Boxing has always been seen as a predominantly male discipline, thanks to the advent of recognized sportsmen like Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali.

Nevertheless, boxing is seen more and more as a mixed sport with the arrival of boxing classes for women! With recognized champions such as Myriam Lamare (retired), Sarah Ourahmoune (retired young from the ring as well), and Estelle Mossely or American free fighter Ronda Rousey, the sport is not lacking in female excellence.

Whether in combat boxing or fitness boxing, the practitioners of this sport get to build the body of their dreams in just a few months of training, while gaining self-confidence and concentration.

Superprof explains how to choose between classic boxing and fitness boxing!

Women's Boxing Classes: The Advantages of Choosing Combat

Want to learn to master the uppercut, to learn to punch and kick like Mohammed Ali? Perhaps you should start to practice the ultimate combat sport: boxing!

Boxing classes are becoming more popular for women
Start boxing and become a future champion!

Although it is often thought that boxing, freestyle or various martial art forms (such as taekwondo, jiu jitsu, karate, and kung fu ...) are reserved only for men, women have begun to seize the phenomenon to learn to sculpt their bodies via combat sports.

The goal of the Women's Boxing Combat Course is not necessarily to become the next Rocky, far from it. Here, practitioners use their new sports skills to hone their reflexes and cardio without starting to fight in the street. Like aikido, judo or Brazilian jitsu, Thai boxing or boxing is above all a matter of state of mind!

There are definite advantages to practicing combat boxing as a woman (or a man):

  • It can improve your cardiovascular health,
  • Work on your stamina and breathing with high intensity workouts,
  • Allow you to defend yourself more easily (like sports like krav maga),
  • Work your body and develop a stronger muscle mass,
  • Build confidence and overcome shyness,
  • Escape stress and attain a "winning state of mind".

The women's boxing or kickboxing class is therefore recommended to all those who want to build their body while learning to defend against an opponent. This is the most extreme form of boxing: women with heart problems or impaired vision should focus instead on fitness boxing.

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Boxing Classes for Women: What Styles of Practice?

Take out your punching bag, boxing gloves and bear paws - here we go for your first female boxing class!

A question often comes up when one wants to start boxing: What style of boxing should one practice? While some disciplines prove to be particularly physical, others will be more focused on the boxing ring technique.

Know that women can absolutely become true professionals in extreme sports, such as MMA, free fight or full contact. Ronda Rousey is the perfect example, being considered the equivalent of Floyd Mayweather in the United States. Your choice should be intrinsically linked to your expectations of the sport.

Here are some of the boxing disciplines to practice:

  • Boxing,
  • Kickboxing (or kick boxing),
  • Thai boxing,
  • The French savate boxing,
  • Chinese boxing,
  • American boxing,
  • Shadow boxing.

The ideal is to start with a basic boxing class for women, this discipline is perfect to learn the basics of physical preparation in amateur boxing. A boxing instructor will take the time to explain to you how to avoid rips with a solo training on a punching ball before going to fight in the boxing gym.

Learn to get out of a grip, to avoid the blows of the opponent or to detect points of vulnerability: all topics discussed during a women's competitive boxing class!

Our advice: take a trial class within a boxing club to test different styles of fight boxing. While some women will prefer elbows and knee kicks in Thai boxing, others will focus on French or English boxing.

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The Advantages of a Boxing Fitness Class

Do you want to go out into the ring to improve your endurance fitness? Perhaps fitness boxing is for you!

Boxing classes for women allow you to train with other like minded individuals
Boxing is a great way to get fit and stay fit.

This new sport is in vogue and wreaking havoc amongst men and women. Boxing fitness is indeed one of the best activities in the world for quality muscle building since the full body is engaged from the forearm to the abdominals through the glutes. Making the sport an excellent way to get in shape.

In addition to having a beautifully built body, fitness boxing practitioners have a steel mind and a foolproof determination. The main goal here is to work on their breathing and cardio while building muscle in each part of the body in a gym suitable for classic boxing training.

Discover the many strengths of women's fitness boxing:

  • Lose weight fast and burn calories with a weekly practice,
  • Refine your stance and silhouette,
  • Tone your legs, your glutes, your shoulders, and your back ...,
  • Learn coordination and work you flexibility,
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem,
  • Channel your energy and your emotions.

Fitness boxing classes, unlike combat boxing classes, are often practiced in group sessions. Between women, you can then motivate each other and exchange some valuable sports tips.

Rhythmic, stretching and relaxation of the body will be at the focus of the first warm-up for a fitness boxing class!

As this sport is increasingly appreciated by women all over the world, fitness boxing is easily accessible in every metropolis in the UK, Europe and the United States. In private fitness boxing classes or in a boxing club, future boxers will be able to discover this sports discipline that combines both cardiovascular exercise and general fitness.

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Boxing for Women: What are the Styles of Fit Boxing?

So you'd like to start fit boxing, sure, but which style?

There are many types of boxing styles for women
Fitness Boxing has increased rapidly in popularity amongst men and women.

Faced with the excitement of the sport, fitness boxing classes near me are multiplying and are great for those who are not initiated into the world of competitive boxing. There are now some boxing styles focusing on flexibility, others emphasizing cardio or body coordination. In short, it can sometimes be difficult to make your choice!

Regardless of your favorite discipline, you'll quickly notice that all fitness boxing styles are designed to lose the maximum amount of calories in a very short time. To lose weight, traditional English boxing is highly recommended (up to 800 calories per hour), but fitness boxing is not left out with an average of 600 calories burned in one session.

According to your expectations as a boxer, be sure to choose your fitness boxing style:

  • Classic Fitness Boxing,
  • Adi Boxing,
  • Aerobics,
  • U Thai boxing,
  • Self Defense Boxing,
  • Body Fighting,
  • Shadow Training,
  • Gym Boxing.

If you have a penchant for martial arts, there are types of fitness boxing that combine both boxing and taekwondo technique or thai kickboxing. Disciplines such as classic fitness boxing or gym boxing will focus primarily on the coordination of movements.

Fitness boxing can be practiced both solo and against an opponent, although the majority of beginners prefer, in their boxing session to fight against punching bags rather than melee. It is for this reason that boxing exercises such as shadow training or air boxing have become more and more popular!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your first fitness boxing lesson to define your body and strengthen your mind!

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In Summary: Combat Boxing Class or Women's Fitness Class?

Even after all our exploration, are you still having trouble making a choice? Here is a summary to choose the best boxing style!

Interested in fitness and combat training? Why not try both!

Fight Boxing is primarily intended for women wishing to enter the world of sport with a very regular practice. Here, the new boxers will be able to participate in official fights and professional boxing tournaments, but may also choose to see boxing as a hobby within their boxing club.

Let's not forget that boxing is an Olympic discipline: sportswomen can choose boxing for both competitive and toning purposes. In any case, it will be necessary to adopt a winning mentality if you hope to one day reach an advanced boxing level.

Conversely, fitness boxing is a sport that is practiced in groups and solo. Fighting is not the priority here: fitness boxing coaches focus on fitness and classical muscle building as well as strengthening. This is the ideal sport to sculpt and shape your body in a regular way without facing an opponent.

Many athletes begin with fitness boxing, then move to fight boxing over the years: you can always practice both sports!

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