: think about the referencing of your site. For example, you can specify your district or zone on your homepage and in the metadata.

For a quicker start-up, the purchase of keywords on Google (via Google Adwords) can also help you win new students for your drawing course.

Finally, think of spreading your website in your signature of e-mails to show that you are a real art teacher, on forums or still on advertisements sites. Look for websites that post classified ads to propose your services in painting, drawing, watercolor or charcoal.

Consider also the factors that determine setting your art tutoring rates...

Painting tools for private classes
Drawing and painting material for a personalized workshop of plastic arts. Photo credit: Maria Eklind via VisualHunt

Why Not create a special Youtube Channel for a Drawing Course?

To give a foretaste of your skills regarding drawing and painting (perspective, the golden ratio, you know more), what could be more referring than videos?

Creating your own YouTube channel of an art teacher can be an excellent way to gain new customers.

How can you do that? It's enough to have a webcam or a smartphone and to create video chapters. Since you have a creative mind, you won't have any trouble finding ideas for modules for the drawing course.

Because we are nice, we'll give you some ideas of videos to attract new students passionate about drawing:

  • How to create shades with a pencil?
  • How to draw in soft pastel?
  • What brush to choose to make the watercolour?
  • How to start in oil painting?
  • The different techniques of knife painting
  • How to approach the shades and light in painting?
  • How to draw a face with the right proportions?

The concept seems clear to you?

In addition, finish your videos by saying that you propose courses of drawing or painting, but also creative workshops over several days.

You can also have fun by commenting on techniques on known works of art. For example, "how to obtain the sfumato of Leonardo of Vinci's Mona Lisa?".

We guarantee you that by doing so, you will find new students for your private drawing classes. To get inspired, look for examples of videos on how to learn to draw with online classes.

With good small explanatory videos, the amateurs of drawing and painting who will look for techniques of plastic arts can get to your videos and contact you directly. To do so, please, leave your address and phone number under your videos and on your professor's profile.

A simple and effective way to gain new students for your drawing courses, developing fame without effort! At last, a few students, but that's your passion right?

Search for online teaching jobs on Superprof.

Brushes to paint watercolours
What brushes to choose to create your future painting? Photo credit: Dean Hochman via

Finding new Students for Drawing Lessons with Superprof

SuperProf is a platform to put passionate professors and students in demand of private lessons in contact

To register as an art tutor and gain lots of new aspiring artists, go to the SuperProf website. Tutoring is a great option for studetns, professioanls or those looking for jobs after teaching.

This way, you can create your profile as an art teacher, show your achievements, explain your course, etc.

Do not hesitate to highlight your speciality: soft pastel, watercolour, acrylic, drawing based on a live model, still life, etc. With an authentic and original presentation, put the odds in your favour to get new contracts for your drawing course!

Concerning costs, you choose the price of your drawing course.

In practice, SuperProf will take only a single commission from every signed contract. It's a way to favour the professors who deserve to be exactly paid for their expertise and to help the students to learn without themselves.

That's it, we hope that with all this practical advice you will quickly manage to develop your activity of art teacher and painting. To go further, read our article "How to give drawing courses " on this page.

Finally, tell us your experiences in the comments, we are interested!

Now discover all you need to know about becoming an art teacher...


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