Do you wish to polish your singing skills, effortlessly? Singing songs and learning to perform them may help you exercise your vocal cords and get better. And what is better than singing patriotic songs for love for your nation. Singing helps in improving the vocal range and practice high notes in general. So, choosing songs in Hindi, English, Punjabi, or Tamil may make up for a right singing playlist.

As the trainer cannot push you to practise all day, you need to take your skills into your own hands and come up with ideas to refine it more. This way, you will be using your free time constructively and also get a chance to learn more in the classes. In this article, we will cover all the major patriotic compositions you can learn and perform.

Why Should You Learn Patriotic Songs?

We all grow up listening to musicals that depict the love and pride of the nation. These songs are awakening and fill both the singer and the listener with patriotism. Moreover, the lyrics of these hit compositions depict the power and vigour our nation’s army soldiers, and martyrs have shown over the years. We often grow up listening to the national anthem and national song on the Independence Day and the Republic Day parades.

Most of the singers are familiar with these songs as they are also a part of patriotic movies. Therefore, the lyrics are easy to learn and relate to. Prestigious singers such as A. R. Rehman, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigam, and more have given their beautiful voices to these songs. While learning singing, it is best to diversify the types of compositions you can perform, and these songs help in doing that.

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Music, lyrics, peppy beats, and emotions in these hits make them raw and full of zeal. Hence, they are fun for children and adults alike. Furthermore, they may help you learn more about the Independence battles, facts about countries, and use different pitches and voices while singing. Some of these are performed in groups, so they can be a good group activity if you are in a band or performing in marches or events.

The national hymn of India and various compositions are sung to commemorate Indian army soldiers and help the people stay united. You may learn these hits as a hobby or for an event at your institute or university. After a few hours of practice, your voice will feel more refined with clarity in tone. Let’s look at some of the easiest and popular songs that multiply every citizen’s pride in India.

Over the years, several singers have sung and created music that glorifies the nation. You may have listened to most of these on radio, in movies, and on TV shows. The blessed voice of singers who praise the homeland keeps the beat lovers, and country united. If you wish to sound as good as them, we have a list of compositions for practice. You may sing these at flag hoisting events or just impress your friends with your new vocal range. Everyone listening will surely feel closer to the Indian nation and praise you for the overwhelming feeling of patriotism.

Hindi Patriotic Songs

Hindi is our nation’s language that most people are familiar with as a mother tongue. Therefore, it may be easier to follow the compositions and remember the paras precisely. You may choose the old classic song Sandese Aate Hain, Mera Mulk Mera Desh, and Aye Watan Watan Mere Abaad Rahe Tu. All these songs depict the struggle the nation had when the British were ruling the country. They bring national pride and the intense fight that citizens had to free their land. These are easy to follow and use head voice. Moreover, you may get to practice chest voice in some songs.

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Some of the new songs like Rang De Basanti and Mera Rang De Basanti Chola may make a great choice for events. These are lively and emotional at the same time. So, you will have fun while singing and training your voice. Now, they may be sung solo or in a group as they sound good either way. Besides, you may experiment with a band or acoustic beats to give it your own twist.

English Patriotic Songs

Want to expand your patriotic vocabulary and singing skills? Try I love my India or the Jai Ho remix which is a blend of A. R Rehman and Nicole Scherzinger’s voice. They will fill the room with powerful emotions for the nation and your land. If you feel confused about the lyrics about any patriotic anthem, you may search for them on Wikipedia. Also, they make up for great performance acts at school and college events. You can also perform musical dances on these fun numbers.

Patriotic Songs in Tamil and Punjabi

Several states in the nation have different regional dialects and languages. This just implies more words to glorify the Indian flag and nation. You may find Punjabi compositions such as Mera Desh Mere Dildaran Da and Ucchi Teri Shaan Tirangya to sing with your band members. 

Besides, you may choose Ini Achcham Achcham Illai and Vande Matram’s Tamil version to sing in your regional tongue. These hits are rich in cultural knowledge and written with details such as war and love for the Indian fellows. So, these can be your new band anthems to impress your new music teacher, friends, and family.

Easy Patriotic Songs for Kids

National compositions help in stirring the feelings of respect for the country in kids. India has a lot of numbers that glorify the nation and are easy for kids to perform. You may be teaching these at home or as a part of the school curriculum. These help in making children aware of the nation’s struggles and letting them know their national role models. Moreover, they are a great way to celebrate our freedom journey and show gratitude towards army soldiers.

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You may start teaching your little one's Maa Tujhe Salaam, Nanna Munna Rahi Hoon, and Mere Desh Ki Dharti. The key to making kids learn these is enough practice. As they may not be able to remember it all at once, you may need to be patient with them and teach them one line at once. The song Nanna Munna Rahi Hoon is relatively easy even for small kids out of kindergarten so that you will have fun with this song in fancy dress or republic events. Teaching each song may take several practice hours. 

Other options such as Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai, Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein, and Vande Mataram are great for intermediate and advanced learners. When working with tiny soldiers, remember to teach them one song initially. You may use written placards or a banner to help them remember the lyrics. This is the best way to teach the significance of freedom, independence, and republic day. Moreover, these can be included in a class march event or republic day event. You may find the lyrics of all these compositions on Wikipedia.

Learn Patriotic Songs with Superprof

Now you know all the significant songs to start practising with your band members. You may learn them on your own or from a teacher. To find the best teacher, enrol one the Superprof website. It has several experienced teachers who have knowledge about vocals, pitch, tone, and range. They will help you learn and practice effortlessly.

Moreover, the online classes enable you to learn from home and get the most out of your day. This way, you can attend the lessons from the comfort of your home and devote ample hours to practice. The professionals will help you refine your pitch, train your ears, and warm up your voice to prevent stressing your cords. Moreover, you will learn special exercises to strengthen your core and keep your breathwork steady while singing. Learn about learning singing through festive songs like Holi!

You will learn some techniques to perform and sing better. If you wish to take your performance a level up, you may ask the trainer to teach you to play an instrument. You can choose from guitar, harmonium, flute, sitar, and piano to add to your musical skills. On Superprof, you can customise the lessons and find talented teachers to assist you. These face-to-face classes ensure a healthy online environment to learn.

The best thing is you can schedule your classes as per your needs and pay hourly for them. So this is a budget-friendly option for all the learners. Moreover, the first demo class is free to get acquainted with the teacher and finalise your decision to learn. You may find talented individuals from different Indian states if you wish to learn in states languages.

To study online at home, all you need is a pair of good headphones, a microphone, and a fast internet connection. This way, you can save the hours you may spend getting ready and travelling to the classes. You may soundproof your learning room to mimic it like a studio. This way, there will be no disturbances while you learn from the teacher and sing along.

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