Boxing is a complete sport, both mentally and physically. It's a workout on every level, and these benefits are the same for women as they are for men!

In some cases the sport boasts superior benefits for women. Here, we will take a look at the varied physical benefits of boxing for women: cardio, respiratory, and also muscular.

After all, you may already want to run into a gym or appeal to a private boxing coach to become the best physical version of yourself, and eliminate the "problem areas" that may make you lose confidence in yourself.

The noble art of boxing reaches out to you, see how women's boxing classes have an incredible benefit on the body ...

Boxing Classes for Women: Weight Loss

You can forget about the classic gym. The one where you go from the bike to the rower. Different devices that target a certain part of the body very (sometimes too) precisely.

When you are a woman and you just want to lose weight, this is not necessarily the ideal workout.

Playing sports may not even be the most effective way to burn calories and reach your weight loss goals.

There are many benefits of boxing for women
Boxing is an intense and rewarding sport that requires both absolute commitment and preparation.

Boxing, on the other hand, is THE ideal solution. The cardio of a boxing class is one or two notches above any other practice. The motivation is different, and it's the whole body that works out.

Skipping rope, "suicides" (like in basketball), body work ... The exercises given by the boxing coaches are extremely demanding and a great conditioning exercise. Boxing is requires the full body and excellent coordination. You will quickly lose weight and tone up.

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Women's Boxing: Working out the Glutes and Abs

This is very often the main target area for women, when introducing themselves to the sport of boxing. Your first wish is probably not to have big arms or big legs rippling with muscles.

The priority area is the abs-buttocks area!

This zone, in boxing, is precisely targeted. To practice boxing you must aim to be at your maximum core-strength potential. So you will have to employ a repetitive series of crunches! To build the upper abs especially. But it's not just them that require attention. The obliques are also put to the test.

The obliques are the abdominals on the side, the ones that work while you are aiming to touch your ankles with your elbows while being on the back.

As for the glutes, you know the famous squats. In boxing you will have to engage in between 2 and 3 times more series than in a classic gym. The routine drills of kicking, punching, agility and footwork is a high energy total body workout that will leave you feeling energised and stronger.

Finally, keep the upper body upright, and stand at right angles alternating left leg and right leg. All with weights. These two exercises are terribly effective for the glutes.

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Women's boxing works out a range of different muscles
Get fit or die trying! Fit Boxing may be the perfect sport to help you achieve your fitness goals.

And as you alternate for a long time (boxing lessons  can last more than 2 and half hours) it will not take long to progress, and you will end up with buttocks and abs of concrete.

Full Body Boxing Workouts for Women

As you will come to understand: boxing is an extremely complete sport. You do not have to fight in the ring! Pre-fight preparation work is open to everyone and is good for everyone as well.

With this complete workout, you will sculpt your body into that of a true athlete (adapting of course to your own objectives and capacities) you will work all the muscular zones of your body. You will engage footwork, as well as exercises to increase power, reactivity and explosiveness with quick jump and sprint work.

Of course, you can also work your arms by hitting the punching bag.

By combining all of these exercises, the whole body will feel the benefits of exercise via boxing. Do not forget of course the mental work required. However, we will touch upon that a little later ...

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What Muscles Work the Hardest When Boxing?

It has been said since the beginning of this article. In boxing, all the muscles are engaged. However, to pinpoint a few specific areas of action we have:

  1. The biceps and triceps, thanks to a good uppercut.
  2. The abdominal belt, which allows the boxer to keep their flexibility, to be solid on the upper body.
  3. The calf-thigh line. The footwork, the play of support to have maximum power comes from these muscles here.

The work is mandatory. Neglecting these muscular areas will make you a bad and unhappy boxer.

Women's Boxing: an Ideal Cardio Workout!

Cardio may or may not be your primary goal when you want to attack boxing as a sport. However, boxing practice is an undeniably excellent cardiovascular workout!

You will achieve the physical condition of a quasi-sportsman at a high level! The visible effects are a slender and lean silhouette, but there are also effects less visible to the naked eye.

If you're just a beginner, do not worry! As the body gets used to the strain of a high intensity workout, your endurance will increase tenfold.

You may walk faster, and tire less. Although be careful, you must match your workout with a relatively healthy diet and lifestyle.

But at the cardio level, very few sports will put you at such optimal physical conditions.

What are the Most Effective Boxing Exercises for Women?

Shadow boxing is a great full body workout for women
Boxing employs a multitude of movements that make it an incredible full-body workout for men and women!

Faced with the massive enthusiasm that women's boxing classes have provoked over the last twenty years, many providers have found ways to get even more women into the combat sport.

The advantage of mixing English Boxing with French Savate and Fitness classes is that the practitioners will train in group lessons, with music, while engaging the muscles of the upper and lower body. So we see classic fitness migrate towards more specific boxing movements.

Fight Classes, for example, can bring together various boxing styles and martial arts in one session:

  • kickboxing,
  • karate,
  • taekwondo,
  • Thai boxing or Muay Thai
  • tai chi chuan
  • and capoeira.

So, for women's boxing: fitness or fight? Combat first and foremost, boxers will never say the opposite. But disciplines such as shadow boxing or crossboxing are getting closer to fitness and are becoming more and more in vogue ...

Take a Boxing Course for Self Defense

Let's not lose sight of the original aim of boxing, namely that it is a combat sport. At the level of the attack certainly, but also in the defense.

And when one is a woman, especially nowadays (unfortunately), it can be useful to know how to defend oneself. And boxing, through its different practices, can help develop effective self defense techniques.

Thanks to these practices, we gain self-confidence, we ask ourselves fewer questions, and let our character develop.

Savate, kick boxing or female MMA finally allow all women, even beginners, to learn self-defense to overcome the fear of moving alone in the streets of a large metropolis.

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The Mental Health Benefits of Taking a Boxing Class

Boxing has a number of benefits for women including improved mental health
Boxing, and sport in general, can vastly increase and improve your mental health and is often recommended for people dealing with depression or other mental health issues.

In a nutshell, we can talk in great detail about the mental impact of engaging in combat sports. The Noble Art is typically the sport that allows one to acquire the mentality of a winner, and a go-getter.

You will also gain confidence in yourself. Finding your physical limits allows you to learn more about yourself.

The desire to never give up is also present and important, as you reach your physical limits and push past them. Of course, seeing your body move in the right direction will make you grow wings and soar.

Strength comes from overcoming resistance and adversity. In boxing, you will find resistance in your learning process, your fitness level and, of course, your opponent. It is one of the toughest sports to learn, according to an ESPN study, and you must be mentally strong to continue learning when it seems like you will never “get it.”

The fitness level of a boxer is unsurpassed by most athletes and to push yourself in that manner takes strength. Once you gain enough skill to be in the ring with an opponent, that is where the real strength comes into play. Boxing teaches you how to be calm and focused on your goal in the midst of chaos. Life is chaotic and boxing will help you look it straight in the eye and say, “bring it on.”

Because of all of this, boxing is a sport with practicing.

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