Holi festival is the festival of colours in which people celebrate with sweets, and powdered rang called gulaal. This day of celebration brings people together in harmony as they dance and sing. There are several songs that add festiveness and charm to the day. These hit lyrical compositions make up for good Holi party songs as well as to learn while you’re mastering singing.

You may find various versions of one song sung by artists like Asha Bhosle, Anu Malik, Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, and more. The most famous Holi song rings barse, which is a melodious rendition by Amitabh Bachchan. To celebrate Holi the powdered colours are thrown in the air or applied to the face of loved ones and wishing them well. In this article, we’ll discuss more Holi special reasons and more songs that you may choose to sing at the next party.

You may add these songs to your playlist for the Holi festival. These will add a fun element of entertainment to the occasion and help in creating special memories. Every year this festival brings people together just like the movies for the celebration. Let’s take a look at the fun ways you can incorporate these dance numbers in your next party for you to scream Holi Hai in unison.

Why is Holi Celebrated?

If you are unaware of this event of hues, continue to read to find some interesting religious songs and facts. It is a Hindu festival that is celebrated to welcome spring and release negative thoughts and inhibitions. The day marks the new beginnings when people can get a new fresh start in life by burning away the negativities. Moreover, it is a day when people can let loose and have fun with food, music, and hours of partying.

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Apart from colours, a bonfire is also lit to burn away the evil and bad before actually celebrating the festival. It signifies the end of negative patterns and the start of new good vibes. The washing off the dyes and colours by the end of the day is symbolic of getting rid of your own evils and keeping the mind and body clean. Besides, it also signifies a clear head and spirit without any effect of sins.

The victory of good over evil is the major concept of the Holi now. It also has religious roots signifying the end of the ancient evil king, Hiranyakashipu. He was killed by Lord Vishnu’s Avatar when his son prayed to God. This also means the end of the evil king as the good overpowered the bad. Besides, the day also commemorated the eternal bond between Radha and Krishna.

Holi Festival Songs to Learn Singing

Celebrations are great for getting together and entertaining each other. We have curated a list of Holi songs that you may add to your playlist. These popular soundtracks are some of the best movies and singers that will make you dance even if you have two left feet. These soundtracks are popular everywhere around the world, not just in India.

All the Bollywood movie fans will be thrilled to sing and celebrate with these Hindi hits full of entertainment. From Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar, we have covered them all. You may add these to your singing albums or playlist for easy access. If you have a baritone voice, you may sing Amitabh Bachchan’s Rang barse or Holi khele Raghu Veera. You may view the lyrics of these songs on Wikipedia or Indicine website and memorise them.

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Female singers may enjoy singing duets like Ambarsariya, Do me a favour, and Balam pichkari. These soundtracks have fun lyrics and enjoyable beats to sing and dance along with them. You may host a Karaoke event at your Holi event for the entertainment of guests. The festivities also revolve around flying kites in the name of Makar Sankranti. So folk music also has some hits for that.

You may add songs such as Udi Patang, Patang Uda Re Chora, Patang Udave Bansa, Full 2 Masti, and Champa Nagar Ni Champali in your folk song playlist. These are popular for kite flying events and dance parties. Every year people dance and enjoy these soundtracks with enthusiasm. Moreover, the folk Makar Sakranti songs bring out the actual fun in events like kite-flying competitions. You may even add a Bollywood movie theme to the contests and parties to incorporate songs of these movies.

Various Kite Festival Songs

For your Holi celebration, you may find several Bollywood songs in the movies. Along with throwing colours at each other, enjoy these songs by Asha Bhosle and Anu Malik that have been playing year after year as Holi songs. Both, Holi festival and Sankranti festival are of huge sentimental value for the harvest in North India. The goal of the festival is to add happiness, hope, satisfaction, and colours to the lives of people.

Moreover, the kites are as colourful as the Holi rang, and the kite flying competitions may get intense. However, these do bring cheer and uplifting emotions in people. The first song you may sing is Udi Udi Jaye while your opponent is trying to get their kite up in the sky. Another great Holi song is Dheel De from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam; for moments you need more thread to fly your kite high.

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You may add another old Holi song Ruth Aa Gayi Re, to signify the changing weather. Besides, you may add Meri Pyaari Patang to your singing playlist albums for the time when your kite is joyfully flying in the sky. Another Holi song Ari Chhod De Patang, is great for winning the kite flying battle. You may prepare more Holi songs such as Chali Chali Re Patang, Hai Apna Dil To Awara, and Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka to tease your opponents in the game.

Also, don’t forget to flirt with your crush or significant other with soundtracks like Chali Chali Phir Chali Chali, Ambarsariya, and Qismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram. Singing these popular festival songs will add so much entertainment to the day and make it even more memorable for everyone.

To make the Bollywood Holi festivities more interesting, you may add Karaoke music or instrumental music for people to enjoy singing. You may share these movie-themed moments with your loved ones to celebrate this day every year. Singing with the right music will bring more lyrical entertainment. Add games to play some music and start singing impromptu so that there is a film like magic at the event.

Learn Holi Festival Songs With Superprof

Now you have all the main Holi festival songs to sing and celebrate with colours. You just need a good professional teacher to train you and improve your vocal cords. Enrol on the Superprof website for free to find the best teacher. A professional teacher will train your voice for a better singing voice, range, and pitch. Singers may benefit from professionals to prepare songs sung in the movies. Hindi songs have a high pitch and fast tempo, so it is ideal for learning from an experienced person. 

Besides, you can learn songs from various albums and also understand how to pronounce difficult Hindi words. Superprof has several talented online tutors who will train you and give you some tips to sing better. You may contact these teachers from various regions of India to learn dialects and fold Holi songs. It is a great opportunity for all singers to study music while preparing for a fun event. You may share these lessons with your group or other singers coming to the event.

On Superprof, you may choose from the face-to-face, group, and online tutorials depending on your needs. Another great thing about these lessons is that they are charged on an hourly basis, so they are budget-friendly. You will learn from the best teachers and understand how to perform songs in front of the crowd.

If you enrol for private online tuitions, the teacher will have undivided attention to you. You may ask to learn Holi songs from a specific film and prepare it. Moreover, you'll be able to customize the private online lessons as per your current skill level. Apart from this, you can also pick the teacher who communicates in your desired language, such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, or Tamil. Although, you may have to shell out more to pay for these private classes.

On the other hand, group lessons for singers may be more pocket friendly for you as the tutor will teach the whole group together. This will save time and allow you to learn with more people. After selecting a specific teacher on the platform, you can get your first free demo lesson to get familiar with the teaching style. This will help you share your feedback and communicate your needs to the teacher.

There are several benefits of group lessons online as you will have to split the hourly fees per student and learn to perform in front of a group. This will also help you gain more confidence and prepare better for the Holi festivities.

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